A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 1 Part 4

The final part of episode 1 starts off with Tian sitting on a bus in the rain looking at Torfun’s volunteer ID. Tian then opens Torfun’s notebook to the first page.

Torfun says she has finally reached Pha Pun Dao village. We then see Torfun says it may be absurd to believe in Pha Pun Dao village’s tale but she believes it could be true. So, she tells us about how on the last day of the year, she wants to finish counting one thousand stars.

Tian wonders what she means about that, then closes the notebook. A picture of the Chief drops out and Tian looks at it, before falling asleep on the bus.

Tian arrives at the bus station and takes a few pictures with his phone. A military man calls out to him, asking if he is Mr. Tian. When Tian confirms it to be true, the man tells him to come over and get in the car. The man says the weather nice in Chiang Mai this time of year.

The man introduces himself, his name is Yod and he is a technician. Apparently Khama asked Yod to pick Tian up at the bus station. Tian asks about Khama. Yod forgot that Tian doesn’t know so he tell him that Khama is the village chief.

Yod asks Tian why he chose to teach at Pha Pun Dao? Especially since it’s a very poor place. Their lucky if they can even get a teacher to come there once in awhile. Yod mentions that maybe Tian came to find meaning or something as the last teacher mentioned this.

Tian replies that he just came to be a teacher. Yod says that his question didn’t make much sense anyway. Tian asks if the teachers found the meaning that they were looking for. Yod says he has no clue, most of them run home before they find it. However the one just before Tian was there longer than anyone else.

Yod then gives Tian a snack to munch on to boost his energy. Yod tells him that he’s going to be exhausted today. Yod since that Tian won’t be able to get this food at the village though. A few moments later and the car breaks down.

Yod complains to the car that it’s embarrassing breaking down like this. Tian opens the side door and asks Yod if it’s what he thinks it is. Yod just says they will have to walk if that’s okay with Tian, it’s only 3 km away.

While they are walking Yod asks if Tian has been to Chiang Mai before? Tian says that he’s been there a few times before. Yod says that the village is near the border so if you cross the border, you’ll step on the land of the neighbouring country. The villagers are made up of hill tribes and Thai people. However the language used in the village is Thai so, Tian doesn’t have to worry about that.

Tian asks if the village is vulnerable then? Yod replies that technically it is in the red zone. Most villages in the area are guarded by the military and the border patrol police. However, the Pha Pun Dao village falls under his group’s supervision to help monitor the village. This is because the government has a lot to do and can’t look after all the villages thoroughly. Yod says that sometimes they look as stern as military officers, especially his supervisor Chief Phupha. In fact most people mistake him for being a military officer.

Yod reassures Tian that Chief Phupha is a kind person. So Tian asks which is it, stern or kind? Yod just tells him that he will find out soon. Poor Tian is having a bit of trouble with the walk and stops to catch his breath. When Yod calls back to him, Tian tells him that he’s fine. Yod tells him to hang in there, it’s not far now.

A few moments later and Yod says that they are nearly there. He then points to Tian’s house a few steps away. Yod introduces Tian to Chief Phupha. We can hear Tian’s heartbeat getting a bit loud, then Tian faints. Luckily Chief Phupha catches him.

Later that night Tian wakes up in a bed in an unfamiliar room. He calls out to the person standing looking out the window. The person turns around and introduces himself as Chief Phupha but Tian should call him Chief.

The Chief says Tian seems too delicate and if he doesn’t think he can live there he can tell the Chief. Then the Chief can find someone to take Tian out of there. Chief Phupha says it like it’s a challenge and our Tian isn’t one to back down from that. Tian gets out of bed to face the Chief and thanks him for his concern but says he’s good here and won’t leave anytime soon.

Tian grabs his bad and then introduces himself, in case the Chief wants to know him. The Chief says that this house is for the volunteer teacher. It has no electricity at night and no phone signal, is Tian sure he can live there?

Tian says if others can live there why can’t he? Chief Phupha just looks at him before leaving. Tian asks himself what’s with the Chief’s stern face.

Tian looks around, grabs his bag but can’t see that well in the dark. So he grabs the candle but it’s really hot and he drops it on the floor. Tian calls for help. The Chief comes in from outside and douses Tian with water as well as the fire. Tian tells him that now it’s all wet how is he going to sleep?

The Chief says he can choose not to sleep but class begins at 8 a.m. tomorrow and he can’t be late.

Thus ends episode 1! Let’s the bickering to the two male leads begin!