The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 2

Kim sits on the couch in the Karaoke room still trying to process how to get out of this mess when Angkana asks him why he pushed her away. Kim takes a few moments to think before saying that he doesn’t want her to go any further. Kim says that them loving each other is already unacceptable and that because he loves her so much, he’s doing this for her sake.

Kim says that there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for her, Kim also says that he keeps their story a secret to protect her. Angkana is deeply touched by this since she didn’t think anyone would do that much for her. She says that before when she had problems she had to deal with them on her own but now she knows that Kim will be there to help.

Kim asks her about the problem she has and she tells him that she lost the flash drive he gave her for their 3 month anniversary. The flash drive also contains the answers to the high school exam questions on it which makes the fact that it’s missing even worse. A teacher told Angkana that there was an exam leak so they put all the exam questions in one place which is of course the flash drive that is missing. Angkana begs Kim for his help to find it because she might get fired for losing it.

Angkana says that he must help or he won’t be able to see at her school anymore. Kim agrees to help which is when Kana tries to go for a kiss but just like his little brother Khet, Kim manages to push her head away. He tells her that she saved her fist kiss for 40 years she can wait until he finishes school. Angkana tells him that she’s 39 years old and that he’s damaged her image. (That is way too old to be dating high school students you creep!)

At school, Kim watches Angkana deducting points from other students from a distance. He then turns to P’Way who is sitting next to him on the stairs and asks if he ever told him who Kana was. P’Way says no then asks if Kim wants to tell him now. Kim looks at Angkana in the distance and says that it’s better not to say, then P’Way goes back to reading.

Just then Khet is walking by and Angkana stops him to tell him to quit skipping class or else he won’t be able to take exams. She points out that it’s not like he did that well on his previous exams either. Teacher Angkana says that if he keeps on like this then he will have to repeat the year. Khet asks if she’s finished then walks away. He walks over to P’Way.

Khet tells P’Way that his girlfriend bullied his friend and that he should take better care of her. He tells P’Way that he doesn’t expect her to become a better person, just that she shouldn’t harm others.

P’Way tells Khet to go look after the girl that Phingphing bullied then and he will have a talk with Phingphing. It’s pretty clear he doesn’t like what she did. When Khet leaves, Kim realizes that P’Way knew and asks P’Way about it in disbelief. P’Way says that he knows about Phingphing’s bullying and that he usually doesn’t get involved in what she does. P’Way says he heard that the girl she bullied this time was a friend of the girl that was in the accident with Kim.

P’Way knew that it would bother Kim as he doesn’t let things pass even when the stuff isn’t about him. P’Way says that Kim loves to be a hero. P’Way puts his hand on his shoulder and says that Kim should keep being a hero. He then pats Kim’s shoulder and tells him that they should head to class. Kim thinks to himself that if P’Way likes P’Kim this way then Kim will continue to be a hero for him.

Kim is putting some binders and stuff on the teacher’s desk when he notices a student behaviour notebook and decides to take a look. Just then Angkana stops P’Off in the hallway, she notices the bandage and asks him if he’s been fighting again.

Angkana reminds him that he is on school probation and that if he fails his next exam, his parents should find him a new school. Kim looks down at the notebook and searches for P’Off’s name. He has multiple deduction points all across the page.

Kim starts to suspect that P’Off may have stolen the flash drive so while P’Off is in PE playing basketball with his minions, Kim searches his bag. Unfortunately for him, he gets caught by P’Off and his gang. P’Off demands to know why Kim was touching his bag. Kim pretends that he didn’t realize that it was P’Off’s bag.

One of the minions wants to start a fight but P’Off holds him back saying that it’s such a waste of time. P’Off tells Kim that the last time Kim and P’Way caused him a lot of trouble. P’Off says that he didn’t get payback but now that Kim is trying to steal from him.. P’Off grabs Kim’s shirt and asks if this is what Kim wants. P’Off goes to punch Kim but P’Way catches his fist before it can hit Kim.

P’Way calls them thugs for ganging up on Kim. P’Off calls P’Way a hero for sticking up for his friend. P’Off says that P’Way will save his wifey and that leads P’Way to fight him. A teacher comes to break up the fight and asks what is going on. P’Off accuses Kim of stealing while Kim says that he was just searching. P’Off goes to go after Kim again but P’Way shields him.

The minion tries to help out by saying that P’Off is a real man.. he hurts children, animal, women and old people (basically toxic masculinity and also not helping his case) he says that P’Off isn’t the sneaky type. The other minion asks if that was even a compliment.. P’Off claims that it is which proves that the boy has issues.

In trying to help, the minion goes to show that P’Off has nothing to hide by dumping the contents of the bag on the gym floor. However much to everyone’s surprise, P’Off actually had a weapon in there. The teacher thanks Kim for keeping an eye on P’Off and says that it’s no wonder he’s a top student.

Later at home Kim throws some darts while thinking to himself if P’Off doesn’t have the flash drive, then who does? Khet comes into the room on his cell phone talking to someone about their order being ready and that they can come pick it up tomorrow evening. Khet tells the person on the phone that “it’s” definitely going to work this time.

Khet is juggling something in his hands and when it drops.. it turns out to be a flash drive like the one Angkana described. Kim has flashbacks to Angkana describing the flash drive that she’s looking for. Then another flashback to Teacher Angkana warning Khet that if he fails the exams, he will have to repeat the year. Kim wonders to himself if Khet stole the flash drive.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 2!