The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 3

Soda tries to get her phone back from Kim but she can’t. She asks him why he’s deleting her fan fictions and Kim says it’s so that she can stop imagining things. Soda admits that it’s a bit day dreamy but it’s Kim isn’t it? Kim says that’s exactly why he has to delete it. Kim asks Soda if she thinks that he’s a good guy, before she can respond Kim says that the more Soda thinks that he’s a good guy, the more he needs to stop her because he doesn’t wan her to regret it when she finds out the truth.

Kim says that he’s doing it to protect her. He also tells Soda that there is no point in writing those fan fictions anyway. Kim asks her straight out what is so good about writing the fan fiction when it even lead to her get bullied. Soda says that she does it for Pan.

Soda says that it’s the only place where she is connected to Pan. She goes on to say how much she misses her friend and that only by reading the stories they wrote and making up new ones helps her to feel less lonely.

Soda then remembers how she and Pan first met in the library. Soda was looking for a book but Pan grabbed it from the other side of the shelf at the same time. They fight over the book, eventually ripping it in half. The teacher catches them and they both try to blame each other.

They both got punished and are serving that by sweeping up in the school yard. Soda complains that thanks to Pan she will never know if the BL couple in the book get together or not (that’s nightmare material that is…). Pan says that of course P’Krist and P’Sing will get together since they have been looking deeply into each other’s eyes since the first book. Pan says that she knows the couple in the book are in love.

Soda then asks Pan what she thinks P’Krist will do with his girlfriend Namwan? Pan gets offended saying that Namwan isn’t a good girl and will end up leaving P’Krist for someone else someday. This is actually how their fan fiction started by coming up with a story for their favourite characters of the book they destroyed.

They both get over stimulated from creating this new story for their favourite characters that both their noses start to bleed. Having found common ground in their love of BL, they finally introduce themselves to each other. They became great friends and started writing fan fiction from that day forward.

In the present Soda says that she knows that it’s just fiction and she is afraid of Phingphing. However she is willing to risk it because it’s the only way that she can see her friend again. Soda starts to cry as she says that she can’t even do that anymore because Kim just deleted it all.

We now see Pan instead of P’Kim’s body as she tells Soda “who says you can’t?”. Pan then hugs her best friend. Pan is crying too as she tells Soda that she’s right there. We then see Kim holding Soda as he hugs and pats her on the shoulder to comfort her. Soda’s nose bleeds from the excitement of having Kim hugs her.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 3! So emotional!