Ingredients: Episode 1 One Bad Day

Marwin is having a bad day as his concert was cancelled so he can’t even focus while playing on his guitar.

Tops comes home carrying quite a few bags and asks Marwin if he didn’t have a concert today. Marwin asks Tops what he does when he’s feeling upset.

Tops asks Marwin why he’s upset then figures it must be because his concert got cancelled. Tops tells him not to worry as he will make him something good to eat. Marwin asks if that will really help though.

Tops is putting together some kind of chocolate yummy stuff when he asks Win what he’s up to. Marwin asks if Tops can’t see that he’s lying down. Tops says that if he isn’t doing anything then he can come help him.

Marwin comes over and ask Tops what he wants him to do. Tops says to wash hands first. Marwin asks if he wants help washing his hands? Tops says that he wants Marwin to wash his hands before helping.

Marwin starts to sprinkle toppings onto the chocolate then says that it looks pretty good. Tops asks him if he was just praising himself.

Marwin wants to know if he can eat it now. Tops says that he has to wait a moment, then gives him a matcha latte. Marwin asks why there’s a bear on it. Tops asks him if the bear is cute. Marwin says that the bear is very cute.

Tops says that chocolate may look simple but when you eat it, it makes you feel great while relieving stress. Marwin then asks about the Matcha. Tops says that Matcha helps to boost your immune system.

Marwin says that when people feel better, they will be stronger right? Tops says that’s right. So Marwin has to eat the chocolate goods before having the matcha.

Marwin starts to eat the chocolate, which is pretty tasty. Then he says that he will eat the bear first on the matcha latte. Marwin says that the matcha is amazing. Tops asks Marwin if he’s still feeling upset.

Marwin claims that he doesn’t even remember what he was upset about. Tops says that’s good and that he shouldn’t think about it. Tops says that cooking can make you feel better. Tops says that since his work was cancelled he doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Marwin says that it’s okay because at least he has someone to cook good food for him. Marwin says that Tops has to cook good food for him everyday.

That’s the end of Episode 1!