Under The Power: Episode 7

Jin Xia says that personally she admires Round Xie’s chivalry and sense of justice, but Sha Xiuzhu committed a crime so he must be arrested. As for the matter of swapping her badge out for a forgery, Jin Xia says that if King Lu of hell really does come after them then they won’t have a good ending. Jin Xia points out that the government officials are just like him, they both want to make a living and they don’t want to ruin their careers. Xie Xiao asks her why a beautiful woman like her has to live a more difficult life than him. Jin Xia demands to know why it matters whether or not she’s a woman.

Jin Xia wonders if Xie Xiao thinks that women can’t serve the country as well as men can. She points out that without his mother, where would Xie Xiao be? Without Sister Shangguang Xi, would he have been able to travel freely for the last 3 years? Jin Xia says that without her.. but she can’t think of anything so she says that without her, who would eat all the food. Xie Xiao laughs saying that Jin Xia must be quite drunk. Jin Xia says that she has never been drunk since the day she was born.

Xie Xiao tells Jin Xia that she shouldn’t blame him for not warning her that although the alcohol may taste flat, it has a strong kick. Jin Xia says that it’s just wine, then asks him for a refill. Xie Xiao fills the cup but it’s clear he doesn’t believe her. Jin Xia soon gets blurry vision and then passes out on the table. Xie Xiao tries to wake her up but there is no response. Xie Xiao says that she was already stubborn as a child.

Elsewhere, Lu Yi is meeting with Shangguang Xi. Shangguang Xi says that Lu Yi must be feeling elegant today, since it’s a gloomy rainy day and he’s invited her over for tea. Lu Yi says that Yangzhou is a good poetic place with a misty rain, if they were in the capital, the rain would be like icy blades and he wouldn’t be in such a good mood. Shangguang Xi asks him why he invited her over today. Lu Yi says that there is an item that should be returned its owner. Lu Yi then pushes over the earring that was found in the prison. He says that the Young Master’s martial arts skills are good, but his temper is a little hasty.

Lu Yi says that he knows Shangguang Xi and Xie Xiao are childhood friends, they even studied under the same master. Lu Yi says that he understands the two having a deep relationship. However, going onto the ship to steal the birthday gifts and bombing the Prosecution Division, isn’t it a bit too much? Shangguang Xi pretends that she doesn’t know anything about what Lu Yi is saying and thus she can’t understand it. Lu Yi says that since she can’t understand, he’ll talk to Xie Xiao directly. Lu Yi then gets up from the table prepared to leave. Shangguang Xi holds out her arm to block his way, telling him to wait. The two then fight and they are pretty well matched.. it’s almost flirty.

Lu Yi says that it’s too bad that as clan leader she has too many worries on her mind, so her strike was too slow. The two continue to fight and Lu Yi says that Xie Xiao is a loyal friend. Lu Yi says that Xie Xiao couldn’t save Sha Xiuzhu, so he barged into the prosecutor’s office. Lu Yi says that having Xie Xiao for a Junior Brother must give Shangguang Xi a headache. Shangguang Xi says that since Lu Yi is willing to talk with her about it, why doesn’t he just name his price. Lu. Yi tells her she should have asked him to from the start.

Poor Xie Xiao is giving a very drunk Jin Xia a piggy back ride. He wonders why she’s so heavy and who told her that she could eat so much. Jin Xia wakes up enough to tug hard on his braid telling him to “take that!”. Xie Xiao lets her know that she has terrible drinking habits and that he won’t be drinking with her any more. Lu Yi comes up from behind them but stays far enough back to watch. Xie Xiao tries to wake Jin Xia up since they’ve arrived back at the compound.

Xie Xiao puts Jin Xia down and tries to get her to wake up, Lu Yi comes over and grabs Jin Xia from him. He then picks her up, telling Xie Xiao that he should just leave Jin Xia to him, then carries her off. Xie Xiao can’t follow because the guards at the gate won’t let him pass so he yells at Lu Yi to make Jin Xia some tea to sober her up. Lu Yi puts Jin Xia down in bed, then tries to leave but Jin Xia tugs on his robes. Lu Yi tells the unconscious woman that he told her that she was only to stay for one more night, yet she got so drunk. He then pulls his robes from her hands, and leaves the room shutting the doors behind him.

The next morning, Jin Xia is still sleeping soundly when Cen Fu calls out to her from the other side of the door. He has to yell at her repeatedly before she finally responds asking who’s at the door so early. Cen Fu orders her to get up as Commander Lu has orders for her. Jin Xia yells back that she’s leaving soon, so what does Lu Yi want? Cen Fu says that Lu Yi’s message was that she had to finish what she started. Lu Yi said that he wants her to bring Sha Xiuzhu back to the bureaucrat with Cen Fu. He also tells her to bring Yang Yue with her.

Jin Xia perks up wondering what new evidence that Lu Yi may have found that he now wants to question Sha Xiuzhu. Cen Fu tells her that it’s been commanded, so she must obey then he tells her to hurry up. After Cen Fu has left, Jin Xia wonders what the rush could be and by what right does Lu Yi have to order her about. She goes to get out of bed and wonders why she didn’t take off her shoes the night before.

A little while later, Yang Yue and Jin Xia are escorting the prisoner. Jin Xia comments that it’s very different escorting a prisoner with the Embroidered Uniformed Guards as people run away from them. When the Six Doors Department escorts a prisoner, people watch, discuss and follow them all the way to the office. Yang Yue tells her to lower her voice, then points out that no one would dare cross the Embroidered Uniformed Guard. Jin Xia says that when she thinks about their Master having been an Embroidered Uniformed guard, she says that it must have been impressive when he went out to investigate.

Jin Xia says it’s sad that their master went from being an Embroidered Uniformed Guard to being the head constable of the Six Doors Department. She says it must have been like falling from heaven into hell. Yang Yue says that he thinks that it’s still pretty good as his father never cared about fame and fortune, he also had no competitive desires. Yang Yue tells Jin Xia that he thinks heading a group of constables is pretty good. Jin Xia says that she’s more interested in Yang Chengwan’s mentality adjustment as he must have had an internal struggle to give up being an Embroidered Uniformed Guard to become a lowly head constable.

Yang Yue says that though Jin Xia’s wound has healed, did she forget about why she was injured and was forced to write a letter of repentance? Jin Xia quickly raises her hand to her lips apologizing and promising to speak no more of it. Cen Fu has had enough of both of them and demands to know if the Six Doors Department is always so absentminded while escorting a prisoner. Jin Xia takes offence and says no. Cen Fu tells them to stay alert as the streets there are complicated. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that there isn’t even a single person on the street so how can it be complicated? Yang Yue points out that if anything goes wrong, they will be responsible so they had better walk faster.

A moment later rouses shoot out from the side alleyways taking out two of the guards and dragging them away. A bunch of gang members attack the guards. Cen Fu is holding his own until someone throws dust in his eyes and knocks him out. Shangguang Xi and Xie Xiao manage to make it to the prison cart and bust it open. Xie Xiao grabs Sha Xiuzhu to help him escape. Jin Xia notices and starts to go after them but Shangguang Xi blocks her and the two women fight. Yang Yue notices and tags Jin Xia out of the fight so she can go after Xie Xiao while he deals with Shangguang Xi.

Jin Xia manages to catch up to Xie Xiao and block their escape. Xie Xiao pulls down his mask revealing himself to Jin Xia. He begs her to let them go, which of course she says no. Xie Xiao tells the others to take Sha Xiuzhu away as Jin Xia won’t hurt them. Sha Xiuzhu doesn’t want to leave and have this take down Xie Xiao at the same time. Jin Xia solves the problem by telling them that if they try to leave, she will kill them. Xie Xiao tells her that Sha Xiuzhu is closer to him than a real brother so he must save him. Jin Xia has a quick flash of memory to their conversation last night (before she passed out). On cue, Xie Xiao asks her if she remembers that. Xie Xiao begs her for the sake of their old friendship to let him and the others go.

Jin Xia points out that she’s a government official and they are thieves, it doesn’t matter how good their relationship is, she can’t neglect her duty. Xie Xiao says that fine, if she won’t let them go then she should just kill him now. Xie Xiao tells the others to take Big Brother Sha away, then he blocks Jin Xia from following them. Xie Xiao says that if she’s worried about how to explain the escape of Sha Xiuzhu to her boss, then she can just kill him.

Yang Yue is still fighting with Shangguang Xi, he tells her that she has publicly helped a prisoner escape, and obstructed government officials, so he must arrest her today. Shangguang Xi tells Constable Yang that he has obstructed her many times, so what should she do to him? (Ooh flirty, very flirty). That’s when Yang Yue finally realizes who he’s fighting and calls her by her name. The fight pauses while she takes down her mask. Poor lovesick Yang Yue getting confirmation that his crush is in fact the person he’s fighting stumbles over his words a bit as he explains. He says that she should know him well, that he always follows the law and that this is an important mission which is why he said that he would arrest her. He then apologizes to her.

Shangguang Xi scoffs that if it was such an important mission then Yang Yue should go back and ask his boss why he assigned a few lowly officers to escort Sha Xiuzhu. She also says that if it was such an important mission then how did they find out about it in advance to set up an ambush? Shangguang Xi asks if she is so capable to know when and where their boss wants to question the prisoner? Shangguang Xi tells Yang Yue that he has a good appearance it’s just too bad that he’s a blockhead. She goes to leave but Yang Yue grabs her arm saying that no matter what she says today, he must still take her to the bureaucrat. Shangguang Xi says that whether or not she’s telling the truth, Yang Yue will know when he asks his boss. She tells him that if he wants to arrest her, then he needs a few more years of training in martial arts to do so. She easily gets away from him, then tells him that the prisoner has escaped and he should go back and report it to his boss.

Jin Xia lowers her sword away from Xie Xiao’s neck. Xie Xiao says that she should just kill him as he will shoulder Sha Xiuzhu’s crime alone. Jin Xia tells him to slash her arms but avoid damaging the arteries, if she does it herself then Lu Yi will know. Xie Xiao hesitates and Jin Xia asks him why, since mere moments ago he was so adamant on dying. She tells him to hurry up and do it so that she won’t lose her job. Xie Xiao can’t understand why Jin Xia cares so much about this job, Jin Xia tells him to stop spouting nonsense and to hurry up and slash her.

Xie Xiao has a flashback to when he was a kid being bullied by other kids because he was fat. Jin Xia used her slingshot to hit the bullies so that they run away. Young Jin Xia checks to make sure he’s okay, he thanks her but she says he doesn’t have to since her master told her to look after him. She told him to follow her from now on, then took him to go beat up the bullies. In the present Xie Xiao finds that he can’t slash his friend and says that if she loses her job, then he will just take care of her. Jin Xia curses him saying that he’s more of a woman then she is, then quickly slashes her own arm.

Xie Xiao can’t believe she would be so stupid as to cut her own arm. She tells him to hurry up and leave but Xie Xiao doesn’t want to leave her injured. Jin Xia tells him to hurry up and leave before she changes her mind. Xie Xiao thanks her for her grace, he’ll repay it her sometime and says that he will not forget it. Jin Xia says that whether or not he remembers, she surely will then she tells him to hurry up and leave. Xie Xiao finally runs away without looking back, which Jin Xia calls him heartless for not looking back.

Later Jin Xia is making her report to Lu Yi about the ambush, saying that the prisoner escaped and Captain Cen is still unconscious. Lu Yi scolds her saying that a whole group of them couldn’t even keep one prisoner, he calls them a bunch of idiots. Jin Xia gets down on her knees saying that it was her mistake. She’s having a bit of trouble because of her injury which brings it to Lu Yi’s attention. Lu Yi takes a look at it, immediately realizing that she injured herself. Jin Xia says that she must be under suspicion for losing the prisoner, did he get a good look? Lu Yi just simply says that it had better have gone the way she said.

Awhile later, Cen Fu comes to Lu Yi. Lu Yi asks if Jin Xia is awake, (I guess she had passed out) Cen Fu says that she’s awake, so Lu Yi gives him a vial to give to her. Lu Yi is very clear that Jin Xia isn’t to know that it came from him though. A little while later and Cen Fu knocks on Jin Xia’s room door to be let in. Jin Xia tells him to enter then asks how he’s doing. Cen Fu says that he’s fine, but heard that she had been injured. Cen Fu then hands over the vial saying that it was prescribed by the Royal Infirmary, specifically for the North Town Protection Department. He tells her that it will be better than the medication she’ll get elsewhere and she’ll recover quicker after using it.

Cen Fu says that today he was overcome by bandits and he thanks her for saving him. He says that there were many misunderstandings in the past between the two of them and he hopes that she will forget them. Jin Xia says that she has always been open about her love or hatred, if someone treats her nicely then she will treat them 10 times better. She says that if they bully her once, then she will double the payback. Jin Xia tells Cen Fu that as long as he quits saying the Six Doors Department is useless, then she’ll forget the past. She thanks him for the medication but returns it saying that she won’t use it. Cen Fu takes it away with him when he leaves.

After Cen Fu leaves and Jin Xia shuts the door, she says that she doesn’t believe Cen Fu even if he said nice words. She says that anything could have been in that bottle (she’s talking to herself). She then climbs into bed, takes off her shoes, but she has a bit of trouble with her outer robe because of the injury to her arm. Jin Xia goes to sleep and dreams of when she was a very young child. In the dream she picks up a rock to show her grandpa. Grandpa asks her about it, then tells her not to pick up rocks, he’ll give her a more interesting toy instead. Grandpa has a collection of small handguns that he’s very proud of. He asks his granddaughter which one she likes.

Young Jin Xia picks one and her Grandpa praises her for being quite intelligent. Grandpa gives her the handgun then shows her how to aim it carefully. Jin Xia wakes up suddenly covered in sweat. Xie Xiao’s blurry face asks her if she’s awake which startles her into being fully awake. She asks why he’s there and he answers that he’s there to visit her. Jin Xia hits him, calling him an idiot since Lu Yi is investigating the case. If Lu Yi were to find out then it could get her killed. Jin Xia urges him to leave but Xie Xiao says that she was injured because of him so he couldn’t stop worrying. Xie Xiao even brought the best medicine form Wu An Gang for her (everyone is just handing out meds..)

Xie Xiao puts his hand on Jin Xia’s forehead then informs her that she has a fever, most likely due to her injury not being treated with medication. Xie Xiao offers to put on the medication for her but Jin Xia says that she can do it herself. The two of them fight over the medication which is when Lu Yi knocks on the door. Lu Yi asks to be let in and the two in the room panic. Jin Xia says that she will let him in an minute, she just has to put a robe on. Xie Xiao whispers asking what they should do, Jin Xia whispers back that he should hide. Xie Xiao wants to know where he should hide. Eventually Xie Xiao finds a spot to hide, so Jin Xia can open the door for Lu Yi.

Lu Yi demands to know why Jin Xia didn’t use the medication that Cen Fu had brought to her. Jin Xia says that she has her own medicine. Lu Yi says she need only look at her condition now, if she had used the medication that Cen Fu brought then her condition wouldn’t be as serious as it is now. Lu Yi asks her if she’s afraid that Cen Fu would harm her but Jin Xia says no. Jin Xia then says that the medicine is too expensive and if Lu Yi came to her later looking for payment, she wouldn’t be able to pay him. Lu Yi asks her which is more important to her, her life or money?

Jin Xia doesn’t hesitate before saying that both are important then realizes that she has to clarify. She decides to give an example. A bowl of noodles and a bowl of shark fin soup are both filling for the stomach but if she has to choose then she will choose the noodles because it doesn’t cost as much. Lu Yi nodsthen tosses the medication at her, which she fumbles and drops. He tells her to hurry up and use the medication if she wants to recover quickly. He then tells her that since there is a thief in the house, she should remember to close all her windows when she rests. Lu Yi then walks away from a confused Jin Xia.

Jin Xia closes the bedroom doors, only to have Xie Xiao complain about Lu Yi calling him a thief. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi is on to something, so he had better leave. Xie Xiao is concerned about her wound, but she holds up the medicine Lu Yi brought saying she’ll be fine because of it. Xie Xiao goes to get his vial and tells her to use it instead (somebody’s jealous!) Jin Xia says that she will, if he will just leave. Xie Xiao wishes her to get well soon then leaves out the window. Jin Xia says that he must be a natural born thief since he climbs through windows all the time. She thinks that since it’s the second time Lu Yi gave her the medication, this time coming himself to deliver it to her then it couldn’t be poison. She decides to use Lu Yi’s medication instead of Xie Xiao’s on her arm.

Jin Xia pours some of the powder onto the wound which stings at first but then the pain of her wound disappears. She remembers Lu Yi saying that if she used the medication to begin with, she wouldn’t be in such a bad condition now which confirms that he made Cen Fu deliver it the first time to her. This makes her smiles at the thought of Lu Yi caring about her. Elsewhere, Yang Yue is spying on Shangguang Xi as she and some gang members bring the missing birthday trunks to Lu Yi. Shangguang Xi asks Lu Yi if he was worried that after freeing Sha Xiuzhu, that she wouldn’t bring the trunks. Lu Yi counters saying that if she didn’t bring them, wouldn’t she then be worried about when he would destroy the Wu An gang?

Shangguang Xi says the old saying is correct, that civilians really shouldn’t fight with government officials. Yang Yue realizes that Shangguang Xi was hinting at something earlier and not lying to him. Yang Yue leaves the scene to go tell Jin Xia about how the prisoner escape was actually a deal between Shangguang Xi and Lu Yi which outrages Jin Xia. She can’t believe that Lu Yi didn’t tell them so she got her arm slashed for nothing. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that she was wondering why Lu Yi was being so nice in bringing her medicine, it’s because he felt guilty. Yang Yue says that in the future they should do what Jin Xia originally suggested and avoid Lu Yi.

Lu Yi is in his room with the birthday trunks. He writes his report saying that he followed His Majesty’s order to investigate General of Serving Nation, Jian Zhen and his son’s crimes. Lu Yi says that after several days investigating in Yangzhou, he can now prove their crimes. Lu Yi says that they committed embezzlement and harassment. Jian Zhen takes people’s sons as slaves, anyone fighting back gets hacked to bits and burned. The son forced his great aunt’s daughter to become his concubine, then killed her. Jian Zhen and his son also stole treasures form the palace to claim as their own. Their crimes continue as they used their position of guarding the border to collude with foreign tribes.

Lu Yi says the profit from illegal trades are clearly documented in the ledger. Jian Zhen’s also uses weak efforts to invade the enemies. Lu Yi says that there are no new clues in the Cao Kun case yet, so he hopes to delay his return to the capital and asks His Majesty for approval. The Emperor in the capital finishes reading the letter and tells Li Fang his decree to bring Jian Zhen and his son to the Three Judicial Offices for interrogation. The Emperor praises Lu Yi for doing well again.

The next day Shangguang Xi and Xie Xiao are seeing chests offloaded from a ship. They greet the government official Sir Zhou as he gets off the ship and ask if he travelled well. Sir Zhou says that although the government money was being carried by the Wu An gang so no one would interfere, he still spent the journey worrying as it’s 100,000 silver coins after all. Sir Zhou says now that he’s arrived in Yangzhou his burden can finally be eased. Shangguang Xi says that they still have to deliver it into government storage before they can be completely worry free. Sir Zhou agrees with her and they walk off. There’s some shady dock workers though.

At the Lin’an Government Office, Sir Zhou is checking the chest before closing them. Once he’s sure that the amount is correct, he locks the chests and leaves the room. Sir Zhou then tells Shangguang Xi that not a single penny is missing and they can all breathe a sigh of relief. Sir Zhou thanks them but Shangguang Xi says that it’s their duty. The Wu An gang then goes home to eat.

A uniformed rider is galloping on a lonely rider while a voice over says that the Emperor decreed that Lu Yi is loyal and righteous, shows exemplary morals and ability, and devotion to his duty. He successfully investigated the case of General of Serving Nation, Jian Zhen and his son. He is to be awarded 10,000 taels of silver. Six Doors Department merits recognition in assisting in the investigation and will be awarded 100 taels of silver as decreed by His Majesty.

Jin Xia is giving Yang Chengwan a massage for his leg. She complains that the Six Doors Department did a lot of work but got a measly reward for it. She says that it’s not fair that Lu Yi got such a big reward all to himself. Yang Yue points out that their status is a lot lower than Lu Yi’s so of course their reward would be lower too. He tells her not to complain because at least they got a reward. Yang Chengwan asks Jin Xia if she’s forgotten what he’s told her, again. Jin Xia says that she hasn’t and that they should work harder. Yang Chengwan says now that the General of Serving Nation’s case is complete they should go pack their stuff.

Lu Yi walks in with his entourage and says that they shouldn’t be in a rush to pack and head back to the capital, they should stay a few days. Lu Yi then tells Head Constable Yang that there is a doctor that specializes in bone treatments in Yangzhou named Shen Mi, he will send someone to take Yang Chengwan there. Yang Chengwan says that’s not necessary but Lu Yi says that Shen Mi’s ancestors were all doctors. Shen Mi is skilled with bones, tendons, etc. so Shen Mi should be able to heal Yang Chengwan’s wound. Lu Yi says he thinks it’s about time to get that wound healed.

Yang Chengwan says that he can’t bother Lu Yi with his personal matters. Lu Yi replies that Yang Chengwan helped him to investigate a case, so Yang Chengwan should consider it a token of Lu Yi’s gratitude. Yang Yue chimes in that his father should give it a try because even if it can’t be completely healed, there might be ways to improve it. Jin Xia says that he shouldn’t disappoint Lu Yi’s kindness. Lu Yi says that the matter is settled then which makes Jin Xia smile. Yang Chengwan thanks Lu Yi, but Lu Yi says that he’s too courteous.

At Yan Shi Fan’s manor the Head of the Ministry of Works is telling the junior chancellor that 10,000 taels of silver has been shipped out to Yangzhou by Zhou Xianyi. Shi Fan doesn’t seem concerned and tells him that he already knows about it. The Head of the Ministry of Works says that Zhou Xianyi is just a lowly waterworks officer in the Ministry of Works, so why is he acting all upright and virtuous? The servant says that Zhou Xianyi protected the river repair money like it was a treasure. The servant is mad because Zhou Xianyi didn’t use a government ship to carry the money but went out of his way to hire a gang to do it which made it an even bigger deal.

Yan Shi Fan tells him that he must be quite useless as the Head of the Ministry of Works if his subordinate is hiding things from him. Shi Fan says that it’s quite ridiculous. The Head of the Ministry of Works says that Zhou Xianyi is a stubborn ass that refuses to be bribed, and won’t listen to either threat or pleas either. Now the Emperor has decreed that Zhou Xianyi be in charge of repairing the river embankment. The Head of the Minsitry of Works says that there’s nothing he can do about Zhou Xianyi. Shi Fan looks up from his book and smirks telling him not to worry as he has everything under control.

Meanwhile our investigative group are at Shen Mi’s getting Yang Chengwan’s wound assessed. Shen Mi tells Lu Yi that the bone wasn’t set properly years ago, so in order to heal it now.. they will have to Re break it. The Doctor then tells Yang Chengwan that once the bone has been set properly because of his old age, he can’t do martial arts for three months. The doctor asks if Yang Chengwan can manage that. Yang Yue complains that the re-breaking and setting of the bone will be painful enough, but not being able to do martial arts for 3 months will be harder. Yang Yue wonders if it’s even possible considering they must travel to do government work.

Lu Yi says it’s not a big deal since he knows their boss and can ask for a 6 month leave for Yang Chengwan so he doesn’t have to worry about anything. Yang Chengwan panics and says that there’s no need to do it. Lu Yi adds a bit of pressure saying that his father specifically asked him to do this, so he wouldn’t want to get Lu Yi in trouble with his father, would he? Yang Chengwan has no choice now but to accept being healed and having extra time off. He thanks Lu Yi, but again Lu Yi says that he’s being too courteous. Jin Xia also thanks him but Lu Yi snipes that being well behaved from now on will be a form of thanking him (their bickering is great!) Yang laughs and it’s clear that Lu Yi is trying to hold back a smile and so is Yang Chengwan after seeing Jin Xia’s facial expression reaction to the comment.

Sir Zhou tells Sir Wei that the funds for the canal repair have been counted and put into the government office. The two then enter the office and open the chests to find the coins missing (of course!) Sir Wei immediately blame Zhou Xianyi saying that the coins have only been in storage a few days, how dare he take them all away! Zhou Xianyi denies the accusation but Sir Wei says that Zhou Xianyi has the only key so how dare he says that it’s not him, however Mayor Wei arrests him anyway. Lu Yi gets a bird messenger from the Emperor ordering him to investigate the case.

Lu Yi meets with the others and informs them that he’s been ordered to investigate the case. He asks for Yang Chengwan’s help since he thinks that the head constable’s tracking skills will be needed. However Yang Chengwan can’t move his leg well so he won’t be much help. Yang Yue immediately says that he and Jin Xia can help Lu Yi instead of Yang Chengwan. Lu Yi says that he will transfer Yang Chengwan to the North Town Protection Department which Jin Xia object to. Lu Yi says that the transfer would allow Yang Chengwan ample time to heal though without worrying about the Six Doors Department. Yang Yue thanks Lu Yi for being so considerate.

Jin Xia doesn’t say anything though so Lu Yi asks her if Constable Yuan has other thoughts. Jin Xia asks if they get an allowance for this investigation. (Money on the mind) Lu Yi says that they will get 4 silver taels per month. Jin Xia actually jumps for joy before Yang Chengwan’s clearing throat makes her stop. She promptly says that money doesn’t matter and that as a government servant, national affairs must be her first priority. Jin Xia says that if Lu Yi needs any help, he need only ask. Jin Xia then asks where they will start investigating.. Lu Yi says they’ll start at the jail.

When they arrive at the jail, they are told by the guards that without the mayor’s order, no one can interrogate the prisoner. Lu Yi then holds up the Emperor’s decree and says that starting today this case is under the full control of the Embroidered Uniformed Guard.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 7!