The Lovely Writer: Episode 1 Part 3

Nubsib grabs the papers that have landed in front of them and gives them a brief look over while smiling before returning them to a very embarrassed Gene. The producer meanwhile has to say Gene’s name a few times before getting his attention. She tells him that since the drama series doesn’t deviate too much from his novel, she wants him to overlook the characters for the actors. She says that no one should know more than him, since he’s the writer.

The producer says that if Gene will consult with the actors she thinks that the ratings for the drama will be off the charts. Gene agrees to do this and then the producer moves on to the next item which is the first cast reading.

Hin is standing by the refreshments when one of the crew asks if he would like to take a bottle of water. The crew member asks if he would like to take a water bottle to Gene as well but Gene shows up and drags Hin away to a more private place. Hin complains that his arm is going to fall off by the way Gene is dragging him. Gene tells him to let his arm fall off because Gene has been looking everywhere for him and Hin is just standing there freeloading.

Hin says that just by standing there and saying that he’s with Gene, people tend to give him things. Hin asks if Gene is in a mood again. Gene says if he’s in a mood it’s because of him. Hin says that they are being so generous putting his story on national television and asking for Gene’s opinions too. Hin tells Gene that it’s a very rare chance.

Gene says that he knows but Hin should also know that Gene hates chaos. Hin reminds Gene that if the series succeeds then Gene’s pen name will also become famous, more people will know about Gene and his compensation will go up. Gene asks Hin if he’s going to make him write only BL novels then? Hin says that he forgot that Gene wrote Horror Fantasy novels as well. Gene says “Fuck you!”

Hin says that Gene is already famous for writing BL novels so he might as accept the fact that he’s talented at.. but Hin doesn’t get to finish because Nubsib shows up. Nubsib tells Gene that he has some questions about Kin’s character. Nubsib claims that there are some parts that he doesn’t understand. Gene asks him which part, while Hin takes the opportunity to leave by saying he has to use the bathroom.

Nubsib tells him that he doesn’t want to go over it right now and asks Gene for his contact information. Gene agrees to give it to him which means Nubsib smile that is until Aey shows up. Aey wants to know if Nubsib is going back to the university, a terse nod from him confirms it. Aey wonders if he can hitch a ride with him since he’s going back to the University as well. (Aey, stop being a third wheel!)

Aey then asks if Gene isn’t going home as Mai said that Gene had already left but Aey had some questions for him. Aey tells Gene that he read his novel The Watcher and that it was a lot of fun. Nubsib tells Gene that he’s going to leave now which leads to Aey asking if Gene is going home now. Gene says that he will leave soon. Gene asks if the two are friends and Aey says that they are in the same friends group.

Gene asks if they came together to get cast then. Aey says that it’s not like that (Nubsib appears to hate him). Aey says that he overheard Nubsib talking to his manager about casting so he came along to get cast too. Aey says that it’s his first series and he’s being cast alongside Nubsib, he says that he’s very excited. Gene tells Aey that he thinks it’s great that they are friends that get to work together, there must be less pressure.

Aey says that he’s worried he might be a bit too shy (really? The way you’re flirting right now.. I doubt it). Apparently Nubsib agrees with me because he does a very obvious eye roll that the other two don’t see. Gene says being shy with a friend is better then being shy with a stranger. That brings a smile back to Nubsib’s face. Gene then says he has to leave, Aey thanks him while Nubsib just stares at his crush.

Gene goes up to the counter to get his parking ticket stamped. Aey keeps talking to Nubsib about workshops and wondering if they are going straight back to the university. Nubsib’s eyes are glued to Gene though so he’s not paying any attention.

Sometime later there is a prayer ceremony for the crew before they begin filming.

Aey is standing beside Nubsib telling him that it’s hot outside. Aey asks Nubsib if he’s hot. Nubsib just nods his head a little then goes back to ignoring Aey. Aey says that he read on Twitter that a lot of people are talking about their couple, he asks if Nubsib has seen it as so many people are talking about them. Aey notices the fans with cameras and tells Nubsib that they should take a picture together so he leans close to Nubsib and they both smile for the fans. Mhok leans over to tell them both to concentrate on the ceremony.

A little distance away Gene receives a call from Hin asking if he’s there yet. Gene says that he is but that the crew are still praying. Hin tells Gene to go find a spot to sit and wait then. Hin is sad because he can’t make it there today as the editor wants him to do some other work instead. This makes Gene smile before Hin asks why Gene wanted to be there. Gene looks a bit uneasy but says that he just wanted to be there to see what’s going on. Hin asks Gene to take pictures of Nubsib for him but Gene tells Hin that he can just dream on.

Gene goes to wait in a cafe when someone walks in on the phone talking about how they are looking after Nubsib. The person orders a cappuccino before noticing Gene. He goes up to Gene and introduces himself as Tum but Gene doesn’t recognize him. Tum tells Gene that it hasn’t even been 10 years since they graduated and that Gene can’t act like an old man yet.

Gene finally does recognize him though. Tum says that Gene is more handsome and cuter than before. Gene tells him that’s too much since Gene barely leaves his room these days. Tum asks if he’s living off of his parent’s money then, but Gene quickly corrects him saying that he barely leaves his room because he has to work. That’s when Tum figures out that Gene is the writer of the novel that the series is based on.

Tum says that his boy is always talking about Gene, but he didn’t think that the Gene was actually his friend Gene. Gene asks about Tum’s boy as he is confused. Tum says it’s the one cast for Gene’s series and got the part. Gene wonders if his boy is Aey then. Tum laughs saying that Aey is actually under Tiffy’s care. Tum believes Gene has already met his boy, Nubsib. Gene can’t believe that Tum is taking care of Nubsib. Tum wonders where Gene’s imagination is taking him because Tum is an artist manager (Nubsib’s manager not related).

Gene complains that Tum should have said that first or anyone would jump to the same conclusions as he did. Gene asks Tum why he became a manager. Tum says that he didn’t want to at first but his sister asked him to do it so he quit his job to do it. Gene says that it’s good to help out at home. Gene also thinks that Nubsib is a good boy that listens to Tum. Tum can’t believe what Gene just said, he says that faking an image is really scary.

Tum then asks about Gene as he has already read the script which was really steamy. He didn’t know that Gene wrote stuff like that. Gene wonders why Tum would even read the script but Tum says that it’s because he’s Nubsib’s manager so of course he was curious and read the script. Tum asks Gene what he thinks about Nubsib and if he can act the part. That’s when Nubsib enters the cafe. Tum waves him over.

Tum asks Nubsib if the ceremony is over. Nubsib says yes, then notices Gene is there and greets him. Nubsib asks Gene how long he’s been there. Gene says that he’s been there a little while. Gene says that he just met an old friend. Nubsib looks a bit curious/jealous and asks about the old friend. Tum admits that the two of them went to university together and Nubsib relaxes and goes back to smiling saying that it’s a small world. Nubsib smile and tells Gene that he looks very cute today.

Tum says that they should get back to the rest of the event and the two head out of the cafe. Leaving Gene very embarrassed and not sure what to do.

A little later Gene joins Tum outside. Tum asks Gene if he is going to take any pictures. Gene says no then asks Tum if it’s really such a big deal but Tum tells him that once the series airs it will be an even bigger deal. Gene looks extremely uncomfortable after hearing that and tells Tum that he’s going to the bathroom. After Gene leaves, Tiffy comes walking by Tum when she trips. Tum manages to catch her (of course). He asks Tiffy if she’s okay.

Tiffy thanks him because if he wasn’t there she probably would have banged her head. Tum says that it’s okay but she is clumsy. Tiffy says that shot was very Korean (in Korean dramas girls often trip to be caught by a hot guy). Tiffy asks Tum if he’s here with his boyfriend. Tum says that he was with Gene the writer of Bad Engineer, an old friend of his. It’s clear Tiffy still thinks that they are together though as she thanks him again for not letting her fall on her face, which would have been very embarrassing. She then stands next to him to watch the ceremony.

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 3