The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 4

Kim apologizes for doing it but Soda says that he doesn’t have to since she understands him. Kim lets her know that he will restore her fan fictions but Soda doesn’t understand how he can do that. Kim pulls out his phone. Kim tells Soda how chapter 1 starts and Soda is surprised he knows it. We then see Pan instead of Kim as she replies to her friend that of course she couldn’t forget it.

In fact the first chapter closely mirrors Soda and Pan’s first meeting after they became friends. They wanted to sit beside each other but the desks would only let men and women sit together so Soda chose the seat in front of Pan that way they could sit close together. Soda smiles as she watches Kim fill in the lost pages of the fan fiction.

Later that night we see Pan go into the church. Pan kneels down to talk to God. She says that she has no idea where fate will lead her whether it will be good or bad. She tells God that she knows one thing at least, she always has her bet friend by her side. She asks for God to hear her gratitude because of all the bad things that have happened since the accident. Kim’s body shows up for a moment to say that since he has inhabited this body.. then switches back to Pan.

Pan says that even though it was the mistake of the Angel of Death.. then Kim’s body reappears to ask God if he is performing a miracles since the lighting keeps going on and off. A very familiar voice says that it’s not God performing a miracle but her! All of a sudden the Angel of Death shows up beside Kim making him scream.

The Angel is extremely pissed off saying that Kim shouldn’t be the one to scream, she should be screaming at him instead. She can’t believe that Kim would tell God about what happened. She snaps her fingers and all of a sudden they are both outside. Kim wonders why she brought the pew with them but the Angel just tells him to shut up. The Angel reminds Kim that she told him not to tell anyone about the body swap.

Kim wonders why he can’t tell God since the Angel of Death said that she was going to find God and get an answer for him. Kim says that since that was supposed to be the case then he can tell God if he wants to. The Angel of Death asks if Kim even knows who God is, then calls her a crazy, stupid girl. She snaps her fingers and a blackboard appears with a little chart on it. The Angel of Death points out that Angels of Death are at the bottom, then Angel of Death Supervisors, then Angel of Death Managers whom are under their own boss which is God.

The Angel of Death yells to Kim that it means that he is reporting her mistake right to her boss, she then calls Pan a bitch. However Kim realizes that means that the Angel of Death never consulted with God on his behalf. The Angel changes from being very angry to slightly embarrassed, she admits to not consulting God but says that she has been searching for ways to get Pan back to her own body. The Angel tells Kim not to worry because she has many ways.

Kim thinks that she is talking about getting her body back but the Angel says it’s ways to get her boobs to be bigger. Kim gets distracted and says that the Angel’s boobs are a little odd but then remembers this was not the conversation and tells the Angel to focus. The Angel tells him again not to worry and that these things take time. Kim asks if she’s talking about getting his original body back but it turns out she was talking about the silicone.

Kim tells her to get serious. The Angel of Death doesn’t see what the big deal is since Kim seems happy, he’s not suffering or anything. She also says that Kim has a great friendships, someone that remains by his side isn’t that what he was just thanking God for. The Angel grabs Kim by the chin and says that she heard him thank God for sending Soda to be his friend.

However at that moment they hear Soda’s prayer thanking God for sending P’Kim to be her husband. Kim runs back to the church but the Angel gets her dress caught on the bench. She curses that her dress is too long then remembers that she has to send the bench back. She snaps her fingers repeatedly but it refuses to go. So finally she picks the bench up then follows Kim.

Soda continues talking to God saying that as a shipper she knows that she shouldn’t fall in love with her ship but she can’t help it. Soda says that P’Kim fell in love with her first though. In the background the Angel and Kim are watching her. Kim is surprised that Soda thinks he likes her. Soda has brief flashes of memory of Kim since the day he was in the hospital. She thinks that he is afraid to admit that he likes her.

Soda thinks that’s the reason that Kim made excuses to see her. She even thinks the reason he deleted her fan fiction is because he didn’t want her shipping him with P’Way anymore, because he wants to be with her for real. The Angel is giving Kim some looks but Kim shakes his head because that is not why anything happened at all.

Elsewhere Phingphing and P’Way are at a restaurant. Phingphing asks him if he thinks a picture on her phone looks okay but he isn’t paying any attention. She calls out his name, once she has attention then she asks the question again. P’Way says that the picture does look nice, so Phingphing decides to set it as her wallpaper. The picture is of the two of them together.

Phingphing wonders why P’Way gives her a strange look since she’s not making him set his wallpaper to the same as hers. Phingphing says that P’Way’s wallpaper on his phone looks good too. All of a sudden P’Way has a flash of memory of his conversation earlier with Khet. The conversation about Khet using Pan’s picture as his wall paper because he likes her. P’Way said the only reason to use a picture of a person is because you like that person. P’Way’s phone lights up with a notification and we see that he set his wallpaper to that of a picture of him with Kim.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 5!