A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 1 Part 3

This episode starts with Tian entering the party only to have his Mom come and drag him to meet Mr. Wanchai and Mr. Damrong. Tian greets them nicely but when Mr. Damrong says that this is the son that got sick and almost died Tian’s attitude grows cold. His parents says that yes, he is that son. Mr. Damrong then asks if Tian is okay now though right? Tian’s Dad quickly thanks Dr. Wanchai on helping heal his son. The men say not to mention it after all, Dr. Kit is a friend, the organ donation center is a friend and besides Tian’s Dad recently donated a lot of money to hospital.

Tian is having a hard time hiding his disgust at this. His Dad claims that it’s not much. Mr. Damrong calls over his son Tum to be introduced to the group. Apparently Tum is only slightly older than Tian. Tian greets him politely before Tum’s Dad tells the group that his son is looking for land to open a hotel in Khao Yai and he knows Tian’s Dad has connections there. Could he help Tum out? Tum’s Dad wants his son to try his hand at business then asks Tian’s Dad what he thinks. Tian’s Dad promises to see what he can do.

Mr. Damrong says that what happened could be considered Tian’s good luck isn’t he glad? Tian just says that his good luck was someone else’s bad luck. The smiles of the group falter and the doctor tells him not to think of it this way. He should think about it as it being that person’s death time that helped renew his life. Tian’s father paid a small sum of money for the miracle but it was worth it. That statement angers Tian. He angrily asks the man to explain what he means by “it was worth it”. Tian’s Mom just smiles at Tian and shakes her head silently tell him to shut up.

Tian goes to leave when he bumps into a waitress and manages to spill red wine on his suit. The waitress apologizes profusely but Tian tells her not to worry about it. His Mom asks him if he is hurt, the answer is no. The manager comes over and apologizes to Tian but again Tian tells them not to worry about it. The manager asks Tian to give them the suit so they can clean it for him. Tian for the umpteenth time says not to worry about it, then he grabs a cloth from the wine tray and tells his mother that he’s going to the men’s room.

As Tian is about to leave he hears his father saying he will do what he can about the land in Khao Yai. Tian’s Dad asks how many acres Mr. Damrong wants, but he says it’s up Tum as money isn’t issue for him. They go on to say that about 20 acres should be good enough for a hotel. Tian leaves the party altogether and returns to his bedroom.

Lying on his own bed still in the stained shirt, Tian can’t help but remember what his friends said about what it feels like to have someone else’s heart in his chest. He also remembers how in the car Tul asked him if he felt odd seeing the face of a dead person whose heart is now inside of him? His next memory is of him telling his parents that he wants to know who the donor is, only to have his Dad tell him that the donor is just an ordinary person. They keep telling him to think of it as miracles that gives him another chance at life.

Tian grabs Torfun’s notebook from the bedside table and starts to read it. Torfun says that she had to walk carefully for a long while, but they finally finished fixing the wood flooring of the house. It took all the energy of her and the villagers there. The kids seemed to enjoy it though. Ayi said he would come over the next day to fix the steps. Torfun says that they are all really nice, and she’s grateful to them for making the house the happiest place to live for her.

Torfun goes on to say how she learned to appreciate the happiness that no money can buy. This kind of happiness of making her life meaningful. Tian then remembers how he used to spend his life before the surgery, drinking in bars. He then goes on to read more about Torfun in the notebook. Torfun says she got eat the best sticky rice of her life, again we get another memory of Tian drinking in a bar. Torfun goes on to say that she though that a hard mattress was impossible to sleep on but, it wasn’t actually that bad when she slept on it. Torfun then lists the things that still need to be fixed.

Tian smiles as he reads her words. Torfun says that she misses eating pork BBQ but at least she’s getting used to the gecko sound. Torfun says that she’s really happy now, she doesn’t even miss her own home anymore. Torfun says that where we feel happy is home. Tian closes the notebook pondering over those words as he looks at himself in the mirror.

The next day, Tian’s family is having breakfast with his Sister’s kids. His sister tells her kids to put the electronics down and finish eating first. The one kid says he doesn’t want to eat kale, he wants sausage (I feel you kid, I won’t touch kale). Tian’s sister says that she’ll ask Miang to cook it for her son tomorrow. Being a kid of course he argues with his mom about why he can’t have it now. Mom doesn’t give in though telling him to eat his food. Tian the big softy gives the kid his sauages off his plate (I don’t share meat). His sister throws him a dirty look, but Tian says the kid is calm now, isn’t that a good thing?

Tian says that he’s full and gets up to leave. He gives his Mom a kiss on the cheek first and his Mom asks why he is so affectionate all of a sudden? Tian tells his Dad not to forget to take his medication after meals. Tian tells his sister that he’ll leave first.

Later that evening in his bedroom, Tian looks at a picture of him and his parents. He holds a note saying that they don’t have to worry about him and not to try and find him, he’ll come back when he’s ready signed Tian. He leaves the note and the photo on his bed, grabs backpack and runs away from home.

Roll the credits because that’s all for Episode 1 Part 3!