Under The Power: Episode 2

Jin Xia is waiting on a hill overlooking the hideout, while Lu Yi is hiding not far away. They are both pretty bored though Jin Xia is silently cursing Yang Yue for being unreliable as they had both agreed to meet up outside the city. Cao Kun comes out of the little house, gets on his horse and starts to ride away. Jin Xia leaps down from her hiding place with her sword drawn and the two fight while Lu Yi stays in his hiding spot watching them. During the fight, Jin Xia realizes that she doesn’t have her handgun anymore and Cao Kun makes a run for it.

Lu Yi noticing that Jin Xia has lost control, leaves his hiding place in order to fight Cao Kun but unlike Jin Xia this fight is over quickly because Lu Yi is actually a much better fighter than she is. Jin Xia then demands that Lu Yi give back the prisoner to her, she fights Lu Yi over him which of course gives Cao Kun the ability to get away. (She is such a nuisance!) However she blames Lu Yi because he fought her over the prisoner allowing him to get away.

Lu Yi goes to go after Cao Kun when Jin Xia grabs onto his leg saying that he can’t chase after him yet as she’s injured. Lu Yi gives the injured leg a quick kick which gets him an ow from Jin Xia. Lu Yi wonders if she can do anything except ruin things (I wonder too to be honest). She blames him because he took her gun, but Lu Yi tells her to quit making excuses when she isn’t as good as others.

He tries to walk away but Jin Xia is firmly attached to his leg so he drags her a few steps as she begs him not to leave without her. He wonders how he can take her with him, that’s when she suggests that he carry her. She says that she knows that it’s improper for men and women to be close together but she says that she won’t blame him. He tells her to crawl back on her own, then tries to walk a few more steps while she clings to his leg.

Lu Yi sees the horse that Cao Kun was trying to run away with, so he picks up Jin Xia by her belt and carries her so that he can toss her up onto the horse. For a woman that was claiming that she didn’t care how she was carried she certainly complains a lot about this method. The horse then runs away with her on it, because of the way she was put on the horse she can’t sit up, so she’s on her stomach slung over the horse like luggage as it runs.

Back at the department Jin Xia beats up Yang Yue because he didn’t meet her outside the city like they had agreed to. She gives him a black eye, yet he still criticizes Jin Xia for her moves and strength being substandard. He tells her that if the teacher saw her, he would definitely correct her. She tells him that she will perform a standard move then, and flips him over. Before she can hit him again Yang Yue yells at her to stop. He says that if she hits him again, he will hit back.

Yang Yue says that since Jin Xia got back, she’s been taking out all her anger out on him. He says that if she keeps that up, then his body won’t be able to stand it. He sits down at the table and uses the tea pot on his black eye (the same way people use frozen peas). Jin Xia says that if Yang Yue had been there then he would be like her right now. Yang Yue is worried since she offended the Embroidered Guards and will have a harder time in the future.

Jin Xia says that she wasn’t thinking about the future but rather how to solve the case because if she doesn’t she will both embarrass Six Doors Department and lose her handgun. Yang Yue says that it’s too bad that he couldn’t meet the legendary heartless & ruthless Embroidered Uniform Guard Lu Yi.

Jin Xia tells him that he should consider himself lucky because if he did meet him, he would be scared to death. Yang Yue says that isn’t true since Lu Yi is his role model. Yang Yue says that she must be tired so he tells Jin Xia to have a rest and some tea.

Lu Yi returns home where his father greets him by saying that he heard about Lu Yi causing trouble during his meeting with the Emperor. Lu Yi continues walking but his father tells him to stop right there. Lu Ting tells his son that he should at least give him an explanation. Lu Yi says that it’s because his Chuiwan skills aren’t very good. His father goes on to lecture him that if he can’t tolerate trivial things then he won’t be able to achieve his overall objective.

Lu Ting says the he shouldn’t be so reckless as he will ultimately lose if he continues on like this. Lu Yi tells his father that he knows his limits and doesn’t need his father to worry about him. Lu Ting gets angry because Lu Yi hasn’t forgotten. He wonders how long his son will hold onto it, for his whole life? Lu Yi says that he’s been an Embroidered Uniform Guard for few years now. Lu Yi says that what he has heard the most often is “like father, like son”. Lu Yi sarcastically says that it’s such a great saying.

Lu Yi says that his father has always been heartless so he shouldn’t expect to have a son that’s caring and righteous. This pisses off Lu Ting but Lu Yi asks if he’s wrong. Lu Ting then goes to slap his son but Lu Yi blocks it and tells him that if he slaps his son right now, Lu Yi won’t feel pain but his father will.

Yang Yue says that in retrospect Jin Xia does many weird things but he’s never seen her lose in any dealings before. He says that her ability to deal with temporary setbacks is second to none. Yang Yue says that if he were to boast, he’s sure that she has something up her sleeve. Jin Xia hits Yang Yue on his injured shoulder then says that it’s no wonder he’s her brother. She says that he know her motto is 1. A wise man will never fight when the odds are against him. 2. A true man knows how to adapt to different circumstances. 3. Those who recognize the reality will be the winners.

Jin Xia says the reason that she boasted earlier isn’t just because she’s tired of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards bullying them but because she also found out about an important clue about Cao Kun. Yang Yue asks about it but Jin Xia says that she doesn’t have solid evidence yet but if she’s right then Cao Kun is still in the city, so tomorrow they will go investigating. Yang Yue tells her that she is awesome. Jin Xia says that in martial arts and treachery the Six Doors Department is nothing compared to the Embroidered Uniformed Guards however when it comes to tracking people down…She just smiles.

Li Yu is playing a Konghou (Chinese harp). As he plays he remembers happier moments when his mother played the same instrument and some happy memories of them all together. As he continues to play the music becomes a bit more aggressive as he remembers his mother being stabbed, dying, while he called out for her. The words of his father come back to haunt him and he stops playing the music.

Awhile later Lu Yi and Cen Fu with the other guards are on the move. Lu Yi asks him what is Xu Lang’s reaction to all this. Cen Fu says that he hasn’t reacted and since the incident at Cao Kun manor the Royal Chief has said that he’s sick, and asked to stay home for his illness. Lu Yi says that Xu Lang is exactly how others describe him, when something bad happens he hides in his shell like a turtle. Lu Yi tells Cen Fu that he will pay a visit to the pawn shop. He then orders Cen Fu to take more people to search for Cao Kun.

Yang Yue asks Jin Xia why she wanted to suddenly come to the pawn shop, he wonders if it has something to do with Cao Kun case. Jin Xia says that the more irrelevant the clue seems, the more secrets it hides. Yang Yue wonders if that means that she knows something already. Jin Xia tells him that they have been ignoring a crucial piece of evidence that of Cao Ling’er. Yang Yue wants to know what that has to do with the pawnshop.

Jin Xia informs him that someone had told her that Cao Ling’er goes to the Town God’s Temple to pray everyday. Afterwards Cao Ling’er always leaves through the back door which leads directly into the pawnshop. Jin Xia says that she has already investigated the place and found out that Cao Kun owns the pawnshop. Yang Yue realizes that means when Cao Kun’s assets were confiscated, this fish was left out of the net. Jin Xia confirms this, then tells him it’s because Cao Kun used people that had no visible connection to him to run the pawnshop.

Jin Xia says that at set times during the day high price antiques and art are auctioned. Cao Kun used complicated relationships and connections he was able to hide his illegal businesses. Yang Yue comes to the conclusion that the real Cao Kun could very likely be hiding here then. Yang Yue offers to go get help then but Jin Xia tells him not to alert the snakes as they need to set a trap for easy prey. A moment later Jin Xia notices that Lu Yi has entered the pawnshop and wonders at her bad luck that he has shown up again.

The first auction starts by mentioning a Konghou that was made by Master Mu during the years of Emperor Chenghua, he named it Lin Lang. The auctioneer goes on to say that he’s sure everyone is familiar with Master Mu’s song Tao Yao *translator notes it’s a song based on an ancient poem about a young bride* The song was apparently only passed to his direct disciples and is now lost. The item being auctioned is a Konghou that was made with left over pieces from the when Master Mu created the famous instrument Lin Lang.

The auctioneer starts the bidding on the Konghou at 500 Taels of silver. Jin Xia can’t believe that something made with left overs could be worth so much money, she wonders what fool would pay for it. Which is funny because Lu Yi is the first to bid on it (Yang Yue laughs at this), quickly followed by others and soon the price is over 1,000 taels of silver. Jin Xia says that there are more idiots than she thought. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that it looks like the auction will become exciting and that they should use the opportunity to investigate the place.

The bidding gets up to 2,000 taels of silver and Lu Yi hasn’t bid in awhile so Jin Xia says that he acts so superior but it turns out that he doesn’t have much money either if he stops at 2,000 taels of silver. Almost as if he heard her, Lu Yi bids again but this time it’s 500 taels of gold and he looks in her direction when he does so. Jin Xia can’t believe the amount of money he has just bid. It would take her mother lifetimes to get that much money so now she curses Lu Yi for squandering the family fortune (he will get cursed at either way apparently).

Someone comes from the back to bid 200 taels and people wonder why the bidding has gone down. However everyone rushes to pay respect to this newcomer. I would say that they all fear him given the attitude change. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi has met a powerful opponent. Jin Xia says the new guy looks friendly on the outside (in what universe?) but says that he’s very arrogant on the inside. She then asks Yang Yue if he noticed his right eye? The right pupil doesn’t move at all and is extremely muddy making it clear that it’s an artificial eye.

Jin Xia says that based on his looks, she believes that he is the Junior Chancellor everyone has been talking about, Yan Song’s son Yan Shifan. Jin Xia says that the rumours had him as short, fat and ugly however he looks to her like a kind uncle. Jin Xia says that if he really is Yan Shifan then rumours really can’t be trusted. That’s when Yan Shifan pretends that he just noticed that Field Commander Lu is present. Lu Yi finally greets him (everyone else did earlier). Yan Shifan asks him if he is interested in the Konghou that he just purchased (technically it’s still up for bidding but no one will go against his 200 taels of white silver).

Yan Shifan tells Lu Yi in a rather condescending manner that if he likes the Konghou then he will give it to him. Lu Yi thanks Yan Shifan for his good intentions but he never takes things that others like. Lu Yi tells him that he has heard that Master Yan always likes to collect antiques. Lu Yi says that it is rare to find someone with the same interest and that he is sure Yan Shifan won’t let Konghou sit there gathering dust. Yan Shifan counters that he won’t give it up then however if Lu Yi wants to hear harp music or play Chuiwan then the Yan Manor is always open to him.Jin Xia likes Yan Shifan’s bossy style but Yang Yue points out that it was basically a forced sale.

Jin Xia says that if she had a father like him, she would be more arrogant. The auctioneer tells Yan Shifan that he will have the Konghou delivered to his manor. Everyone (except Lu Yi) respectfully bid Master Yan farewell as he leaves. Lu Yi looks up towards Jin Xia and Yang Yue, they quickly turn around pretending that they weren’t avidly watching the showdown. By the time the two turnaround Lu Yi has disappeared and Jin Xia is grateful as she thinks Lu Yi would kill her for seeing him be weak in front of others. Yang Yue tells her that he believes Lu Yi to be much kinder than Yan Shifan (he’s right).

Yang Yue says that he’s looked around the building as it’s not very large. He says that other than this building there is an open space and no extra structures. Yang Yue says that the employees in the pawn shop are different though as they are all martial artists. Jin Xia says that in a place where even an old harp can be sold for 500 taels of silver it’s no wonder that they have extra guards. She tells Yang Yue that since they can’t operate openly they will just have to wait.

At the Yan Mansion an old man criticizes Xu Lang as it took so much effort to get him the position. However ever since he started only bad things have been happening. The old man wonders how he can say nice things about Xu Lang in front of the Emperor. Xu Lang tells the chancellor that someone is playing dirty tricks behind his back. The Chancellor says that Xu Lang is the reason that the coastal defence map is missing. If the border gets attacked by sea pirates it won’t be just Xu Lang’s life on the line, the chancellor will get dragged in as well.

Xu Lang begs the Chancellor not to abandon him. That’s when Yan Shifan shows up to tell Xu Lang not to be nervous, as he’s heard about the story. Xu Lang tells the Junior Chancellor that he knows that Yan Shifan knows many schemes. He begs Yan Shifan to help him. Yan Shifan tells Xu Lang that he should go home, while he thinks of something and that he will contact him once he has a solution. Xu Lang thanks him then leaves the mansion.

The Chancellor asks his son that since he’s promised to help Xu Lang does he have a solution? Yan Shifan says that they finally have a chance to use the obedient Xu Lang to replace Yang Mo. He says that now that he has lost the coastal defence map they can’t keep him. He also says that they can’t let the military authority fall into someone else’s hands. Yan Shifan says that they should use this opportunity to find someone else to replace him.

The Chancellor wonders who they would get. Yan Shifan says that recently Huang Yu has achieved merits in fighting against the sea pirates. The Emperor has also complimented him many times so it makes sense to promote him. The old Chancellor then agrees to mention Huang Yu to the Emperor.

Back at the pawn shop, Jin Xia and Yang Yue are sneaking around the place. They enter a room to start looking around when they get startled by someone. After bringing the candle closer they see that it’s Lu Yi, Jin Xia hurries over to blow out the candle. Jin Xia greets Lu Yi saying what a coincidence. Lu Yi says that they are like ghosts that just won’t go away. Lu Yi then brushes past them. After he walks past them, Jin Xia criticizes Yang Yue for lighting a candle because they could have gotten busted.

She says that he can be stupid normally but not at a critical time like this. She tells him that if he embarrasses the Six Doors Department, he will see what she tells his Dad. Yang Yue begs her not to say anything to him. They investigate in separate areas, the men are in a separate area when Jin Xia screams and comes running up to hug Lu Yi saying there’s a ghost. Yang Yue wants to know why she is hugging him. Lu Yi tells her that he thinks she is scarier than any ghost.

Jin Xia calms down enough to tell the others that inside “that thing” she saw an eye. (Think Scooby Doo painting). A moment after saying that spears come shooting out of the wall, thankfully Lu Yi protects both Jin Xia and Yang Yue from getting hurt. (Poor Yang Yue looked like a deer caught in headlights). The security guard comes running in to the room to inform the “burglars” that he has already informed the officials so they had better hurry and surrender. The security person comes closer to them with his lamp when he notices that one of the burglars is in fact Field Commander Lu.

The security person hurriedly apologizes to Lu Yi as he didn’t realize it was him. Lu Yi inquires about the mechanism. The security person says that it’s there to prevent theft as he’s sure Lu Yi knows that they have a lot of important items here. The security person tells Field Commander Lu that if he needs anything, he only needs to ask. Jin Xia asks him about the eye that she saw earlier. The security person says the eye belonged to him as he heard noises in the room and thought there were thieves so he activated the secret weapons.

The security person asks them for their forgiveness, however Jin Xia says that the eye she saw was full of malice and not one like his as he has not martial arts training. Lu Yi pulls out his sword and demands for the security person to explain. The person begs forgiveness but claims not to know anything. Lu Yi says that if he won’t tell him here, perhaps he will tell him at Zhao prison. When threatened with Embroidered Uniformed Guards special prison the security guards in fright says that he will talk.

The security person says that the eye belongs to Cao Kun as he’s been hiding in the shop for a few days now. Lu Yi asks him where Cao Kun is now but the security guard says that once he activated the hidden weapons, Master Cao ran away. The security person says that Cao Kun recently purchased a human skin mask so he can’t find him either. Lu Yi sheathes his sword, saying that he will leave the security person to the other two. Jin Xia wonders how she will find Cao Kun now.

Later that night, Jin Xia complains to Yang Yue that regardless of manpower or news sources, the Embroidered Uniformed Guards are always faster than those of the Six Doors Department. Yang Yue can only agree with her on that of course. Jin Xia continues to complain that King Lu of Hell will definitely get his hands on information faster than them. Yang Yue repeats her phrase King Lu of Hell before agreeing that it’s an apt description. Jin Xia asks him if he isn’t the king of hell, every time she sees Lu Yi she gets goosebumps.

Jin Xia reminds Yang Yue that the housekeeper (sorry I thought he was security, my bad) had mentioned that Cao Kun now had a human skin mask. Yang Yue yawns, which annoys Jin Xia as she tells him to stay awake. She suggests that they investigate tonight to see who can make human skin masks in the city. Yang Yue says that’s right and then Jin Xia slaps the back of his head while telling him to use his brain. The two go off to investigate.

At his home Lu Yi lovingly stroking the Konghou at his home. Cen Fu comes to report to him that they have found the man that made Cao Kun’s human skin mask. Lu Yi asks where and Cen Fu reports that they found him in Xiao Xiang Pavilion. Lu Yi thinks for a moment then heads out to Xiao Xiang Pavilion. Once he arrives, he is spotted by Jin Xia and Yang Yue across the street. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi is once more a step ahead of them. They see him enter the establishment.

Jin Xia wants to enter as well but Yang Yue holds her back saying that it’s not a place for a decent girl to go. He asks her if she is sure that she wants to go inside. Jin Xia says that they can’t investigate if they don’t go inside. She then wonders if Yang Yue has never entered the place before.. his silence confirms this to be true. Jin Xia says that if he’s never been inside can he even call himself a man? Yang Yue says that he safeguards his body, so how could he go in a place like that. Jin Xia tells him that he hasn’t seen the world.

Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that even she has been in there a few times. She says that the the Xiao Xiang Pavilion isn’t an ordinary brothel as the women are all extremely beautiful and talented in art and music as well. Jin Xia is about to tell him about the top girl in the place when Yang Yue says he didn’t know that she was a regular player. Jin Xia tells him that the place is a great source of information and drags him inside to show him a whole new world.

Once they are inside they head upstairs when they notice that Yan Shifan has entered. Lu Yi greets Yan Shifan saying that he’s surprised to see him there. Yan Shifan comments that he heard Commander Lu was very strict about disciplining his son, plus Lu Yi always stays away from crowds. Yan Shifan wonders if Field Commander Lu has been greatly influenced by Commander Lu. He says that he never thought Lu Yi would enter a place like this.

Lu Yi says that although his father has high expectations of him, he would rather have fun in the city. Yan Shifan leans in close to Lu Yi to tell him that it’s good that they have the same interests then. Jin Xia and Yang Yue are watching avidly from the second floor railing like kids spying on adults. Yan Shifan says that he’s heard Miss Hong Dou excels at playing music, so he has brought the Konghou that he won at auction here to let her play a few tunes on it.

He invites Lu Yi to come with him. He says that Lu Yi can help him assess whether the money he spent was worth it. He then takes Lu Yi by the arm so that he has no choice but to go with him. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that she has heard that the portrait of the human skin mask has already been taken by Lu Yi so their only chance to get it is to get closer to him. Yang Yue says that getting close to Lu Yi isn’t easy as he never lets his guard down. Jin Xia just smiles and tells him to wait for her outside.

Jin Xia leaves to go prepare herself with makeup, a nice outfit and some accessories so that she looks like one of the ladies from the pavilion. In the private room Yan Shifan tells Lu Yi that he’s heard about the field commander’s high tolerance for alcohol, he says that they must both drink until they drop today. Yan Shifan then asks Lu Yi how the Cao Kun case is going as the Emperor is really concerned. He tells Lu Yi that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards must investigate the matter thoroughly so they don’t make the Emperor worry.

Lu Yi says that he won’t let the Emperor down. The two share a toast when Miss Hong Dou comes out to play the Konghou. It’s actually Jin Xia though. Yan Shifan says that Miss Han Dou’s look today is really unique. As Jin Xia plays though Lu Yi recognizes the melody as the same one his mother used to play. In a flashback Lu Yi as a child asks his mother about the tune. It turns out be that of Tao Yao which was composed by her master. His mother then taught him how to play the song.

When Jin Xia finishes playing, Yan Shifan says that Miss Han Dou doesn’t seem to be in the best condition today. Lu Yi is still processing his emotions so he doesn’t respond to him, Yan Shifan taps his fan against the table a few times to get his attention before asking him what he thought about her performance. Lu Yi says that actually quite likes the song. Yan Shifan says that if that’s the case then he will give the Konghou to him today. Yan Shifan tells Miss Hong Dou that Commander Lu gave her such high praise that later they must exchange expertise and communicate well together. Yan Shifan then says that he has other matters to attend to, so he’ll leave.

Lu Yi thanks Master Yan and stays in the room. Jin Xia thinks to herself that after hearing the song, it will be time for Lu Yi to have another drink. However Lu Yi comes up to her instead to ask who is she to know how to play that song. Jin Xia takes a few steps back and almost falls off the stage. Lu Yi catches her and of course she grabs him (again). Once she regains her balance she says that she is Miss Hong Dou then hits him with a powder making him dizzy. However Lu Yi knows it’s her now because he recognizes the voice. She quickly steals the portrait from his belt before running away.

Outside Jin Xia is back in her regular clothes looking Yang Yue, she finds him eating. She gives him a slap on the back before calling him a heartless bastard for eating while she is investigating. He says of course not, he’s been waiting for her all this time, he even peeled some for her. She says that at least he has a conscience. He asks her how it went inside and she tells him that she almost got caught by the King Lu of Hell. She says that luckily she dressed up so pretty to captivate him.

Yang Yue asks how she found her way to the stage. She says that Miss Hong Dou is an old acquaintance of hers so it was actually pretty easy. She says that she will introduce him to the people she knows sometime. Yang Yue says that they should get back to business though and asks to see the portrait. Jin Xia takes it out and they see what Cao Kun looks like now. Jin Xia says that it’s such a beautiful face that she almost doesn’t want to arrest him.

Yang Yue wonders what will happen if Lu Yi finds out about this later. Jin Xia says that she never expected to fool the Embroidered Uniformed Guards and moreover she can’t let this negatively affect Miss Hong Dou. She says that they just have to delay long enough to memorize the picture. Jin Xia says that by the time Lu Yi finds out, the beautiful woman will have turned into an old lady.

Once back at the Six Doors Department, Cen Fu is waiting for her and demands to have the portrait back. The poor teacher wonders if there is some kind of misunderstanding. Cen Fu tells the head Constable that Jin Xia took evidence from Field Commander Lu without asking. Jin Xia tries to act surprised as she wonders what evidence Lu Yi could have lost. Cen Fu sees right through her though saying that they both know what she did.

Jin Xia still claims not to know and says that Cen Fu should offer proof that she stole evidence. Cen Fu informs her that Field Commander Lu is giving her a choice as the Embroidered Uniformed Guards are not an ordinary magistrate agency. Cen Fu says that whoever they target either ends up dead or imprisoned which would she like to be? She wonders why she would have to choose as she didn’t do anything. Cen Fu tells her that he has never met a woman that’s so shameless.

She says that since she works at the Six Doors Department which is why she looks so tired and rough faced, then she mumbles that Lu Yi is so soft skinned and fair like a woman. The head constable says that since Cen Fu has no proof that Jin Xia did it he should leave. Cen Fu does indeed leave but not before telling Jin Xia that they know she took the scroll, if she hurries and apologizes to Lu Yi, he may forgive her. Jin Xia lies to her teacher as well after Cen Fu leaves. She tells him that they didn’t do anything wrong and that there is no need to worry.

Later that day Jin Xia hands over the scroll to Lu Yi. He wonders that now she’s willing to admit that she stole it. Jin Xia says that she just didn’t want to admit it in front of her teacher. She says that she’s willing to take full responsibility for taking the scroll but she knows that Lu Yi is kind and generous, so he wouldn’t bully a fragile woman like herself. Lu Yi says that he doesn’t think that she’s fragile at all since she used a despicable technique to disperse fainting powder at the Xiao Xiang Pavilion which is not something a fragile woman would do.

He then asks her to be honest about how she knows how to play Tao Yao. Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if it’s really that important. Jin Xia says that when she was working Hu Guang she once saved Master Mu so she was recruited as his last student. Jin Xia then asks Lu Yi if he knows how to play Tao Yao. He says it’s none of her business. Jin Xia quickly agrees that it’s none of her business and that she was just making conversation. She then asks Lu Yi for leniency as she doesn’t want to choose between the choices she was given and it’s her first offence.

That’s the end of Episode 2! Roll those end credits!