The Shipper: Episode 3 Part 3

Kim sits on the bench during PE class watching the other boys play basketball. P’Way comes over to check on him because he can tell something is wrong. When P’Way asks him however, Kim says that nothing is wrong. P’Way tells him that he had better go get changed then as the class is over.

Kim watches as his classmates walk off, clearly still thinking about the video that went around the locker room. When P’Way is in the change room he overhears the two other students talking about the last video being the best they’ve seen. P’Way asks which video they are talking about which is when they realize that he hasn’t seen the video yet as he just joined the chat group. A student quickly shows P’Way the video that went around the locker room earlier. The students claim that P’Way will love it and that it was filmed secretly. P’Way says that the video is dope then hands back the phone.

Kim watches the whole thing and is very sad and disappointed in P’Way. Kim leaves the locker room still looking gloomy, P’Way catches up to him to again ask what’s wrong. Kim says nothing so P’Way checks to see if maybe Kim is feeling sick, but when P’Way moves his hand close to Kim’s forehead, Kim moves away quickly. P’Way tells Kim that he will be going then. When Kim asks where he’s going, P’Way tells him that he’s going to go see Phingphing of course.

In the girl’s bathroom Phingphing and the others are applying lipstick when Phingphing tells them that she is going to go meet P’Way. Nun asks if they will do a group goodbye hug. Soda looks a bit unsure but Somza says that it’s a tradition with the squad. When the others tell her to go on, then Soda runs over and happily gives Phingphing a hug. Phingphing welcomes Soda to the group and Soda thanks Phingphing for being her friend.

Then the tables turn and the group shows their true colours. Phingphing squeezes Soda way too hard while the others grab her by her pigtails and pulls her away from Phingphing and up against the wall. Phingphing asks Soda if she really thought that they would welcome her into the group. Phingphing says that P’Way was too interested in Soda by wanting Phingphing and her squad to take care of her.

Phingphing wonders if Soda knows why P’Way wanted them to take care of her. She then holds up her phone and on the screen is the BL fanfiction that Soda and Pan wrote. Phingphing yells at her that they know she was the one writing the fiction and causing problems for P’Way. Then she asks Soda to confirm it, since they have no proof, Soda denies writing it.

Phingphing begins to read an excerpt out loud about how P’Way doesn’t love Phingphing and only dates her to distract himself from the love he has for P’Kim. She then reads the next section about how P’Way and P’Kim are forced to be together after school and that they just can’t hold back any longer, they kiss passionately. Phingphing then slaps Soda across the face with her phone as she refuses to touch her with her hands.

Phingphing leaves the bathroom but not before telling Nun and Somza to “deal with her”. The two drag Soda into a stall, where they get her all wet with what appears to be a shower hose? (I’m really not sure). Somza goes overboard with it though soaking both Soda and Nun. It looks they spring a leak in the pipes as well as the room floods. A little while later Soda is crying when Khet drops a towel on her head asking why she didn’t listen to him when he warned her.

Soda goes to give him a hug but he puts his hand out and stops her because he doesn’t want to get wet. Soda asks if he can just comfort her nicely but he tells her that it’s her own density that led to the situation (he did warn her and so did Kim). He asks Soda why she wanted to join Phingphing and her gang. Soda says that if she’s around Phingphing she will learn more about P’Way and P’Kim, then she will have good stories for Pan when she wakes up.

Soda also admits that she didn’t want to eat alone either. Soda says that funny thing is that those girls don’t even eat so she hasn’t eaten anything all day, she’s starving. (Checking on their robot status.. it’s negative).

Khet tells her that if she wants to eat with someone then they can eat together. The two then head off to the cafeteria together where Soda eats some noodles. After she eats Soda wants to give him another hug but he puts his hand out to stop her again. Soda complains that she’s dry now but Khet tells her to just eat her food.

Soda tells Khet that he’s actually a lot nicer than she thought he was. She then wonders if he’s being so nice to her because he has a crush on her (Someone being nice doesn’t equal a crush). Khet asks if she’s crazy which Soda thinks is suspicious. She then tells him that he has competition as Kim told her that somebody else liked her as well.

Khet tells Soda that he doesn’t like her that way though. Soda wonders why he’s being so nice to her then. Khet asks if she forgot that he was her friend too. Soda says that she feels really touched, she then tries again for the hug and once again Khet stops her with his hand telling her that’s enough and for her to sit down.

Khet tells her to stop daydreaming. Soda tells Khet that he is very fierce commanding her. Khet tells her not to get involved with Phingphing and her friends again. Soda can’t believe that Phingphing is so cruel, girls like her don’t deserve P’Way.

Soda says that she will yell at Phingphing in her fiction then reaches for her phone however Khet stops her by grabbing the phone and saying that if she wants to yell at Phingphing, she can just talk to him instead. Soda looks down at her phone then bats her eyelashes but Khet tells her that he’s holding her phone not her hand and that she should stop imagining things.

It’s a little bit of a struggle but eventually Soda lets Khet take her phone away from her. Soda says that Phingphing doesn’t deserve P’Way the gracious as her world is disgusting. Soda says that Phingphing’s boyfriend is too good and that damn she really wants to write fan fiction! She reaches for the phone but Khet is faster taking it out of her reach. He tells her to eat but her hand tries to sneakily reach the phone so Khet moves it farther away.

Kim types in the notes app to Soda that it isn’t so bad not writing fan fiction as the world of men is not as great as they thought. Kim types out that maybe Phingphing and P’Way deserve each other.

That’s the end of Episode 3 Part 3!