The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 4

Kim having had enough of the Angel of Death threatening him, calls her out and then drags her from the room. It looks really weird as we get to see Kim drag her by the arm, but then we see what the others see which is Kim dragging nothing. Meanwhile Khet was sitting on the other side of the dividing wall, he heard everything then sees his brother walking off.

One of Phingphing’s friends tells her that she had better call her doctor right away as she thinks Kim is in critical condition. Phingphing agrees with her friend on that.

Kim drags the Angel to a private space. The Angel tells him that he can’t run away from the consequences if anyone guesses the truth. Kim says that he can’t pretend to be P’Kim anymore. The Angel softens a little and demands to know why he can’t since he was always writing fan fiction about him. Kim is confronted with his past as Pan. So Kim admits to himself for the first time that he only wrote about what he saw not about who P’Kim actually is.

We then get a glimpse of Pan inside Kim’s body as she tells the Angel of Death that whenever P’Kim was with P’Way and Phingphing she never knew what they were talking about. She admits that she made up their conversations.

We get a flashback to her and Soda watching the group in the cafeteria before going to typing into their laptops. Pan admits that she never saw anything else beside P’Kim except for P’Way. Pan tells the Angel that what she hated the most, Kim finishes by saying that he didn’t see his best friend sitting beside him was actually P’Kim’s little brother.

Pan says that she actually doesn’t know anything about P’Kim. Pan says that everything was just, Kim’s imagination (they go back forth between Pan and Kim’s body) Kim tells the Angel that he believes he will die as someone will definitely catch him. The Angel admits that she understands how he must feel and that it must be pretty hard.

Kim says that he doesn’t want P’Kim to die because of him. The Angel then suggests that since the body switching is her fault, she will help Kim pretend to be P’Kim. Kim wonders how the Angel will do that and while Kim is asking her what she wants him to do, Khet is outside the room listening (he can only hear Kim of course). Khet leaves before Kim can see him. Later that day Kim returns to the classroom and the teacher asks if he’s well.

Kim says that he’s fine then goes to sit down in his seat. When a teacher calls on a student to solve the question, Kim taps her on the shoulder, calls her by name and lets her know the teacher is talking to her. The student sitting next to her is surprised (because he got the right person) so Kim calls him by name and asks what he is looking at. P’Way smiles feeling reassured that his friend is back to normal.

In the infirmary the doctor takes off Kim’s bandage and checks his wound. After the doctor leaves, Kim thanks Phingphing for her help saying that he and P’Way would have gotten into deeper trouble without her help. Phingphing tells Kim that it’s her duty. Kim tells them that he will leave and hopes that they enjoy their ice cream later together. Kim also tells them that he can’t wait to see a picture of it on Instagram later.

Life seems to go back to normal with Kim as he goes with the teacher to join the academic competition and doesn’t greet Khet when he sees him at school either. We then see the Angel of Death holding up a blackboard telling Kim not to greet Khet! (Hahaha!)

We get flashbacks to the earlier scenes where we see that the Angel of Death was holding up blackboards with what to say to people. She even had a blackboard with all the students in the class on it, teaching Kim their names and where they sit. After School the two high five and the Angel says that she believes if he practices for 2 more days then he will be a lot smoother at it.

The Angel then asks if Kim has seen “it” since he’s been in P’Kim’s body. Kim admits that he hasn’t yet, which means he wears boxers while bathing and avoids that area. The Angel of Death scolds him heavily as that part of the body needs to be cleaned for health reasons. The Angel also says that seeing that area will prove that Kim is able to perfectly copy P’Kim. However when Kim does go to look later.. The Angel of Death tries to sneak a peek.

Kim tells her that she doesn’t need to be there so the Angel leaves in a blink.. only to show up sitting on the floor still trying to take a peek.

Kim won’t take off his clothes until he’s absolutely certain the Angel has left. Once he’s certain that he’s alone, he finally checks out his parts. He then changes clothes and goes downstairs for a milk box thinking about the size of his parts and how tough a job it will be for P’Way when they get together. Kim then figures that since he is in P’Kim’s body, he can use this crisis to make P’Way and P’Kim fall in love so that when P’Kim returns to his body the two of them can be together.

Khet comes into the kitchen to see his brother smiling like an idiot with a little bit of an excited jump at the thoughts he is having. Khet tells Kim that he thinks he’s so smooth. Khet says that he knows Kim is different. Khet says for starters he heard Kim talking to someone in the bathroom earlier, second Kim usually plays darts when he comes home. However Kim hasn’t touched the dart board since he got home from the hospital.

Khet then grabs the milk box from Kim saying that the third thing is the fact that Kim has a dairy allergy. Khet demands to know what really happened to Kim. Kim says that he doesn’t know and that he feels sick. Khet replies that he doesn’t believe him. Khet leans so close to Kim that their foreheads touch and there’s a really awkward moment. We then see Pan standing there instead of Kim for a few moments before Khet says that Kim really is sick.

Kim is slightly confused but later Khet is giving Kim allergy medication to take in bed. Khet apologizes to his brother saying that he believes that Kim has changed a lot. Kim asks if he really has changed that much and Khet confirms it to be true. Khet admits that he actually prefers his brother this way though. The two share smiles and some brotherly bonding as Khet takes care of Kim.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 4!