The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 3

Kim is eating at the table while trying to keep an eye out for Khet. When Khet walks into the room, he notices that Kim is acting weird. Khet asks Kim if he’s feeling sick again since Kim has a carton of milk on the table. That’s when Kim remembers that he’s allergic so he tells Khet that he just thought the carton was pretty, so he picked it up. Khet tells Kim that he’s acting weird again.

Khet however can’t investigate what’s going on with Kim because he has somewhere else to be. Kim thinks to himself that Khet is truly the one that is acting weird. Khet leaves the house with an envelope while Kim follows behind him.

Kim follows his brother until Khet meets with someone. The person asks Khet for the item that he ordered. The person asks Khet if he’s sure it will work, since he only has one term left. Kim is now convinced that he’s caught Khet handing over the flashlight. He has his phone ready to capture the evidence of the meeting. The person asks Khet if he’s sure about Chen, since Chen and him are enemies.

Kim now thinks that Khet is selling test information by subject and decides to confront the two of them. He comes out from his hiding spot and tells them both that he knows what they are doing. Khet wonders aloud why his brother is sticking his nose into their business. Kim says it’s because they are doing evil business.

Khet wonders what Kim means by that, but Kim continues on to ask if Khet’s parents have taught him to be a criminal. Khet reminds Kim that they are brothers and thus they share the same parents. Khet asks his brother if he is insane. Kim denies that and says that the evidence of the stolen.. but just as he pulls out the item from the envelope, he finds that it’s hair serum and not the flash drive at all.

Kim is still convinced that Khet hid the flash drive in the box, so he opens it only to find the hair serum bottle inside. Khet has no idea what Kim is talking about. He has however had enough of Kim for the moment and tells him off for being surprised about opening a hair serum box to find hair serum inside.

Kim then demands to know why it’s a hair growth serum since neither of the two are bald. Khet smugly asks if Kim is sure of that, which is when the other person runs away only to trip and have his wig fall off. The boy cries while Kim lets out another noise of surprise. Kim is confused since they were talking about last term. Khet clarifies that the crying student is in his last term of being a senior and will be a University student next term.

Khet is trying not to laugh at Kim being ridiculous while pointing out that the student just wanted to have nice hair like they do. Kim points out that they were talking about Chemistry. Khet says they weren’t talking about the school subject but the fact that the student had a bad reaction to chemicals which is how the student lost his hair to begin with (was he using Monat? Because that would explain it!) The student wanted to be sure there were no chemicals in the hair serum he was buying.

Kim then asks Khet about the flash drive since it resembles the stolen one. Khet holds up the flash drive, just as Kim gets a text from Angkana reminding him that the stolen flash drive is black.. the one Khet is holding is white. Khet says that this flash drive belongs to him and has all of his work saved on it. Then Khet asks his brother what’s wrong with him.

Kim replies that there is nothing wrong with him but that Khet was acting suspiciously. Kim tells Khet that he knows about the skipped classes and failed exams, so what does the hair serum have to do with Khet?

Before Khet can respond however a man calls out his name saying that a customer is asking for him. Khet runs over to grab an apron because it turns out that he works in a hair salon! Kim walks into the salon to watch his brother work. He then remembers when she was Pan and hiding from Angkana, that she bumped into Khet as he was skipping class.

He deflects her questions by asking if she has lengthened her skirt yet. Pan can’t believe that Khet knows about that and asks if he’s an encyclopedia now. Khet teases her back saying that people use Wikipedia nowadays instead, what is she a cave girl? There’s a bit of back and forth teasing but Pan doesn’t notice his obvious crush on her.

Angkana walks buy the shrubs so the two huddle closer together, once she’s gone they both tell the other person to go hide elsewhere. Pan wonders if Khet hangs out there often when skipping class, doesn’t he run into P’Off? Khet admits that he does run into P’Off sometimes, which leads to Pan asking if he’s scared. Khet says that he’s not scared of P’Off, doesn’t she know who he is?

This is of course when P’Off and his minions show up. Khet asks P’Off if it’s the same deal as usual. When P’Off confirms it, we see that Khet pays P’Off to not bother him. After the gang leaves, Pan calls him crappy for not fighting P’Off and his gang. Khet says that he wouldn’t do that, since he can’t let anything harm his hands.

Khet tells Pan that his hands are required for something much more important. The memory ends as Kim continues to watch his brother work in the salon.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 3!