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The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 4

Kim apologizes for doing it but Soda says that he doesn’t have to since she understands him. Kim lets her know that he will restore her fan fictions but Soda doesn’t understand how he can do that. Kim pulls out his phone. Kim tells Soda how chapter 1 starts and Soda is surprised he knows it. We then see Pan

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The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 2

Khet wonders if it was so bad that Kim forgot he was his brother. Kim remembers back to when he was talking with Soda. In the flashback Soda tells Pan that she knows everything about P’Way and P’Kim including their favourite colours and food. They notice on the board P’Kim’s last name and Pan says that it sounds familiar. She

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The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 1

After returning back to the land of the living Pan learns that she’s in P’Kim’s body from the doctor after she asked about P’Kim. Once she is left alone she goes to the mirror to further confirm it. At first like most people she assumes that she’s dreaming. While others might pinch themselves to wake up, Pan decides to slap

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