The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 1

The next day that same teacher is scolding a bunch of girls for wearing such short skirts to school. Teacher Angkana asks them if they think that they are auditioning for a K-pop girl’s group (Ouch!) It turns out to be a flashback as two of the girls are Pan and Soda. The Teacher says that it’s a disgraceful way to dress and that they don’t respect their status as a student by dressing that way ( it’s literally just a skirt, take a chill pill or twenty).

Pan speaks up trying to tell Teacher Angkana that it’s the same skirt length that.. she doesn’t get to finish because the teacher pulls out a tape measure and shocker it’s 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) shorter then the dress code. Pan tries to argue with the teacher but she’s on a rant saying that rules are rules and what are people if they don’t follow them. The teacher says that she will deduct 10 point from each of them (channeling Snape by any chance?)

Thankfully the flashback ends but Kim can’t figure out what was going through P’Kim’s mind when he decided to date Teacher Angkana. Kim is waiting for the teacher because like a good person he arrived on time. Teacher Angkana arrives acting all cute in a dress that I swear she stole from Minnie Mouse. She’s also pulling that annoying fake cute stuff with Kim (Aeygo in Kdramas) Kim wonders if he’s somehow fallen into a parallel universe.

At the table Teacher Angkana tries to feed him in what is meant to be cute couple’s thing but is completely inappropriate given her job and the age gap. After he takes a bite, Angkana says it’s his turn to feed her. (Seriously her voice is annoying me) Apparently Kim couldn’t understand her cutesy voice so he thinks she asked for feedback. He does figure it out eventually though and says sure Teacher.

Angkana slams her hand on the table and reminds him that she had told him not to call her teacher. (Because it reminds you of the power imbalance and how wrong it is to date a student?) She says that when they are alone, he is to call her Kana-na. She then goes on to say that she’s feeling sulkie now. It’s takes Kim a moment to figure out she means sulky but she is acting like an entitled spoiled child. and it’s really grating on my nerves.

Kim can’t help thinking to himself that he is going to have translate everything that she says from the cutesy baby talk into regular language, how annoying. Kim says that if they are done eating then they can just pay and go home. He holds up his hand to get the check but she grabs his hand and it’s like watching a game of tug of war before Kim’s hand lands on the table. She says that they can’t leave yet because they haven’t done “that thing” together.

Kim of course has no idea what she’s talking about and wonders what the “secret activity” that they do together is. Luckily for Kim it’s Karaoke. (I was pretty worried there for a moment). However it’s clear that Kim isn’t having fun and Kana notices. She thinks that he’s still mad at her for not visiting him in the hospital.

AngKana says that she has a special gift for Kim to welcome him home. She takes off her clothes to reveal a skimpy outfit telling Kim that she thinks it’s time for them to have a more intimate relationship (EWWW!) Kim says that he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea. She says that she knows he’s never done it before but that she thinks it’s time to.. wear a couple’s outfit (okay kind of funny but also makes light of a real serious issue…)

Kim decides to wear the leather jacket and sing along with her as it makes her happy. However Kim thinks to himself that the day that Soda finds out about this, is the day of the apocalypse.

Soda is having similar thoughts about the next time she goes near Phingphing. Soda tells the unconscious Pan that she’s sorry for doing it. She then brings out flowers that she brought and goes to put them into a vase only to find out that someone else has already brought fresh flowers.

Soda wonder who brought them and where will she put the flowers she brought. She decides to just add them to the vase and starts to arrange the flowers. Soda then mentions that she has started a new fanfiction that is a masterpiece, P’Way breaks Phingphing’s heart. In the new fiction Phingphing gets so drunk that she ends up with Off then ends up pregnant and expelled from school.

In a restaurant with P’Way, Phingphing sneezes and blames the dust in the restaurant (old saying, that when you sneeze someone is talking about you). P’Way meanwhile is sending a text to Kim to see how he is. P’Kim says that he’s bored. Phingphing chooses that moment to tell P’Way that she loves him. He leans closer to her but is still checking her phone in fact both of them are more into their phones then each other.

He seems to change his mind on the message and says that he’s doing pretty well.

Kim however is still stuck in the karaoke with Angkana. He finally gets up to try and leave when he trips and lands on top of her. Angkana however thinks that he was using a trick to get closer to her and maybe get a kiss. She has convinced herself that between them there is a thin line of morality (more like a highway) and thinks that he can’t say how he feels because of it.

Kim tries to pull away but Angkana keeps pulling him back. She says that if he can’t express his feelings that he shouldn’t worry because he can. She gets on top of him and leans close, but luckily for everyone he manages to push her away. She cries out in the corner well Kim tries to process what’s happening.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 1!