Under The Power: Episode 5

The episode picks up right where we left off with Lu Yi and Jin Xia swinging onto the ghost ship. As soon as they land, Jin Xia complains that he didn’t warn her before they swung over. The deck of the ghost ship is stained with blood and Jin Xia wonders how many people must have died there. She’s sticking pretty close to Lu Yi as he quietly looks around. The thunder clashes, so Jin Xia grabs onto Lu Yi’s arm for comfort but he just shoves her away.

When Jin Xia falls to the ground, she goes to get up when she notices her hands are covered in red. However she realizes that it’s not actually blood but red dye. Lu Yi isn’t paying much attention to her as he can’t believe it took her that long to realize the “blood” was red dye. Lu Yi finds white powder on stuff but it’s Jin Xia that tells the audience that someone had scraped the scale powder off of the night butterflies and glued it onto the sails, so that the ship from afar would look pretty ghostly.

Jin Xia is still sticking pretty close to Lu Yi as they look at the stairs that lead below decks. His shoes and her robes are showing a lot of red from that dye that was used.

Back on the ship the crew is still fighting with the anchor. That’s when a crew member notices that on the bottom of the ship, it looks like there is a harpoon lodged there.

We return to the ghost ship but Lu Yi and Jin Xia are now below deck. Jin Xia still finds the place to be pretty creepy. When she sees the first skeleton, she gives a startled yell, unfortunately it’s not the only skeleton down there. Jin Xia wants to leave but Lu Yi just tells her to be careful as there might be some traps on the ship. Lu Yi discovers a section of the wall that is a bit different and presses in on it (it might as well be a giant button). A part of the wall slides sideways which opens up to a creepy hallway.

Jin Xia praises Lu Yi for having such sharp eyes. They then go over to the entrance of the hidden hallway. Jin Xia tells Lu Yi to let her go ahead to check for traps. She takes out her little pistol and fires it down the hallway through what appears to be red fine string. It does activate a few traps though, you know the Indiana Jones spike log looking things. Jin Xia says that there must be a pattern to the movements of the weapons and when they figure it out then they can just rush through. Lu Yi just calmly walks forward and evades the traps with ease which surprises Jin Xia.

Jin Xia has quite a bit of trouble when she goes through the traps, Lu Yi looks bored watching her. When she reaches the other side he asks her if it’s actually that hard. Jin Xia claims that it wasn’t that bad but when Lu Yi turns around she wipes some sweat off her brow. They continue onwards and find a control room full of mechanical gears. Lu Yi says that this is where everything happens, there are no people and no ghosts either.

There is a gemstone amidst the machinery, Jin Xia reaches out to touch it and it falls out activating yet another trap. A big blade cuts through the air, hitting the wall. It sticks in the wall but pokes a big enough hole that water starts to fill the cabin. Lu Yi tells Jin Xia to run. They reach the upper deck and Jin Xia asks Lu Yi how he intends them to get back to their ship. She asks if he can just carry her across. Jin Xia get prepared to fly but Lu Yi asks her if she can swim. She still thinks she is going to fly so when Lu Yi pushes her, she’s surprised that she falls into the water. She curses at Lu Yi because she told him to throw her to the other ship not in the water.

Jin Xia swims up to the surface still cursing at him just verbally this time. However she notices what appears to be wax floating in the water. She also notices that the ship’s weight seems to be the same as when they left the dock. If eight trunks of birthday gifts had really been stolen, then the weight of the ship would decrease and the water level would most certainly have changed. Jin Xia suspects that maybe the wax wasn’t used to prevent humidity but for waterproofing instead.

Jin Xia swims over to the ship, examining the bottom of the ship she finds more wax and a very suspicious wood panel on the ship. Jin Xia runs her hand along the top of the panel and she is soon able to pull it down revealing the missing the birthday gift trunks. Three people in black swim up to her, one drags her under the water while the other one comes after with a dagger. She holds her own for a bit but she’s been underwater awhile so she starts to lose consciousness so that’s when Lu Yi finally joins the fight. He jumps into water and lands right on the current bad buy attacking Jin Xia.

Lu Yi having gotten rid of that attacker, shakes Jin Xia to bring her back to her senses (she needs oxygen.. ) however it does kind of work (because it’s a drama and serves the plot). Just when she comes back to her senses one of the other attackers comes up between the two of them. The couple get split up, Lu Yi manages to deal with his attacker but Jin Xia’s attacker gets behind her and puts her in a chokehold. Lu Yi swims over to rescue her. He puts her attacker in a chokehold which makes the attacker finally let go of Jin Xia. She’s unconscious though so she starts to sink. Lu Yi swims down after her. (Seriously when do these people breathe?? )

Jin Xia wakes up on a bed inside the ship, disoriented and still trying to fight the attackers that are no longer there. She manages to hit poor Yang Yue as he’s been sitting beside her bed worried about her. Yang Yue tells her that when Lu Yi first saved her, she wasn’t even breathing. Jin Xia can’t believe that King Lu of hell saved her. Jin Xia worriedly wonders who changed her clothes, turns out it was Yang Yue. She throws him a look, so he hurriedly says that he closed his eyes while doing it so he didn’t see anything (that might be worse actually).

Jin Xia sighs in relief but says that she doesn’t think Yang Yue would dare to see anything. Then she asks about what happened with the trunks. Yang Yue says that they have been brought up from their hiding place, Lu Yi has confiscated them. Yang Yue admits that he has no idea what Lu Yi is planning to do with them. Jin Xia says that they should go find out and start pulling on her boots. Yang Yue is concerned that it might be too soon after her near death experience. Jin Xia reassures him that she is fine and rushes off. Yang Yue tells her to slow down.

Lu Yi is in his room with Cen Fu staring at the open chests full of birthday gifts. Yang Yue and Jin Xia come into the room. Jin Xia is immediately drawn to all the gifts, categorizing them and how much they must cost. She even asks Yang Yue about one of the items and if he agrees with her about the cost. Yang Yue just shrugs as he doesn’t really care about it. Lu Yi however teases Jin Xia asking her if she wants it. Jin Xia is so mesmerized by the expensive gifts that she doesn’t even think about it and says that of course she wants it. Cen Fu angrily asks her what she just said.

Lu Yi says that she must really want to keep some of the items for herself otherwise she wouldn’t know so much about them. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi really knows how to joke. Yang Yu has her back though asking Master Lu how he could say such a thing about her. Yang Yue says that Jin Xia may like expensive stuff but she would never steal it. Lu Yi says that he thinks that Jin Xia is quite brazen. Yang Yue hurriedly defends her saying that she wouldn’t steal anything, she may not speak nicely but she is an upright person, he asks Lu Yi to understand.

Jin Xia says that all she wants to do is solve the case, why would she steal? Lu Yi asks the question, if she didn’t steal the gifts then how would she know that they were buried under the ship? Jin Xia brags it’s just because she’s that smart, that she guessed it right away. Lu Yi says that if she’s that smart she should guess whether or not he will put her in one of those trunks and let it sink into the sea. Jin Xia worriedly says that Lu Yi is very good at jokes. She then a bit more humbly admits that she only figured it out once she was under the water.

Jin Xia points out that if all eight of the trunks had been taken off the ship then the ship itself would become lighter in weight. She tells them that after she fell into the water, she noticed that the water level hadn’t changed therefore, the trunks were still on the ship. Jin Xia then says that if the wax was used to prevent dampness, then two pieces of wax are enough for eight trunks. However yesterday she saw the guards carrying the wax in and there was a ton of it, she understands why now.

Jin Xia says that so much wax was used to prepare the trunks for being sunk into the water. Lu Yi asks her to name a suspect and she responds with Colonel Wang’s officer that delivers the orders. Lu Yi tells Yang Yue to bring Colonel Wang to the room, Yang Yue gives Jin Xia a thumbs up before leaving. Lu Yi then sends Cen Fu off to arrest the officer that delivers the orders. Once he has left it’s just Jin Xia and Lu Yi alone in the room. Jin Xia inquires if she can ask Lu Yi a question. He tells her to ask away so she asks how he could see through the ghost ship ruse so quickly. Lu Yi asks her if she’s heard of a compass. Jin Xia says that it’s a stone that was discovered 2,000 years ago that can detect iron ware. She says that the long shaped stone can point both north and south, it’s called the “magnetic stone”.

Lu Yi then tells her that the ghost ship had magnetic stones around the planks. This is was used to pull other ships in and why the rudder of their ship suddenly turned by itself. It’s also the reason that the anchor kept getting pulled like it was possessed. The magnetic stones kept drawing their ship closer while making it seem like magic. Jin Xia understands that whoever created the ghost ship was preying on people’s fear using the ghost ship legend so that they could board and steal the treasure. Lu Yi says that she’s not that stupid after all, Jin Xia counters by saying that he’s the only one that ever calls her stupid.

At the Yan mansion, Yan Shi Fan is telling his father how exquisite the painting is in detail. He says that each scene in the painting is very realistic so it’s no wonder that the painting is a treasure of their time. The Godfather says that they heard Zhang Zeduan only needed a year in order to finish the painting. He then praises the artist as being amazing. However the Godson points out that there are many fakes of this painting out in the world so how can they be sure that this one is authentic. The Godfather asks Mr. Xu to authenticate the painting since he knows about these kinds of things. Mr. Xu apologizes to the Godfather saying that he knows only how to spot fake literature not fake paintings. Mr. Xu says that as far as he knows, on this particular painting there should be a title of “ Along the River During Qingming Festival”, written by Emperor Hui Zong of the Song Dynasty in Shoujin calligraphy style.

They examine the painting and find the title but they also find the double dragon seal as well. Mr. Xu notices that there is even a royal poem. Mr. Xu says that no matter how he looks at it, he believes that it’s the genuine article. The Godson says that if it’s real then Mr. Yan should frame it and hang it up in the hall at mansion for all to see. The Godson says that if he hangs up the 2m long painting in the hall it will show off how special his top position in the court is. Some of the others in the crowd say that he should do it. Yan Shi Fan agrees that’s what he’ll do.

Back on the ship, Colonel Wang arrives and greets Field Commander Lu Yi. Lu Yi asks him if these trunks were all the birthday gifts that were missing, and the man quickly says that these were the missing trunks however he says that two trunks are still missing. Colonel Wang asks Lu Yi where he found the missing gifts. Lu Yi says that they were found in a secret cargo hold under the ship. Just then Cen Fu returns with the order delivery officer and Lu Yi says that they should ask him how the trunks were hidden. It turns out that man’s name is Sha Xiuzhu.

Sha Xiuzhu pretends to be innocent and asks Lu Yi why he’s there. Lu Yi motions to Jin Xia saying that she can explain. Jin Xia starts with the fact that the unconscious guards weren’t knocked out by fragrances. There were no signs of any drugs being used either which points to the fact that they were drugged by Sha Xiuzhu’s people. She then points out that all the footprints inside the cargo room were from the guards boots. Jin Xia then points out that the scratch marks on the door from moving the trunks were from all from the outside moving inwards. Jin Xia concludes that there were never any intruders and that the evidence points there being a spy.

Sha Xiuzhu says that even if there was a spy, how can they prove that it’s him? Jin Xia says that all the other guards were paper tigers **strong looking, but weak** She says that the subordinates of the Major General of Protecting Nation all look fierce, but were actually weaklings. Jin Xia says that only Sha Xiuzhu looked full of vitality. She says that she can tell that he’s a martial artist. She then tells him that there was more wax on his shoes and sleeves than on anyone else’s. It was also his idea to seal the trunks with wax when the Colonel was concerned about the humidity. Jin Xia says that if he isn’t the the thief then who else could it be?

Lu Yi notes that Sha Xiuzhu has recently changed his clothes and wonders if the wax wasn’t for preventing dampness as he suggested but in fact for waterproofing. Sha Xiuzhu says that he has nothing to say to them. Colonel Wang calls him a bastard that hid his malicious intent. He yells at Sha Xiuzhu for daring to touch the Major General’s belongings and accuses Sha Xiuzhu of almost ruining him. The Colonel then thanks Field Commander Lu for helping find the trunks and promises to report it to the Major General. Lu Yi says that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards will handle the rest of it. The Colonel then tells Lu Yi that he will have his people take the trunks away, only to have Lu Yi tell him that he can’t move the trunks.

The Colonel doesn’t understand, so he asks Lu Yi about it. Lu Yi finally gets out of his chair to pick up a painting. He says that this must be the painting “Autumn Eagle” by Emperor Hui Zong of the Song Dynasty. Lu Yi remembers that it originally belonged to the palace. Lu Yi says that back then, General Qiu suggested opening the horse market. This painting was given by His Majesty to Anda in exchange for horses. Lu Yi asks Colonel Wang why the painting would be in there in birthday gifts. The Colonel says that it’s his fault since he doesn’t know much about paintings. Lu Yi goes on to say that His Majesty must be unhappy that General Qiu is secretly keeping items used for trade with Anda and that he has always wanted to investigate where those items went. Lu Yi notes that the birthday gift trunks that they are escorting are full of those items that were sent out back then.

Lu Yi then tells Colonel Wang that it could be seen that the relationship between Major General of Protecting Nation and General Qiu isn’t normal. Lu Yi says that if His Majesty knew that Colonel Wang was responsible for delivering these items to the Major General’s manor then he may decide to punish the Colonel. Colonel Wang panics saying that he truly didn’t know what was in those trunks and begs Lu Yi to open an thorough investigation into the matter, he claims that Lu Yi will need his help to investigate. Lu Yi says fine and lets the Colonel leave before asking Sha Xiuzhu why he stole the trunks. Sha Xiuzhu claims the Robin Hood defence of robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Lu Yi scoffs that it’s such a noble sounding defence.

Lu Yi says that Sha Xiuzhu created the ghost ship to distract everyone while he was stealing the trunks, then he says that Sha Xiuzhu couldn’t have come up with such an intelligent plan by himself. Lu Yi demands to know who Sha Xiuzhu was working with. She Xiuzhu however claims he doesn’t know what ghost ship Lu Yi is talking about, then tells Lu Yi that he had better not slander him. He does admit to taking the trunks though but claims that he did it on his own, so he will take full responsibility for it. Lu Yi says that those are strong words but this isn’t the time or place for them. He then asks Sha Xiuzhu where the other two trunks are hiding. Sha Xiuzhu says that Lu Yi should quit trying to talk to him and just kill him if he’s going to do it.

Sha Xiuzhu then reaches for a sword but his fighting skills are no match for Lu Yi. In fact during the brief scuffle, I think Lu Yi may have broken the guy’s leg or dislocated his knee.. it’s a little hard to tell. The fight ends with Lu Yi holding a sword against Sha Xiuzhu. Lu Yi then tells Cen Fu that Sha Xiuzhu is all his. Jin Xia is now properly scared of Lu Yi given how he handled things so ruthlessly. Lu Yi tells Sha Xiuzhu that once he’s in the North Town Protection Department, he will be begging for death. Jin Xia hides behind Yang Yue putting some distance between herself and Lu Yi.

Later that night Lu Yi and Cen Fu are alone in their room when Cen Fu points out that the item they were looking for weren’t in the trunks. Cen Fu wonders if Lu Yi’s information could have been wrong. Lu Yi says that’s impossible because General Guan Xuan has the habit of documenting all his events. Lu Yi says that if the notebook aren’t there, then they must be in one of the two missing trunks. Lu Yi also notes that the notebook is the best evidence of General Guan Xuan’s crimes and they must find it. Lu Yi tells to Cen Fu to order Wang Fangxing to have the guards not patrol tonight. He also tells Cen Fu to withdraw the guards around Sha Xiuzhu. Cen Fu leaves to complete his tasks. Once he’s gone Lu Yi thinks to himself that it was such a complicated way to steal the birthday trunks, he really wants to meet the mastermind behind it.

Sure enough with no guards around, a dark figure boards the ship and heads straight for Sha Xiuzhu. The figure come us up to Sha Xiuzhu and tells him that it’s okay, he refers to Sha Xiuzhu as Big Brother Sha. When the person takes his mask down, Sha Xiuzhu recognizes him as Xie Xiao. Sha Xiuzhu wonders why he’s there, he responds that he waited in their usual place but when Sha Xiuzhu didn’t show up, he couldn’t stay still. Xie Xiao says that he will get his big brother out but Sha Xiuzhu says that his guards just suddenly left and he suspects it’s a trap. He tells his little brother to leave him, especially since his leg is injured. Sha Xiuzhu says that the most important thing is that his little brother takes away the two missing gift trunks since they went through a lot of effort to obtain them. Xie Xiao says that there is no one on patrol on the deck so he definitely get his big brother out of there. Sha Xiuzhu finally leans on his little brother and leaves the cell.

Cen Fu reports to Lu Yi that the other side has boarded the ship. When Lu Yi asks how many, Cen Fu reports that there is only one intruder so far. Cen Fu says that he will go capture the intruder but Lu Yi tells him to wait, then orders that Cen Fu tell the others not to act on their own either. Meanwhile on the upper deck, Jin Xia leans against the railing wondering where the other two trunks are and wonders why they still can’t find them. Jin Xia is trying to piece the evidence together since it doesn’t make sense that Sha Xiuzhu wouldn’t know about the ghost ship because it was clearly meant to distract them from the theft of the trunks. Jin Xia then wonder if perhaps the missing trunks have sunk into the sea with the ghost ship.

A moment later and she runs into Xie Xiao and Sha Xiuzhu that have just stumbled onto the upper deck. They manage to take her hostage, she asks if they want the missing two trunks then claims that she can take them to the trunks. They back her up onto a pillar with a sword against her throat. Jin Xia keeps trying to talk her way out of it but Sha Xiuzhu says that she’s a hound for the Embroidered Uniformed Guards and orders his little brother to kill her. Xie Xiao tells his older brother that he should already know that he doesn’t kill women. Jin Xia meanwhile says that his words are hurtful since she’s front the Six Doors Department, does he even know how many cases the Embroidered Uniformed Guards stole from them?

Jin Xia wonders how they can call her a hound for that unit. Sha Xiuzhu asks her what kind of trick is she playing but Jin Xia says that she wouldn’t dare to play tricks. Jin Xia tells them that she’s telling the truth and says that she has honestly never liked the Embroidered Uniformed Guards. Jin Xia then lies that she wanted to take Sha Xiuzhu away but his leg was injured and she’s just a woman so she couldn’t help him out. She then says that she doesn’t want to crush their hope, but aren’t they worried that there might be traps aboard the ship? Xie Xiao says that even if there are traps, they have her as a hostage so the others wouldn’t dare to do anything. Jin Xia points out they overestimate her value as a hostage.

Jin Xia starts to cry that she’s an unmarried woman with an old mother at home, can’t they take someone else as hostage? Lu Yi calls out from higher up on the deck, he says that they take such a small constable as a hostage, do they still claim to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Jin Xia yells at Lu Yi to save her. Xie Xiao hands over Jin Xia to his older brother, then goes off to fight with Lu Yi. Xie Xiao intends to hurt Lu Yi’s leg to avenge his brother’s leg injury. Lu Yi taunts Xie Xiao into attacking first. They fight then pause when Sha Xiuzhu tells his brother to hurry up and leave. He also tells Lu Yi to let them go or he’ll kill Jin Xia. Lu Yi points out that they can either kill her or let her go, it makes no difference to him. Jin Xia exasperated tells Sha Xiuzhu that she warned him that she was a useless hostage.

Xie Xiao and Lu Yi continue to fight, at one point Xie Xiao almost falls off the ship. Yang Yue comes up to Sha Xiuzhu asking him to calm down and Jin Xia looks annoyed at Yang Yue. However Lu Yi has picked up a chain, aiming at Xie Xiao. Sha Xiuzhu throws Jin Xia at the chain in order to save his brother but between Lu Yi’s ability to control the chain and the fact that Jin Xia ducked, Xie Xiao was hit with the chain anyway. Sha Xiuzhu knows that his brother can’t win so he holds up the dagger to his own throat threatening his own life in order to make his brother leave the ship.

The fight over, Yang Yue runs over to check on Jin Xia. She has a large cut on her neck which Yang Yue blames on Lu Yi.Lu Yi points out that it was Sha Xiuzhu that pushed her in the way and he was pulling his punches so her injury is no more than a scratch like that of a tree branch. Yang Yue and Jin Xia are both angry at Lu Yi so they stomp off on their own, Yang Yue asks her if she needs him to apply medicine to her wound. Sha Xiuzhu tosses his weapons on the deck surrendering to Lu Yi. The next morning we see Xie Xiao and some random guy bring up the missing two trunks onto a small boat from the bottom of the water.

The next morning on the ship, Yang Yue brings Jin Xia some food then asks how her wound is. Jin Xia says that it’s nothing only a skin trauma. Jin Xia starts to eat when Yang Yue asks if she happened to see who the masked man was. Jin Xia notes the height of the masked man then says that he’s no ordinary talent. Jin Xia says that the man’s black robe was made with ice silk so she doesn’t think that he comes from a simple background either. Yang Yue tells her that she should stay away from Sir Lu and that his father is right, they just be polite to him.

Jin Xia says that the birthday gift trunks are highly sought after, she wonders how King Lu of Hell will deal with them. Yang Yue says that it doesn’t matter how Sir Lu deals with them, they just have to follow orders and not make any mistakes that Lu Yi can bully them for. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi is cunning and sneaky so of course he’ll pick on them. She says that they only need to look at how he was when she injured her throat, Lu Yi didn’t even blink. Yang Yue then asks to look at her wound to see if it’s really almost healed. Jin Xia reminds him that she already said it’s fine.

The ship docks, and the mayor of Yang Zhou, Wei Ying greets Lu Yi. He says that he didn’t realize that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards would be visiting. The mayor says that he was neglectful in not greeting them sooner. Lu Yi tells Mayor Wei that he doesn’t have to be so formal. Lu Yi then informs the Mayor of the dangerous criminal that they have captured and presents the six trunks of evidence. Lu Yi asks the Mayor to have guards dispatched to escort them all to the prosecutor’s office. The Mayor tells Sir Lu not to worry, he’ll dispatch his people to do it immediately.

Jin Xia notes that the trunks being carried away are all money and wonders if Lu Yi is keeping the birthday gifts for himself. Yang Yue doesn’t think so though. The Mayor meanwhile is asking Lu Yi for forgiveness as they haven’t prepared a carriage yet for him. Lu Yi tells him not to worry about it. In the crowd, Jin Xia says that it’s lunch time and according to custom, the mayor of Yang Zhou should prepare a big welcoming meal for them. Jin Xia says that there are a lot of tasty dishes in this region, the two of them begin talking about various food.

At the front of the procession, Mayor Wei points out to Lu Yi that in front of him is Wu An Gang’s stronghold. Wu An Gang leads the business in waterway transport, half of the transport in Yangzhou is in their hands. Behind the mayor and Lu Yi, Yang Yue tells Jin Xia that he’s heard of the Wu An Gang. Yang Yue says that he heard from a storyteller that their leader is Xie Baili. Yang Yue says that people call Xie Baili, Single Blade Xie. Yang Yue also says that Xie Baili has gotten his hands on the waterway transport in Suzhou and Jiangning.

Yang Yue continues his story saying that small gangs in the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang respect and give Xie Baili favours. However Xie Baili is getting older now so he doesnt’ get out as much. The gang’s affairs are now handled by Vermilion Bird’s gang leader, Shangguan Xi. While the group is walking down the docks a beautiful lady gets off one of the nearby ships distracting Yang Yue. Jin Xia has to ask him multiple times who the woman is. Yang Yue says that she must be the Vermilion Bird’s gang leader Shangguan Xi. He says that she studied under Nan Shaolin and has fantastic sword skills.

Yang Yue tells Jin Xia that she shouldn’t underestimate Shangguan Xi because she’s a woman. Yang Yue says that 3 years ago she shouldered a gang in Jiangning by herself, then later merged it with the Wu An gang. Shangguan Xi walks with a few of her gang to the end of the dock with a man that is tied up. They stop at the end of the dock and she asks the man what oath did he swear in front of his ancestors when he joined the gang. The man says that when he joined Wu An gang, he must put loyalty above all else, if he turns on the gang then he must die.

A member of the gang hands Shangguan Xi a whip, she lashes the tied up gang member. She says the first lash is for selling out the gang and betraying their leader. The second lash is because he turned his back on loyalty and friendship, selling out his leader for money. Shangguan Xi then hands the whip back to a gang member before telling them to no to untie the trailer, just toss him into the water. Lu Yi and the group just stand there watching it all happen. Jin Xia wonders how Shangguan Xi can use private punishment in broad daylight.

The man begs Shangguan Xi for mercy but she has none for traitors. Jin Xia yells at her to stop and starts to run over prompting her group of people to tell her to stop. Shangguan Xi greets Mayor Wei, he says that it’s been a long time and asks how she is. Shangguan Xi says that thanks to the mayor they have food to eat and shelter, she says that it’s good enough. Shangguan Xi then notes that the officials that the mayor is with are unfamiliar to her. Mayor Wei then introduces the Embroidered Uniformed Guard from the capital, Field Commander Lu. He then introduces Lu Yi to the Wu An gang and Vermilion Bird’s gang leader Shangguan Xi. A moment later a familiar man comes up asking if officials have nothing better to do then mess with Wu An gang’s private affairs?

If there was any doubt about who the man is for the audience, it’s gone when Shangguan Xi says his name is Xie Xiao. Xie Xiao asks what crime did his gang commit for so many people to be there. Lu Yi has already figured out that he’s the masked man that he fought with last night. Xie Xiao says that even people from both the Embroidered Uniformed Guard and Six Doors Department are there. The mayor tries to smooth things over but Xie Xiao says to cut the formalities and asks why they are there. Shangguan Xi pulls him back by his sleeve while telling the others that her junior brother is rude and asks them to forgive him.

Jin Xia asks her why she was using private punishment. Shangguan Xi says that the nation has its law, and families have family rules. She says that he broke the rules of the Wu An gang so he must be punished otherwise they won’t be able to control the other gang members. Jin Xia says that Shangguan Xi doesn’t have to use private punishment then kill the guy right? Mayor Wei quickly interjects that he thinks that Shangguan Xi is trying to teach the gang member a lesson and wasn’t actually going to kill him. Shangguan Xi claims that it was a misunderstanding and that Mayor Wei is correct in his assessment of the situation. She then says that she’s very busy and must leave. Xie Xiao winks at Jin Xia before leaving.

Awhile later in a nice gazebo, Shangguan Xi says to Xei Xiao that it’s been 3 years and he’s finally returned. She asks him to come home with her but he refuses to go. Shangguan Xi says that if he doesn’t return the she can’t help him with this matter. He says that she’s the leader but she can’t even handle this small thing? Shangguan Xi tells him that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards are not a small thing. Apparently his father (Single Blade Xie) has decreed last year that they are not to mess with the officials. Xie Xiao tells her not to mind then, he’ll take care of it himself. Shangguan Xi tells him that since last winter his father’s health has been poor. He doesn’t believe her because he’s had people send him reports and he would have heard if his father was ill. She reminds him that his father is headstrong and won’t show weakness in public. She tells him that they should head home, whether or not he takes over the gang is something they can talk about later.

Shangguan Xi says that his father may not have another 3 years to wait for him to come home. Xie Xiao says that 3 years ago he was forced to marry her which is when he ran away from home and his father is probably still angry at him over it. He says that she was his senior sister who practiced martial arts with him, so how could he marry her? (Sister is not biological, but rather meant as a close friend that feels like family).

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 5!