The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 1

After returning back to the land of the living Pan learns that she’s in P’Kim’s body from the doctor after she asked about P’Kim. Once she is left alone she goes to the mirror to further confirm it. At first like most people she assumes that she’s dreaming. While others might pinch themselves to wake up, Pan decides to slap herself instead. When that doesn’t work she slaps herself again.

The she figures that she didn’t slap herself hard enough so a few more face slaps later then she looks in the mirror to see the Angel of Death staring back at her. The Angel comes out of the mirror and is beginning to do her whole introduction (reminds me of team rocket that way). When Pan just tells her to stop already and that she’s glad the Angel is there. She wants to know why she is in P’Kim’s body.

The Angel admits that when she pushed them both back down to Earth she accidentally switched their bodies. Pan gets her to repeat that again before realizing that means P’Kim is in her body. She demands that the Angel take her back to her body. The Angel of Death says that it will be pretty easy to switch their bodies back, they just need one thing.. time.

The Angel hands Pan a clock from out of nowhere as she says this. Pan wonders how that works and the Angel asks if she’s heard that time heals everything. She says to put it simply she doesn’t know how, she just knows that they need time. Pan says that she needs to switch back to her own body right away.

Pan throws the clock onto a nearby couch and says that she won’t agree to this! How is she supposed to live? Just then the door to the room opens and it’s P’Way. P’Way quickly comes over to give Kim a hug. He tells Kim how grateful he is that Kim is okay and that he was worried to death.

The hug is too much for Kim as his nose starts to bleed. P’Way stops hugging him and notices the blood, then uses the bottom of his t-shirt to wipe the blood which reveals his abdomen. Of course that’s a lot worse for Kim, more blood spurts out and Kim falls backwards to be caught by P’Way. The Angel asks if Pan agrees to be in this body now and Pan just gives her the okay hand gesture.

A little while later and the Doctor finishes examining Kim saying that it was just a nosebleed and that he can’t find anything wrong with him. The doctor says that if there are no abnormal symptoms within 24 hours then Kim can go home. Kim says no but ends it the way that girls do (difference in language between the binary genders). When P’Way repeats what Kim just said, Kim hurriedly changes to the boy version of it and says that he doesn’t have questions.

However P’Way asks the doctor if Kim’s word choice was an abnormal symptom. The doctor says that the patient might be a bit confused after the accident and that things like this happen sometimes (maybe not the first body switch either..) The doctor says that it’s acceptable as long as it’s temporary. After the nurse and the doctor both leave, P’Way says he thought Kim was badly injured and it’s good that he’s not showing any abnormal signs.

That’s when the Angel of Death shows up right next to P’Way while Kim was drinking a glass of water. The glass drops out Kim’s hands. P’Way asks if everything is okay but Kim is watching the Angel of Death making kissing motions towards P’Way and getting close enough to lick his face if Kim hadn’t kicked her away first. P’Way is concerned that something is wrong but Kim just says it was a muscle twitch because of the accident.

When P’Way isn’t looking, Kim glares at the Angel of Death. The Angel wonders if Kim is really that protective of P’Way. So she tests it out by going up and giving P’Way a big hug only to be kicked by Kim again. Kim tells P’Way to give him a second as he then drags the Angel of Death out of the room. It looks really odd because while we can see her, in one scene from Kim’s perspective we do also get to see Kim dragging nothing from P’Way’s perspective as well which is neat.

Kim drags her into a stairwell hallway and pins her against the wall to tell her to leave P’Way alone. the Angel says that it’s actually not bad like this as Kim is making her heart shake. The Angel then tries to get a little touchy with Kim, but he tells her to stop wasting her time and find a way to get him back into his body.

Kim admits that it’s nice to be closer to P’Way, the only one that deserves to be with P’Way is P’Kim. The Angel of Death says that Kim is too picky. She says that she will leave but Kim has to maintain one rule. Kim can’t let anyone know that he is not P’Kim. The Angel says that this is against nature and that the Earth is losing a bit of balance and it can cause great disasters let alone this body switching. The Angel says this could probably cause a big riot.

Kim tells her that he can’t be P’Kim though, the Angel responds that she doesn’t care and there are no buts, he has to do it. The Angel of Death says that if he can’t pull it off then she will need to kill him to save the world. The Angel says that a gone soul is better then a switched one. Kim wonders if the Angel can kill anyone though since she’s merely a reaper. To prove that she can indeed do that she kills a poor innocent gecko that was minding it’s own business. (RIP little lizard!)

Seeing that she’s scared Kim, the Angel of Death says that she will leave. Then she changes her mind realizing that they are finally alone, the Angel asks if she can look at it (the boy parts). Kim asks if she’s crazy, it doesn’t belong to her. The Angel asks if Kim is going to keep it all to himself but Kim says no, it’s for P’Way’s eyes only. The Angel wonders if it’s for P’Way’s eyes only, how will Kim go pee?

Kim later does go to the bathroom sitting down so he doesn’t actually need to look. However after he’s done he realizes that P’Kim is in her body and might see her own private parts. Kim runs out of the bathroom to check on his original body. However Pan is lying unconscious in the bed. Pan’s father and Soda are in the room. Kim asks if Pan is still unconscious and her father says yes but that the doctors say nothing is wrong, so it should be okay. He tells them that Pan is a fighter so they shouldn’t worry about her.

Pan’s father tells Kim not to blame himself for what happened because it was just an accident and no one wanted it to happen. Kim tells Pan’s father that he seems to be pretty understanding. Pan’s father says that his wife told him before she died that no one should live on with guilt. He admits that he himself can’t do that and that’s why he’s not happy. He says that he knows how Kim feels and that Kim shouldn’t stand where he does, so he tells Kim not to worry.

Soda also tells Kim not to worry as she’s sure that Pan is fine. Soda says that long ago they both promised that they will not be apart no matter what happens. Soda says that it was just a motorbike accident and Pan will be fine. Soda says that Pan will come back because she believes in her friend. Kim smiles and then says Soda’s name which takes her aback because she didn’t think he knew it (oops!)

Soda wonders how Kim knew her name and everyone stares at him waiting for an answer. Kim can see the Angel of Death in the corner watching as well so he claims that his friend once had a crush on her. Kim asks P’Way to confirm this but P’Way wonders what Kim is talking about. The Angel of Death backs Kim into a corner with her scythe which looks really weird when you see him back into a corner by nothing looking very scared. Kim quickly pretends to have a headache and says that he has to go back to his room. P’Way just follows him out of the room.

P’Way catches up to Kim in the hallway and asks if he is okay or if he needs a wheelchair. Kim says no to the wheelchair so P’Way tells him to get some rest then as he can be discharged tomorrow, he also doesn’t have to hurry back to school, he should take the day off. P’Way says that he will help Kim with the assignments. Kim is surprised that they can go back to school but P’Way says that the school can’t lose a genius like Kim.

P’Way says that the school let him back in because of Kim. Kim smiles remembering the incident at school where P’Kim threatened to quit if they expelled P’Way. P’Way wonders why Kim is smiling because now P’Way has to get up early for basketball practice. P’Way tells Kim to get some rest and that his little brother is there. Kim asks P’Way if he does have a brother and P’Way responds by asking if he’s serious. They have reached Kim’s room so P’Way opens the door and tells the little brother to look after his older brother. The little brother turns out to be Khet!

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 1!