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Under The Power: Episode 13

Shi Fan taps Jin Xia on the shoulder with his fan hard enough to cause her pain. He then says that since Field Commander Lu is being so reasonable, he won’t take his precious subordinate. Shi Fan then points out that Jin Xia is wounded, he says that he has some ointment on his boat and inviting the two of

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Under The Power: Episode 10

Jin Xia looks like she’s having fun singing Chinese Opera when she finishes it’s Lu Yi’s turn but he doesn’t sing anything. Jin Xia prompts him saying that it’s his turn but Lu Yi doesn’t look interested in at all. Jin Xia tells Chang Sheng that her brother’s memory isn’t very good, so he forgets his lines, then offers to

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Under The Power: Episode 1

During the years of Emperor Jia Jing, Yan Song framed Grand Secretary Xia Ran. Xia Ran was beheaded under false charges. After that Yan Song removed Qiu Cheng, Shen Liang, Yang Qi Zheng and other political enemies. Since then Yan Song and his son have held enormous power in the court. In the 37th year of Emperor Jia Jing the

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