The Lovely Writer: Episode 1 Part 4

Aey comes out of the bathroom stall to wash his hands before he primos a little in the mirror. Then he checks Twitter on his phone to check on the hashtags and photos of himself that had been posted. He quickly saves the images and then when he goes to make an Instagram post of his own we can see his album is full of images of himself.. he thanks the fans and then asks them to support the series.

Aey goes to leave the bathroom when a phone notification pops up. It’s a text from ERN saying that they miss him, and to call if he need to talk. Aey looks a little upset so then he makes another Instagram post thanking people for looking after him and saying that he will do his best. Aey then looks in the mirror to fuss with his looks a bit more before leaving.

Tum walks with Gene out to his car, Gene asks Tum when he will be leaving. Tum says that he will leave after Nubsib gives his interview. Gene says goodbye to Tum then drives off in his car, Nubsib arrives a moment later looking for him. Tum asks Nubsib if he’s done his interview but Nubsib is distracted, so Tum asks him if he’s looking for someone but Nubsib denies it.

Tum tells Nubsib that he won’t be able to drive him home today as Tam has just informed him that he has to go watch Boy at the photo shoot, he asks Nubsib if he can get home by himself. Just then Tiffy and Aey show up. Knowing that Tiffy still thinks he’s gay, Tum says that he just walking Nubsib to his car and that they are both going separate ways. Aey quickly asks Nubsib if he can get a ride then. (he’s not into you..please stop).

Aey says that his home is in the same direction as Nubsib’s. Nubsib looks less then thrilled at the idea but it would be rude to say no, so he agrees to take Aey with him. Aey says that it’s great, it will save money too if he carpools with Nubsib. Tiffy also thinks that it’s great that the two of them should get closer together as they have to work together in the series. Tum wishes them both to get home safely and the two leave.

Tiffy and Tum are now alone in the parking lot. Tiffy asks him how he’s getting home since she thought he would be leaving with Gene because they were always together during the ceremony. She claims to know what he’s thinking so Tum once again has to tell her that he’s just friends with Gene. Tum says that he has to go to another event so he’s leaving the car in the parking lot. Tum tells her that he had already called for a bike. It’s clear that Tiffy still doesn’t believe him though.

Tum asks Tiffy how she is getting home, and she says that she is going to drive home, then she offers him a ride. Tum says that he had already called the bike though, so Tiffy asks him if he knows what she drives. Tiffy of course drives a bike, which Tum thinks is pretty cool. However Tum has to turn her down because the motorbike he ordered is almost there and he doesn’t want to burden Tiffy. She tells him that it’s up to him, then puts on her helmet and drives off.

In the Editor’s office Gene is anxiously waiting for Bua to finish reading his draft for the next novel. When she finally finishes reading “Love Actor” she tells Gene that she loves it as it’s a new concept and it’s not surrounded by a university campus (yeah we’ve all had enough of that!) Bua loves the fact that the male lead meets his partner on set as the lead actor of a new series. She does wonder if telling a boy love story in the BL industry might be too deep though.

Gene says that he doesn’t want to change it as he thinks that it is very intresting (so did I, otherwise I wouldn’t be watching!) Bua says that she will leave it up to him then to type out a manuscript for her but he mustn’t forget the steamy NC scenes. She says that they must be hot and steamy like she requested and they must leave her screaming.

Gene looks very uncomfortable and tells his editor that he doesn’t want to write those scenes. Gene says that people are saying that BL novels feed off of those kinds of scenes and many people are talking about it. Gene also admits that he’s not very good at writing those kinds of scenes. At first Bua looks upset but when she hears that he isn’t that good at writing those scenes she offers to send him some movie links as she has many in stock. She says that they are perfect for someone with no experience like Gene.

Bua apologizes as she doesn’t mean to shame Gene, she tells him to think of it as learning material, something along the lines of an education center, everyone watches those kinds of films. Just then an assistant comes in to tell her that she has a meeting so she has to leave. She asks her assistant to show Gene out. Before Gene leaves he gets a phone call, he doesn’t recognize the number but answers anyway. It turns out to be Tum, he asks if Gene can come see him as he needs help with something urgent.

Gene asks what could be so urgent but Tum says that they will discuss it when they meet. Tum asks if they can meet at Gene’s condo, this surprises Gene but he ends up sending the location to Tum anyway. He tells Tum that he’s out so if Tum arrives there first then he can wait in the lobby.

Gene meets Tum in the lobby and asks him again what’s so urgent. Tum says that they can’t talk in the lobby and asks to to Gene’s room to talk. However Tum didn’t come alone, he’s with Nubsib. Tum apologizes if this puts Gene in awkward position but Gene is just confused so they all go up to his room.

Nubsib is dragging some light luggage with him into the room. Gene tells them to wait a moment while he tidies up a bit. He starts to collect some of the BL novels that are strewn across the floor when Nubsib offers to help him. Gene says no then grabs a bunch of books off the floor, Nubsib picks up one that he missed though and hands it to him. Gene says thanks then quickly walks away with the books.

After Gene comes back from putting away the books, he sits down and asks them what’s so urgent. Tum asks Gene if his condo has three bedrooms. Gene is a little suspicious at this point but he admits that his condo does have three rooms. Tum then asks Gene if he’s living alone.. (Nubsib is looking very suspicious) Tum starts to ask if Nubsib.. but then a lot of memories from earlier with Nubsib flirting with him flits through Gene’s brain. So Gene quickly stands up and shouts “No!” Before Tum can finish his sentence.

That’s the end of Episode 1!