The Shipper: Episode 4 Part 4

Khet notices his brother watching him work form the entrance so once he finishes up with his client, he walks over to him. Khet asks Kim if he wants his hair washed since it’s been awhile. Kim still just stares at him, so Khet tells him that he will get scolded if he doesn’t request any service.

While Kim is getting his hair washed he asks Khet if this is the something important that he had to save his hands for. This confuses Khet because he doesn’t remember telling his brother that.. he told Pan. Kim quickly covers by saying that he heard it from somewhere. He then asks if this is the reason that Khet is skipping school. Khet admits it with a sound of agreement.

Kim wonders how that is even possible given Khet’s age. Khet admits that he lied to his employer about his age, so that he could work there. Kim wonders why his brother would go through so much trouble just to do this. Khet tells Kim that when you find something that you like, then you have to go all the way for it.

Kim says that he didn’t realize this about Khet but his brother says that’s because Kim never took an interest in him. Khet says that he knows about Kim wanting to go to Japan so that he can study engineering in Tokyo. Kim is surprised that Khet knew about that, Khet tells him that they live in the same house after all. Khet asks Kim to stop ignoring him, since he doesn’t like having to tell people that they aren’t related.

Khet says that he knows that they reached this point because of him, but he has grown up since then. He tells Kim that he won’t be a burden anymore. It’s just as Kim’s hair is finished being washed that he realizes his brother lied about getting yelled at, if Kim didn’t request a hair service. He confronts Khet about it, and Khet laughs saying he can’t believe that Kim fell for it.

Kim tells him that he’s evil, Khet throws a towel at him saying that at least he’s not as evil as what Kim thought he was. Kim then asks how Khet knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life. Khet tells him that he doesn’t need to know that. Awhile later Kim watches his brother with another customer and thinks to himself that some people aren’t as bad as they thought they were.

A text message pops up on Kim’s phone from P’Way saying that he talked to Phingphing about the trouble that she caused. P’Way is texting from the bleachers in the gym. P’Way says that Phingphing isn’t as mean as they thought she was. We see a flashback of him confronting Phingphing about the bullying. Phingphing admits to what she did, but says that she never lied about it either.

She asks P’Way if he even knows why she did it. P’Way says no, and she scoffs that of course he didn’t, he just took the word of others over hers. Phingphing tells him that she did it for him since Soda is the one that was writing the fanfiction which led to the fight and him getting expelled. Phingphing says that she’s just trying to protect P’Way in her own way and that she doesn’t care what others think of her because she knows that she’s doing it for him.

Phingphing is pretty upset with P’Way and storms off before he can apologize to her. In the present, he texts Kim saying that he wished that they wouldn’t judge others based on their own point of view. Kim looks at his phone outside of a cafe where Phingphing and her gang are eating. Phingphing asks the others if they think that P’Way would like the shoes she’s looking at on her phone.

Her friends ask if she’s not mad at him anymore and she just replies that she forgot to be mad at him. She then asks for their opinion on the running shoes for P’Way. Kim walks away from he cafe pondering that some people don’t care what others think of them, because they know that what they’re doing is for love.

Khet is visiting Pan’s body in the hospital. He remembers when he was sitting with her and Soda. In the memory, Pan is complaining about her hair, apparently Soda gave her a hair treatment that didn’t work for Pan. Pan tells her that the hair treatment may have worked for Soda’s hair but it didn’t do anything for her. We then see Khet googling hair treatments on his phone.

Back in the present, Khet tells Pan that he’s still searching for an answer so she had best wake up to hear it. When Pan doesn’t wake up, Khet sighs and puts fresh flowers in the vase for her. Pan’s voiceover says that sometimes our eyes can’t see what people really are or what they really feel for us.

Pan’s voiceover continues as Kim gets himself a mug before turning to the fridge. She says that sometimes we need to borrow another’s eyes to see how close we really are to someone so great. On the fridge is a yellow sticky note from Khet reminding Kim that he has a dairy allergy. When Kim sees the sticky note, he can’t help but smile at his brother’s thoughtfulness.

Kim goes into his own room and puts his head down on his arms to rest on it. He accidentally knocks over the Kale plant that Angkana gave him though, smashing the pot. When Kim looks down he sees a black paw flash drive. He hurriedly puts it into his laptop to find the Year 12 Exams there. He cries out to P’Kim in disbelief and disappointment. Pan’s voiceover says that somethings the people they were great are the ones that they are totally wrong about.

Roll those end credits because that completes Episode 4 Part 4!