A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 1 Part 2

We start the next day where Tian is a in a car with Tul. They drive up and stop on the street in front of some houses. Tul can’t think of a good reason for being there. Tian says it’s just because he’s curious who the donor was. Tian tells Tul that he can wait for him in the car, just in case something iffy happens and they have to get away.

Tul tells Tian that he’s making him nervous now. (Poor Tul). Tian reassures Tul that everything will be fine and then gets out of the car. Tian heads to the white picket fence. Tian calls out but no one answers him, so he opens the gate to go inside.

Tian looks around the front porch of the house until he finds a box full of things, crayons and such. A woman calls out asking about his business there. It startles him and he asks her not to misunderstand him. This is Torfun’s Aunt who tells him that she doesn’t have any money to pay back now.

Tian asks if this is Torfun’s house. The Aunt gets suspicious and wonders who he is. The Aunt asks if he was Torfun’s man to which Tian says that he is. (Liar). The Aunt wonders why she has never seen him before. The Aunt tells him that she’s dirt poor and Torfun didn’t leave her anything (greedy Aunt). Apparently Torfun ran away from home, the Aunt claims it was to be with man that was more handsome and well-off than Tian. (I really hate the Aunt, also Mixx is plenty handsome!)

The Aunt assumes Torfun scammed money off Tian and tells him that he can’t ask the Aunt to pay it. Tian says he’s not there for money but he did come to get something. The Aunt sighed and says that Torfun didn’t care about her while being alive, than had the bad luck to be hit by car. The Aunt claims that she couldn’t be mad at Torfun now even if she tried.

The Aunt points to Torfun’s belongings saying that they are all there. The Aunt tells Tian just to grab whatever he is looking for. Tian thanks the Aunt then looks through the box. The Aunt suddenly asks for his name, and why didn’t Torfun tell her about him? The Aunt also doesn’t remember seeing him at the funeral.

Tian tells the Aunt that he is actually the Ex-boyfriend and that he broke up with Torfun on bad terms. He then goes back to searching through the box, stumbling upon Torfun’s notebook. The Aunt wonders what he’s looking for. Tian tells her that he was looking for a lecture book that Torfun borrowed off of him. He tells the Aunt that he needs it and now that he’s found it, he’s leaving.

Tian gets back to the car and Tul asks him how it went. Did Tian get anything? Tian says that he met Torfun’s relative then shows Tul the notebook he found. Tul asks him what kind of notebook it is. Tian doesn’t know since he hasn’t opened it yet.

He opens the notebook and finds Torfun volunteer teacher ID in it. Tul grabs the ID from Tian. Tul then tells him that he finally understands why the donors are kept secret. Tul asks Tian if he feels strange looking at the picture of a dead person whose heart beats inside of Tian now?

Some time passes and we see the Tian family getting ready for an important function together. Mom is telling Tian how happy she is that he’s coming with them as she can’t wait to show him off. Tian tells her that he doesn’t really like this kind of thing. Tian’s Dad tells him that he can’t always do what he wants/likes.

Tian tells his parents that they can go inside first, he has to use the bathroom. As Tian walks off he passes by Chief Phu and their hands accidentally brush past each other.

Tian stops as he remembers Chief Phu’s face from his otherworldly trip. Tian looks back and is about to go after him when his cell phone rings. He answers his phone and then decides not to go after the Chief.

Roll the end credits because that’s all for Episode 1 Part 2