The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 1

Kim grabs the flash drive and plugs it into the computer. Sure enough there are the grade 12 exams on it. Kim doesn’t want to think that P’Kim wasn’t a good guy. Kim wonders if maybe he just found the flash drive and was going to return it (in the planter though?). It doesn’t make sense for P’Kim to have stolen the flash drive either since he’s always been the top student.

Kim takes out the flash drive with enough force that he knocks over another clay container breaking it open to revels a lot of other flash drives. Kim plugs another flash drive to find the Year 10 exams from 2 years ago. Pan’s memory surfaces of her and Soda gushing over P’Kim being the top student in grade 10 which made them think he was the perfect other half to ship with P’Way. Kim continues to search the flash drives to find more year exams including the National Physics Olympiad competition stuff.

Kim also found notes in with the hard drives. One was from Angkana saying how the two became a couple. Angkana writes that she needed help carrying stuff one day in P’Kim’s 10th year. P’Kim helped her and also told her that she was so strict that no one else was willing to help. Angkana writes that P’Kim could see past her being a grumpy teacher and realized that she was just trying to do her best at her job.

During the flashback of this encounter we see P’Kim take his first hard drive. Angkana caught P’Kim doing something suspicious but P’Kim covered it by pretending to take a little heart out of his pocket (hand gesture with fingers, popular in Asia). Angkana says that since P’Kim came into her life she has experienced a lot of exam stealing but P’Kim always sticks by her, giving her a new flash drive every time. Angkana thanks Kim for being with her as she never thought she would get the chance to be in love with someone as great as him.

Kim crumples up the note and goes to splash some water on his face from the sink. That doesn’t stop the tears from coming though. Kim realizes that P’Kim was not the 360 degrees of perfection that he thought…

Later Kim gives the flash drive back to Angkana and she gushes about how she knew that if she asked for his help, that he would help without a second thought. She says that out of all her boyfriends, she starts to count but then stops saying that Kim has been her only boyfriend and that he’s the best. Angkana also says that being with him made her realize that she only wants to be with him because he’s the best in every way.

Angkana goes on about his virtues a bit but she realizes that Kim isn’t like his usual self. In fact he looks quite depressed. She tells him that he can tell her anything, that she can help share his pain. This is too much for Kim, so he gets up to leave after saying that he’s okay. Angkana clings to his arm saying that she will make him happy and to do anything to accomplish that, even quit teaching.

Kim tells her that she should stop doing that, when she confirms to stop teaching, he corrects her saying that they should stop seeing each other. Angkana is both upset and confused saying that’s not what P’Kim has said in the past. Kim tells her that he doesn’t know what was said in the past and the only thing he can say now is sorry. Kim says that he knows that she truly loves him, it’s because of that they can’t keep seeing each other as he doesn’t want to put her in that position.

Angkana tries to understand why this is happening but Kim says it doesn’t matter if she understands it, she just has to remember to never get near someone like him again. Kim tries to leave but she clings to him again begging him to reconsider. Kim says that if she doesn’t stop then he will tell everyone that they were secretly dating. He tells Angkana that if she wants to be a teacher then she should actually be a teacher.

Kim says there’s another reason as well and that it’s because an asshole like him doesn’t deserve her. He finally gets to leave Angkana but Kim thinks to himself that if this is the real P’Kim then he doesn’t deserve to be with anyone. Angkana sits back down at her table crying, she is completely heartbroken.

The next day Kim is late to class. P’Way greets him wondering why his friend was late but before Kim can say anything, P’Way holds up two coupons for the BBQ place they went to asking if Kim wants to go there again. Kim has a brief flash of memory of the last time that they went to dinner together and doesn’t say anything. P’Way asks if something is wrong since his friend is so quiet. He even waves the coupons in front of Kim’s face.

Kim has a flash of Pan’s memory of seeing P’Kim and P’Way together during basketball and how close the two were. Pan and Soda thought the two were in love. They also thought it was a very good pairing since P’Way was very cool and P’Kim was very smart.

All this flashes through Kim’s mind while P’Way is waving the coupons. P’Way says that if Kim is afraid of losing to him again, he will pull his punches this time. Kim finally takes the coupons from him only to rip them up.

Kim tells P’Way that he’s not going and for P’Way to leave him alone. This is so unlike P’Kim that P’Way in his confusion asks what’s wrong and grabs his friend’s arm to stop him from leaving. Kim frees his arm and slaps P’Way hard in the face.

P’Way is confused and hurt. He runs up to Kim to grab him by his shirt collar to ask what’s wrong with him. In his mind Kim apologizes to P’Way but he’s doing it all for P’Way’s benefit. Kim roughly pushes P’Way away telling him stay away from someone like him. P’Way isn’t going to let that pass though as he’s not stupid and knows that something is very wrong. However a teacher comes in asking them both what they are doing since it’s now time for the exam.

So now neither one of them can escape the classroom, they have no choice but to sit down for the exam. P’Way sits right behind Kim and starts to push on Kim’s chair with his foot. Kim asks the teacher if he can leave after he finishes his test, the teacher says yes. Kim gets ready to leave but P’Way is not going let his friend escape without a chat about what’s going on.

Kim outsmarts him though by telling the teacher that P’Way was cheating so he has to flunk the exam and re-write it this evening (that’s playing dirty). P’Way is both shocked that his friend would do that to him and angry about it. However he can’t escape the teacher even though he wants to settle things. The news that the two friends were fighting gets texted through the girl gossip chats all over school.

Phingphing gets the text and can’t believe it. Her friends ask what P’Way and P’Kim could be fighting about but Phingphing has no clue. Soda overhears this and starts to make another entry in her fan fiction.

According to Soda’s fiction the two are arguing because P’Way can’t believe that P’Kim eats fried eggs with ketchup and feels betrayed. Apparently in the fiction P’Way insists that fried eggs be eaten with Soy Sauce. Soda types that even something small like that is something P’Way can’t let P’Kim do differently as he loves P’Kim so much. She then types the real reason behind the fight is because P’Way thinks that P’Kim is dating Pensri from Class 2.

In the fiction P’Way asks what Pensri (a girl) has that P’Way doesn’t. P’Kim says that she has rainbow earwax and P’Way does not. P’Way says that if that’s all that’s separating them, then he can have rainbow earwax too!

Just after Soda types up this ridiculous bit of fiction (it was cute to watch though) someone starts deleting her words, Soda wonders if it’s a system error.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 1!