Under The Power: Episode 3

We pick up right where we left off with Jin Xia begging Lu Yi for mercy. She says that she will accept any other punishment but the two options that she was given. This is how Jin Xia gets to muck out the stables. Jin Xia complains about cleaning the stables wondering how she ended up there (you stole evidence). She also wonders why her charm didn’t have any effect on Lu Yi is her skill not enough?

Lu Yi comes to watch her for a bit while he also has flashbacks to when she was playing Tao Yao on the Konghou (Chinese Harp). However the more he watches the more that image shatters. Jin Xia even scolds the horses for moving as she had just finished cleaning over there. She says that her life really is miserable. Lu Yi thinks to himself why would Master Mu take her on as a disciple it’s such a disgrace to his reputation. After Lu Yi leaves, Jin Xia tells the horses that they must be enjoying themselves.

Jin Xia arrives home late waking up her mother, as she fell asleep waiting for her. Her mother tells her not to bother coming home to eat as she doesn’t want to cook for her anymore. Her mother says that she’s been waiting for Jin Xia for a long time. Jin Xia says that outside food isn’t as good as her Mother’s cooking (I agree, homemade food is best). Jin Xia takes a bite of food surprised to find that it’s still warm.

Jin Xia asks her Mom if she heated up the food recently just for her. Jin Xia says that she knew that her Mother wouldn’t let her starve. Her Mom scolds her saying that her flattery won’t work on her (or Lu Yi). Her Mom then points with her eyes to a package behind Jin Xia. Once Jin Xia looks at it, her Mother tells her that it is for the Matchmaker Madam Wang. Jin Xia has to repeat that last part. Her Mother tells her that Mr. Yi from the private school in the city has three children.

Her Mom goes on a bit about how good the background of the family is before saying that she favours the third son from that family. Jin Xia tries to wiggle out of it by saying that a family like Mr. Yi’s may not think that she is up to their standards. Her Mom yells that she has the shame to say that, did she just realize it? Her Mother then goes on to say who didn’t know back when Jin Xia was still a kid. Jin Xia was a leader of rascal kids, a trouble maker. She caused problems everywhere, does she even know what others called her?

Apparently they used to call her a Yaksha Demon, Big bug. Jin Xia demands to know who called her that. Her Mom promptly tells her that she doesn’t need to know that as she is now a Constable, working for the government. Her Mom says that even though others don’t say it in front of them, everyone within a 100 km radius knows that the Yuan family has a ferocious girl. For a girl her age the Matchmaker would have visited their homes so many times the doorstep would be broken, but for Jin Xia there is no one.

Jin Xia tells her Mother that she just doesn’t know that in the books the Yaksha Demon and Big Bug came down from heaven because everyone was scared of them. So they went up to the Mountain to become heroes. All their life they ate meat and drank big bowls of liquor. They had a great life, so Jin Xia says that the others are actually praising her. Her Mother demands to know who wrote this book. Her Mom says that Jin Xia must be joking. She then asks Jin Xia if she is embarrassed to be an unmarried 18 year old girl.

At first Jin Xia says that she doesn’t want to be married but after hearing her Mother ask if she’s embarrassed she changes her answer to say that wants to marry someone she loves. Her Mom asks what love, does she think it’s a game like children playing house? When women reach a certain age they have to marry, bear children and live comfortable peaceful life. A husband and wife respecting each other is the most practical. Jin Xia wants to know who said that women of a certain age had to do all that? She asks if a girl can’t have her own ideals and aspirations.

Jin Xia wonders why a woman can’t marry someone that she loves. She tells her Mother that she can speak to the Matchmaker if she wants but Jin Xia says that she will have nothing to do with it. She also tells her Mom that she wouldn’t marry into that family anyway. Her Mother scolds her saying that one day she will close her eyes and die, see who takes care of her then! Jin Xia wonders what kind of nonsense her Mother is spouting.

Jin Xia gets up to hug her Mother saying that she will never die and stay by her side always. She says her Mom may speak sharp as a knife but her heart is like tofu, her Mom is the best. Her Mother gives up telling her to eat her food while it’s still warm. After Jin Xia sits down again her Mother tries to bring up the subject again but Jin Xia says that the food is good and she will wash the dishes. She also tells her mom that it’s late and she should go get some rest.

The next day Cao Ling’er goes into what appears to be a pretty run down mansion. She goes inside the house to call out to her father. We that Jin Xia is spying on her, when Jin Xia goes to speak though a hand clamps around her mouth. Of course the hand belongs to Lu Yi himself. Meanwhile Cao Ling’er is walking around inside looking for her father when a man comes out of nowhere. She asks who he is, and he wonders if she can’t recognize her own father’s voice. Cao Ling’er asks why he looks so different now. Cao Kun quickly tells his daughter that he had to change his face to escape the warrant.

Cao Ling’er runs over to her father to tell him that he has many Embroidered Uniformed Guards after him. He tells her not to worry as he’s going to take her far away from the city now. The two leave the house, a moment later Jin Xia calls out Cao Kun. They try to get away from her but are blocked by Lu Yi. Cao Ling’er is worried but her father says that he will protect her. Cao Kun then pushes her away from him so that he can fight with Lu Yi. Lu Yi is the better fighter though so the fight doesn’t last long, by the end of it though even the mask comes off to reveal his true face.

Cao Ling’er runs over to her father, he quickly assures her that he’s fine though. He says that no matter how hard he tries to hide, they always find him. He thought he could hide without a trace. Cao Kun says that he didn’t expect that they would still find them. Jin Xia says that Heaven’s justice is slow but sure. She also says that often the perfect plan in your head is actually full of holes. Jin Xia tells Cao Kun that he thought he was smart but didn’t expect to find someone like her that is an expert in pursuit.

We get flashbacks while Jin Xia says that Cao Kun purposefully found a servant that was the same size and height as him. Then he left an arrow piece in the servants body, just like the one that was in his own body. Jin Xia says that afterwards Cao Kun changed the servant’s clothes and put him in the bed as if he were sleeping. Cao Kun then brought over the oil lamp that he had already prepared to set fire to room. Back in the present Jin Xia tells him that he probably hasn’t even realized that the only loophole in his plan is Ling’er.

Lu Yi demands to know where the military defence map is but Cao Kun says that it’s the leverage that will keep him alive so why would he keep it on him. Lu Yi corrects Cao Kun saying that the military defence map won’t keep him alive, it’s merely evidence. Lu Yi then asks Cao Kun why he stole the military defence map. Cao Kun says it was for money but Lu Yi doesn’t believe him and asks who put him up to stealing it. He still insists it was for the money even when Lu Yi directs his sword at him.Cao Kun says that he only has one shitty life so if Lu Yi is going to kill him he had better just do it.

Cao Ling’er begs for her father’s life. She says that even though he did something wrong it’s only because he temporarily lost his mind. She then begs for Jin Xia to plead with Lu Yi to spare her father’s life. Jin Xia tells Cao Ling’er that as long as her father tells the truth, she is certain that Sir Lu will be lenient. Cao Ling’er then goes to beg her father only to have him tell her that she is too naive. Doesn’t she know who the Embroidered Uniformed Guards are? Even if he tells them everything today, the Embroidered Uniformed Guards won’t let them go. Cao Ling’er says that isn’t true as Ms. Yuan has saved her before and wouldn’t lie to her.

Cao Ling’er asks if Miss Yuan if it’s true and Jin Xia agrees that she wouldn’t lie to her. Cao Kun says if that’s the case then he will tell Lu Yi everything if he kills the little constable. Cao Ling’er asks her father why he would want to hurt Miss Yuan. Lu Yi on the other hand wonders if Cao Kun realizes the position that he is in. Lu Yi asks Cao Kun if he really thinks that he’s qualified to negotiate with him. Cao Kun says that he’s someone fighting on the brink of death is there anything he wouldn’t do? Jin Xia says that he is underestimating Lu Yi as he is not someone to be easily threatened although Jin Xia doesn’t look very certain of that herself.

Cao Kun tells Lu Yi that the truth or the little constable’s life which is more important? surely Lu Yi doesn’t need Cao Kun to analyze that for him. When Lu Yi looks at her, Jin Xia says that he shouldn’t listen to Cao Kun as he just wants to kill them one by one. She tells him that if he kills her it will increase Cao Kun’s chances of escaping by half. Cao Kun laughs and says that he actually likes her and just wanted Lu Yi to kill her so he would have company in the netherworld. Jin Xia call him a scoundrel and says that he can go to hell by himself.

Cao Kun then asks again for Lu Yi to kill Jin Xia. Lu Yi redirects his sword from facing Cao Kun to Jin Xia making them believe that he would actually do it. Cao Kun laughs before Lu Yi redirects his sword again this time pointing at Cao Ling’er. Lu Yi says that he thinks the daughter is much better suited for the deal. While Cao Kun may not care about his own life the same is not true about his daughter’s life so he quickly confesses that it was true that someone had ordered him to steal the defence map and send it to the coastal area. An assassin’s arrow comes out of nowhere, straight into Cao Kun. Jin Xia is about to go chase the assassin but Lu Yi tells her not to, telling her instead to save Cao Kun.

However it does seem like there is much she could do anyway since he has an arrow coming out of his chest. Cao Kun dies before Jin Xia comes to check on him, so all she can do is check for a pulse and then tell his daughter that he’s dead. Lu Yi scans around for any more threats but the place appears to be empty. A moment later the rest of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards show up and Cen Fu begs Lu Yi for forgiveness for being late. Lu Yi orders one of his men to take Cao Ling’er home. After that Jin Xia quickly checks the body and sees an odd tattoo. She then taunts Lu Yi saying that she knows where the map is. Lu Yi tells her that if she is so sure she knows where it is, she can then lead the way. Jin Xia asks what benefits will she receive and Lu Yi says she will know then they have the map. Lu Yi orders Cen Fu and the others not to follow them, and to take care of Cao Kun’s body.

Jin Xia explains to Lu Yi that on Cao Kun’s sleeve she found traces of moss and that the sole of his shoe is half wet. This led her to the conclusion that Cao Kun had been in a place near a river. Somewhere like a bridge hole for instance. She leads Lu Yi to the area she suspects the map to be. We flashback again to Jin Xia telling Lu Yi that the hiding place must be high because Cao Kun had to tiptoe, with his left hand pressed against a wall while his right hand reached upwards. She says that if she’s right then there will be dust under his fingernails on his left hand. When she examines that hand, she finds red wall dust confirming her theory.

Back in the present Jin Xia is looking for the hiding spot but Lu Yi has already found it. He stays silent however until Jin Xia notices it, thinking that she saw it first she indicates it to Lu Yi. He points out that he saw it first then tells her to get it down for him. She reminds him that he has men that can do it but he informs her that Constable Yuan is enough. She mumbles that he still needs her and he just tells her to hurry up. So Jin Xia climbs up to grab the map, feeling proud of herself she doesn’t pay much attention and slips only to catch her balance by grabbing on to Lu Yi.

After holding onto him for a moment, Lu Yi asks her if she’s hugged him long enough. Jin Xia quickly lets go then gives him the map. He takes it and leaves, Jin Xia is grateful that he didn’t notice the fingerprints on his clothes. Lu Yi calls out to her that he will have Cen Fu send his clothes over for her to clean. Jin Xia yells back that she will clean them like new.

A little later and Lu Yi is presenting the map to the Emperor. The Emperor is pleased that Lu Yi found solved the case in just a few days and asks what reward he would like. Lu Yi is smart so he says that serving the Emperor is his duty and that he never thought of a reward. The Emperor laughs wondering if Commander Lu taught his son those words. The Emperor wants to know if Lu Yi found out the reason that Cao Kun stole the map. Lu Yi admits that Cao Kun was murdered before he could find that out. However on Cao Kun’s body he did discover a strange symbol that only the people living in the East Sea have.

Lu Yi suspects that Cao Kun was sent to spy on them to learn their defences and that he had help from inside the court. He says that there may even be a bigger leader behind him, otherwise Cao Kun wouldn’t have been able to steal the map. The Emperor says that in that case it must be related to the sea pirates in the South Eastern region, to which Lu Yi agrees. The Emperor is holding a document that he says is an indictment of Jian Zhen and his son of robbing civilians’ properties and killing people to take their wives.

A servant hands the document over to Lu Yi while the Emperor tells him that he has never liked royal relatives who abuse their power to oppress others. He orders Lu Yi to use Jian Zhen’s case as a reason to go to the Jiang Nan region and secretly investigate the conspiracy behind Cao Kun and the sea pirates. Lu Yi says he will go right away.

Jin Xia is busy complaining about being a constable of the Six Door Department cleaning Lu Yi’s robes. Yang Yue comes out and wonders why Jin Xia is washing clothes then he realizes that the clothes belong to Sir Lu. Yang Yue makes the assumption that Jin Xia and Sir Lu are together however that earns him a kick from Jin Xia. She tells him that she was just unlucky enough to get his clothes dirty and now bears the responsibility of getting the clothes clean.

Jin Xia asks Yang Yue if all Embroidered Uniformed Guards kill without a second thought. Yang Yue says that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards take orders directly from the Emperor. They are in charge of investigating and making arrests, and monitoring court officials for the Emperor. Moreover they have to arrest officials with malicious intent so of course the Embroidered Uniformed Guards have to be ruthless.

Jin Xia wonders why the Three Judicial Offices aren’t enough to uphold the law? Why do they need the Embroidered Uniformed Guards to interfere? She really doesn’t understand what the Emperor was thinking. Jin Xia wonders why they even have the Three Judicial offices then as they are wasted. Yang Yue tries to get her to be quiet and reminds her that she can’t say such things so casually. Jin Xia says that she’s about lose her life that Sir Lu guys so can’t she just vent a little? Yang Yue tells her that venting is all she’s good at.

Yang Yue says that he’s heard that, regardless of military generals or imperial bodyguards, they all have to go through very tough exams in order to become an Embroidered Uniformed Guard. Jin Xia imagines Lu Yi having to fight and kill a bunch of people then she shivers. Yang Yue asks her if she’s scared. Jin Xia says that of course she’s scared, it’s better to live with shame then die with honour. She tells him that protecting her life is the most important thing.

Jin Xia says that if they come across Sir Lu again then they should take a detour. Yang Yue asks Jin Xia that if he wore that set of clothes would she be scared of him too? Jin Xia then chases him around beating him up, saying she’s not scared of him. (Anyone seen siblings fight? It’s the same thing).

Li Yu is practicing his calligraphy skills (I think) when his father walks into the room. Lu Yi looks up and puts the brush down then greets his father. His Father asks if the Emperor ordered Lu Yi to go to Yangzhou to investigate the General of Serving Natiion, Jiang Zhen? Lu Yi admits that the Emperor wants him to investigate General Jiang Zhen in the open, while investigating the mastermind behind Cao Kun secretly.

His father warns Lu Yi that since this involves royal relatives he shouldn’t be reckless. His father also says that Yang Chengwan from the Six Doors Department has excellent tracking skills and that Lu Yi can depend on him. Lu Yi says that he understands. His Fathers sighs saying he doesn’t know whether Lu Yi’s temper came from him or his mother. His father then goes on to say that it’s like Lu Yi said, it’s not so bad to be cold like his father. Some things are best forgotten. His father then leaves Lu Yi alone in the room.

Yang Chengwan is eating food with Jin Xia and scolds her for not eating like a lady. He wonders how she will get married if she doesn’t have manners while eating. Jin Xia simply says that she won’t get married then. Yang Chengwan tells them to eat then and then says that there is a new task. He tells Jin Xia and Yang Yue that they will accompany him to Yangzhou in a couple of days. Jin Xia wants to know what new task requires them to go there. Yang Chengwan tells them that General of Serving Nation, Jian Zhen, Lord of the Great Plains manor and his son have robbed civilians and Sir Lu has specifically asked him to go there to gather evidence.

Jin Xia suggests that she Da Yang go as Jian region is really humid and his leg will probably hurt again. Yang Yue tells his father that he agrees with Jin Xia. Yang Chengwan however says that it’s a case that is being handled by the Embroidered Uniformed Guards, if he just sends them, can they handle it? Yang Yue asks which Embroidered Uniformed Guard got assigned to the case and of course Yang Chengwan tells them it’s Field Commander of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards, Lu Yi.

Jin Xia can’t believe that it’s him again. Yang Yue reminds her that the case of Cao Kun is now closed so what happened with the bet between her and Sir Lu? Jin Xia says that since she found the evidence, she shouldn’t be the loser. She says that she can’t let Lu Yi off the hook for this as she still has to get her gun back.

Yang Chengwan tells Xia’er (Jin Xia) that when she meets Sir Lu she should be careful with her temper. Jin Xia assures him that her temper is quite good. She then offers Yang Chengwan more food, telling Yang Yue that it’s a shame he isn’t a chef as the food is delicious.

A little later in the day, Jin Xia takes the clean clothes to Lu Yi’s place. After the servant announces her, she tells Lu Yi that she has brought his clean clothes back. Lu Yi tells her to give the clothes to the servant. The servant takes the clothes and leaves them alone in the courtyard. Jin Xia notices the Konghou sitting there and remembers that Yan Shi Fan said he would give the Konghou to Lu Yi that day. She’s going to ask about it but when Lu Yi asks her if there is anything else.

Jin Xia reminds him of the bet they made and that now that the Cao Kun case is closed, she isn’t seeking credit but would like her handgun back. He realizes that she wants something from him, so he says that he will think about it. Jin Xia wasn’t expecting that so she tells him that she found the Cao Kun evidence first, it can also be considered that they found it together. Jin Xia says that he can keep his pride, they are actually even but he needs to stop quibbling with her and return her hand gun?

When he doesn’t respond she tries another tactic saying that it’s actually quite dangerous for a girl like her to go out and investigate on her own unless she has self defence gear on her. Lu Yi is annoyed now and reminds of her of what he just said, that he would think it over, didn’t she hear him? Jin Xia realizes her mistake and quickly says that there’s no hurry, he can think it over and she’ll just wait for him right there. Jin Xia waits not very patiently but Lu Yi goes back to his reading ignoring her. After a while she asks him about the Konghou thinking it’s the same one that Yan Shifan gave him, and that she had played in the pavilion.

She asks him why this one is different. Lu Yi tells her it’s because the other one is replica, meaning this is the real Lin Lang. Jin Xia can’t believe that she’s seeing the real thing. She gets pretty close to it before Lu Yi yells at her not to touch it. She wonders then why he would pay for the replica when he has the real thing. Lu Yi says that even if it’s a replica the Lin Lang isn’t something that just anyone could own.

Jin Xia says that if he’s that wealthy he can easily buy eight or ten handguns. So if he could just return hers.. he gives her a look. It turns out that he does return it to her (probably just because she’s annoying him). On her way out she is playing with the gun, happy to have it back when she notices that Lu Yi has changed it.

She complains that he can’t just arbitrarily change her handgun. The she aims it and notices that it’s actually a lot easier to use now. She surprised that he actually knows enough about weapons to do that. She snaps out of her thoughts to notice the servant standing a little ways away watching her. She apologizes and tells him that she is indeed leaving.

Jin Xia heads into a restaurant and orders some food. The server asks if she has any money, and she just tells him to put it on her tab. He mumbles to himself that she still hasn’t paid for the last time. Cao Ling’er comes into the place when Jin Xia calls out to her it looks like Cao Ling’er wants to leave but instead she sits down next to her. Cao Ling’er says that actually she followed Jin Xia in there but Jin Xia replies that she already knew. She says that next time Cao Ling’er needs something she should just come ask directly.

Cao Ling’er says that her father is dead and now her family is ruined. She also says that because she had already eloped with someone, none of the ladies in good standing will contact her. Cao Ling’er tells Jin Xia that she is her only friend, so she wanted to let her know that she’s leaving. Jin Xia wonders where she will go, Cao Ling’er says that she’s a wondering soul with no one to rely on but herself. She tells Jin Xia not to worry about her as in a few day’s time her distant aunt will come to the capital to pick her up and take her to her hometown where there are relatives to Cao Kun family that will take care of her.

Jin Xia says that’s good then. She notices that Cao Ling’er has started to cry so she tells her that a woman’s tears are like pearls, if she keeps crying then they will turn into dew, losing their original value. Jin Xia also says that only when you treat your own things as treasures will you achieve what you want. Jin Xia finally leans over to wiper away Cao Ling’er’s tears saying that if she keeps crying, Jin Xia will feel heartbroken. They both tell each other to take care of themselves before saying goodbye.

Later, Jin Xia is rushing around the house trying to pack because someone moved up the timetable for when they leave. She even manages to move a cupboard door off its hinges but she doesn’t have time to fix it either. She turns around and almost bumps into her mother. Her Mother asks where she is going, which is when Jin Xia reminds her that she was going on a business trip to Yangzhou to investigate a murder case. Her Mom says that she remembers this but she also remembers that she is supposed to leave three days later.

Her Mom even made her clothes for it. Her Mother suggests that she speak to Yang Chengwan and request that Jin Xia doesn’t go this time as the mother of the Yi’s family third son is coming this afternnoon (all the more reason to run!) Jin Xia says that she can’t as the head constable specifically picked her for this job, so while others may be able to stay behind, she can’t. Her Mom tells her that the Yi family is a scholarly one and if she can marry Jin Xia into it, then she will be at ease. Jin Xia tells her not to rush things.

Jin Xia tells her Mom that she will be gone for longer than usual so she asked for some wages in advance and gives them to her Mother to hold onto. Jin Xia then rushes out the door because she’s already late. Her Mother tells her to take care of herself while she’s abroad. Jin Xia yells back that she knows.

On a ship in the port a Colonel is receiving a report that all the birthday gifts are here on the deck of the ship. The Colonel inquires if anything is amiss but the subordinate says no. The Colonel then orders all the boxes to be taken into the ship itself, and to have the guards change every 4 hours. The Colonel reminds his people that the goods need to be watched over carefully and not to make any mistakes.

Jin Xia runs onto the ship, and greets Da Yang. Yang Yue wonders why she is so late. She promises to tell him later as she’s very tired so Yang Yue offers some water. Jin Xia asks him about the people on the ship. Yang Yue says that the Colonel is under the Major General of Protecting Nation, Wang Fangxing. The person below is the Flag Officer Sha Xiuzhu. Jin Xia asks if the Major General of Protecting Nation isn’t from the Lord of the Great Plains Manor, the General of Serving’s son, Guan Xuan? Jin Xia says it’s quite the coincidence.

Yang Yue says that he’s heard in a few days will be the 50th birthday of the General of Serving Nation. The General of Protecting Nation ordered them to guard and send celebration gifts to Yangzhou to celebrate. Jin Xia says that it’s no wonder that King Lu of hell asked them to leave 3 days early and to dress in plain clothes. It’s because he wants them to follow quietly.

A little later Yang Yue and Jin Xia go below decks when they are told by a guard they can’t go that way. Jin Xia asks why, then the guard asks why she has so much to say, then asks her to leave. Jin Xia wonders why the guard is so rude, does his family own the hallway? Regardless she is going. That’s when the guards pull out their swords. Yang Yue quickly intervenes telling Jin Xia to calm down and not make trouble (has he met her?) He then tells the guards that it is a misunderstanding and that his little sister has a temper but isn’t a bad person. The guards sheathe their sword as Yang Yue says that they are civil servants.

Yang Yue says that there is no reason to disrupt the peace, if they can’t go that way then they will go a different way. Jin Xia is watching all the boxes go by. As they leave the area Jin Xia wonders why they are carrying so many boxes of candles, Yang Yue wants to know why she is so curious about it. Before Jin Xia rounds the corner to go down a different hallway she spies on the guards a little more and hears the head guard say that if one box goes missing heads will roll. He then notices that Jin Xia is still watching him, so she quickly darts around the corner.

Back at the Emperor’s palace the ministers greet him then the newly appointed Minister of Defence begs for forgiveness for not supervising the Cao Kun case properly. The Emperor says that the minister is newly appointed and that Cao Kun took advantage of the chaotic transition time and stole the defence map. The Emperor says that he can’t really blame him for it, so he’ll just take note of it for now. The Emperor says that he will wait for the minister to earn merits to make up for his mistake.

The Emperor then asks his ministers their thoughts on the Cao Kun case. The ministers suggest that they adjust the set-up of the border protection personnel. The minister suggests sending the Generals from the north to the south and vice versa. They also suggest designing a new defence plan that way they won’t have to worry about what foreigners know. The Emperor agrees that it’s a sensible plan, however if they don’t have a strong leader, he’s concerned that they won’t be able to ward off the constant attempts at invasion. The minister recommends Huang Yu for the position.

The Emperor considers the idea but asks another minister for his opinion. The other minister says that Huang Yu fought against the sea pirates in the Southwest. The other Min sister also says that Huang Yu knows how to utilize talents. Huang Yu also excels in military strategies and capable of being unpredictable.

The other minister says that he has won many victories and if he’s put in charge of the border then the Emperor can rest easy. The Emperor then asks the the third minister what his thoughts on the matter are. The third minister says that Huang Yu has robust experience and thus would be a wise choice. The Emperor says that since all of his ministers agree, it shall be so. He then orders a decree sent out that appoints Huang Yu to the position of governor in Jiliao to protect the border.

Back on the ship, Jin Xia and Yang Yue approach Lu Yi’s quarters which are being guarded. Yang Yue tells him that they are there to see Sir Lu about important business, can he help them? The guard ignores them, so the two of them introduce themselves very loudly stating that they are from the Six Doors Department wanting to see Lu Yi. The guard says that Lu Yi left orders not to be disturbed by unauthorized personnel. Jin Xia exclaims that the guard isn’t deaf after all.

Yang Yue laughs at that before telling the guard that the Three Judicial Offices sent them to assist Lu Yi with a case, would the guard please inform him. The guard hands them tokens for cabins of their own and then tells them not to disturb Lu Yi unless it’s something very important. Yang Yue takes the tokens and says that he won’t disturb Lu Yi. Jin Xia grumbles that Lu Yi’s position isn’t that high yet he acts so high and mighty, of course Lu Yi can hear her from inside his room. Yang Yue says that he doesn’t think this will be that easy this time. Jin Xia says that it’s fine as they will stay away from them as well and then they won’t be dragged down by them either.

Jin Xia enters her cabin only to find that the room smells rather stinky. She says that the benefits for taking this job are horrible. Jin Xia leaves her stuff in her cabin before checking in on her teacher. She comes across him standing in the hallway with his cabin doors are open and she notices that his room smells strongly of mould as well. Yang Chengwan says that it’s okay as they only need to tolerate it until they reach Yangzhou. Jin Xia notices that Da Yang is using tea leaves to help reduce the odour. Jin Xia tells him that he’s pretty smart, Yang Yue offers to come by her cabin afterwards to help her as well.

They both tell their teacher to go rest. Yang Chengwan asks Jin Xia if she remembers what he said to them before they left the port. Jin Xia says that she is to observe and listen, talk less, do more and stay out of trouble. Yang Chengwan remind her to take it to heart then, before Jin Xia runs up above deck. She’s not up there long before Da Yang comes up behind her waving the smell of baked goods in her direction. She tells him that he knows her really well. She munches on her yummy treat while admiring the view.

That’s the end of Episode 3!