The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 2

Khet wonders if it was so bad that Kim forgot he was his brother. Kim remembers back to when he was talking with Soda. In the flashback Soda tells Pan that she knows everything about P’Way and P’Kim including their favourite colours and food. They notice on the board P’Kim’s last name and Pan says that it sounds familiar. She remembers that Khet has the same last name, then wonders how the two are related. Khet comes up behind them and overhears this so he tells them that P’Kim is a distant relative.

Pan says that it’s as she thought as they can’t be that closely related because Khet doesn’t remind her of P’Kim at all. Soda says that it doesn’t matter because they know everything about P’Way and P’Kim so they know them completely (apparently not).

We return back to the present with Khet wondering if the accident was really that bad when Kim explains that he didn’t expect his brother to come and thought their parents would. This is when Kim makes his second mistake because apparently their parents live abroad.

Khet asks Kim if he doesn’t remember that either, that’s when Kim fakes a headaches saying that he’s confused and has to go rest. Kim quickly goes to his bed and hides under the covers. He listens as Khet talks to their Mom telling her that he is with Kim and that the doctor said he is okay. Khet tells their Mom that Kim seems to be a bit lost though. A nurse comes in with some meds and Khet takes it from her while telling his Mom not to panic.

Khet then taps Kim to get him to come out from under the covers while he tells their mother that Kim will regain his memories when he gets home. Kim takes the medication from his younger brother, while Khet tells their Mom to take care of her shop and he will notify her if Kim starts acting weird. Khet hangs up the phone and lets Kim know that if their Mom asks him anything Kim should ask Khet first as he doesn’t want their Mom to worry as she is running a business abroad.

Khet then tells Kim that he will have to try and force himself as Khet knows that his brother doesn’t like to talk to him. Khet then goes to sit on the couch and play with his phone while Kim sadly watches him. Later that night Khet is going to go to sleep on the couch when he notices that his brother is having a nightmare he comes over just as Kim shouts for P’Kim to watch out. Khet wonders why Kim would be shouting P’Kim…

The next day Khet asks Kim if he is ready to leave the hospital. Kim says that he is, then Khet panics and asks if Kim knows where he left his phone. Kim tells Khet that he was just in the bathroom. Khet wears a weird expression on his face before going back into the bathroom for his phone. The cab drops the brothers offf at home. Khet says that he looked up amnesia last night on his phone and asks Kim if the doctor told him whether it was short term or long term amnesia. Kim tells his younger brother that he doesn’t know. Khet tells Kim that he doesn’t think that it’s short term since Kim could remember where Khet left his phone, Kim also remembered where Khet left his bag too.

Khet also says that Kim could remember when he was asked questions too but he couldn’t remember that Khet was his brother. Khet keeps failing to enter the key code on the door lock and Kim tells him that he must have amnesia since he is taking so many attempts. Khet says he can’t remember the code but it’s Kim’s birthday. Kim shoves him out of the way and enters the correct code. Khet says that Kim’s long term memory isn’t lost completely either then since he can still remember his birthday.

Khet tells Kim that he has been tested and then asks what really happened to him.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 2!