Under The Power: Episode 4

Jin Xia snacks on the pastry that Yang Yue brought her. Yang Yue wonders why she was so late, and Jin Xia tells him that she was running behind because her Mother kept trying to set her up on a blind date. Yang Yue laughs, so she tells him to stop laughing. Yang Yue claims that he wasn’t laughing before asking what child would be so unlucky.. a look from her and he changes the word unlucky to lucky. Jin Xia tells him that it is the third son in the Yi family. Yang Yue bursts out in uncontrollable laughter when he hears that.

When he can finally stop laughing he tells Jin Xia that the the Yi family is well educated and well respected, she would save a lot of money if she lived with them. Yang Yue tells her that she had better hurry up and marry into the Yi family so she won’t have to fight for reward money within the department. Jin Xia says that although she doesn’t have much money, she lives a carefree life. Jin Xia says that the only thing to come out of the mouths of the Yi family sons is literary talk. She says that if she lived with them she would be bored to death.

Yang Yue tells her that if she doesn’t really want to get married then she should just tell her Mother that. Jin Xia says that she will suffer a little bit and then just tell her Mom that she belongs to Yang Yue. Yang Yue falls against the railing in shock before recovering to tell Jin Xia that he isn’t worthy of her and that she shouldn’t loook down on herself like that. Yang Yue leans a bit more heavily on the ship’s railing while Jin Xia tells him that although he calls her master, she asks him if she isn’t more like his little sister.

Jin Xia says that if his little sister is in trouble then Yang Yue as her brother has to help. Yang Yue admits that she has a point but he says that he knows her so well that when something happens she is his sister, when nothing happens then she’s his master. Yang Yue suggests that she hires him to be her helper and pretend to be Jin Xia’s lover in front of her mother, he will only take 10 wen a day **10 Wen is equivalent to 5 RMB** (roughly a dollar Canadian).

Jin Xia smiles saying only 10 wen a day? She then says that Yang Yue must be pretty good at math. She then angrily flicks him on the head saying that it will only happen in his dreams. She tells him that even if he begged her, she wouldn’t agree to that. Jin Xia wonders who would put up with Yang Yue and his snoring anyway. Yang Yue fires that back that 10 wen isn’t that much money, it’s not even enough for a scam because you can’t even buy anything with that amount of money.

The two would continue fighting but they see Lu Yi coming down from the upper deck of the ship. They both quickly greet him by reintroducing themselves politely. Lu Yi wonders where is the head constable, Yang Chengwan? Yang Yue tells him that his father hurt his leg and is resting in his cabin. Yang Yue offers to take Lu Yi there then starts to lead the way. Lu Yi offers Jin Xia a jar before he follows Yang Yue below deck. Jin Xia wonders why she’s holding Lu Yi’s cup then curses at herself for taking it so naturally.

Yan Shi Fan is at his house where a servant greets the junior chancellor. Shi Fan tells the servant to remind Huang Yu that before he becomes Governor of Jiliao, he needs to send over the “Along the river during Qingming festival” painting that he promised Shi Fan. ** A really famous painting from the Song Dynasty** Shi Fan says that he is tired of waiting. The servant says that he will send someone right away. Shi Fan reminds the servant to tell Huang Yu that if Shi Fan has ways to get him promoted then he has ways to..

The servant says that Shi Fan thinks highly of Huang Yu and that he will surely send Shi Fan’s words to Huang Yu. That’s when the servant tells Shi Fan that he will most definitely get the painting to him in the shortest possible amount of time. Shi Fan offers the servant wine.

We go back to our main trio on the boat where Yang Chengwan greets Sir Lu then explains that his body isn’t up to par and apologizes for his bad manners. Lu Yi tells him that he is being too courteous and is invited inside Yang Chengwan’s room. Jin Xia and Yang Yue follow him into the room (she’s still holding the cup). Yang Chengwan asks the other two leave and for Lu Yi to sit down. Before Jin Xia leaves the room she places the cup right next to Lu Yi.

Yang Chengwan knows his two disciples well though so before he says anything of importance he asks Lu Yi to wait a moment. Sure enough when he opens the door, the Jin Xia and Yang Yue fall over as they were leaning against the door to eavesdrop. Yang Chengwan gives the embarrassed two an assignment to keep them busy. The assignment is that they have to find out everything about the ship and the people on it before dark.

Yang Chengwan stands out in the hallway watching the two walk off although Jin Xia looks back occasionally to see if her teacher is still watching. When Yang Chengwan is sure the two are gone, he begins to speak with Lu Yi. Jin Xia on the other hand was just waiting for her teacher to stop watching before dragging Yang Yue back to the door to eavesdrop.

Yang Chengwan tells Lu Yi that his son and student are both stubborn and unruly so he asks Lu Yi to be understanding. Lu Yi tells Yang Chengwan that he should sit down. Outside the room, Yang Yue can’t believe that Jin Xia still intends to eavesdrop. In fact she takes out a listening device from her boot so that she can hear better, Yang Yue pulls out his own device so that he can listen as well.

Lu Yi tells Yang Chengwan that his father spoke his time in the Uniformed Embroidered Guards and that his tracking skills were legendary. Jin Xia is shocked to have learned this about her teacher and looks at Yang Yue for confirmation. However it’s unclear by his expression whether or not he knew about his father’s past. Lu Yi goes on to say that it’s good Yang Chengwan has heirs to carry on his legacy.

Yang Chengwan asks about Lu Yi’s father’s health while Lu Yi politely tells him that his father has the same old issues. For instance his heart aches when he is tired. Lu Yi admits that he has tried to persuade his father many times but that he never listens. Yang Chengwan says that Lu Yi’s father is a proud man so of course he can’t give in to old age. Lu Yi agrees with him on this. Lu Yi says that when his father has free time, he likes to reminisce about the past and wishes that Yang Chengwan would go back and help him.

Jin Xia and Yang Yue are listening intently at the door with their devices. Yang Chengwan says that he remembers the commander’s recognition and acknowledgment of him however he’s afraid that he will never be able to repay him. Yang Chengwan says that now he is both old and disabled. He goes on to say that he has long lost his ability from back then and can only hang around the constable department to pass time, he has no further aspirations.

Lu Yi tells his senior that the matter isn’t urgent, so there’s no need to rush to a decision. Lu Yi says that they will still have to rely on his expertise during the trip to Yangzhou. Yang Chengwan says that Commander Lu is too polite and gives him too much praise. Lu Yi then tells Yang Chengwan that his father gave him a message to pass to him. The message is that “the dead are already gone” this leaves Yang Chengwan speechless. Lu Yi then says that he won’t disturb his senior’s rest and leaves the room.

The two eavesdroppers try to hurry out of the way and do manage to make it quite far down the hallway, however Lu Yi spotted them rushing off. Lu Yi walks off in the same direction as them. Back in the room, Yang Chengwan ponders the message Lu Yi’s father left him. We then get a brief flashback of a massacre before returning the present.

Jin Xia and Yang Yue make it to the upper deck of the ship where Jin Xia leans against the railing. She can’t believe that their teacher used to be an Uniformed Embroidered Guard and worked under Lu Yi’s father. She mentions that Yang Yue didn’t even know that, did he? Yang Yue says that he doesn’t know why but his father has never mentioned it. Lu Yi comes out from belowdecks as he followed them. Jin Xia wonders why their teacher left when it’s clear by what Lu Yi said that Yang Chengwan was highly regarded and that his father wants him to rejoin the Embroidered Uniformed Guards.

Lu Yi walks up behind them while Jin Xia says that she will ask Yang Chengwan about it, while Yang Yue says that his father is cautious and is unlikely to let things slip. Lu Yi now behind them says a little loudly that it appears that the Six Door’s Department people like to eavesdrop on others. The two whip around in surprise and apologize. Lu Yi tells that that Yang Chengwan told him they were both stubborn and unruly, it appears that he was correct, Lu Yi walks off to a different section of the ship.

Yang Yue wonders if Lu Yi will tell his father about their eavesdropping but Jin Xia comforts him saying that Lu Yi may be a pain in the ass but he doesn’t look gossipy to her. Jin Xia wonder aloud if Lu Yi knows why their teacher left the Embroidered Uniformed Guards. Yang Yue says that he probably does know which prompts Jin Xia to tell him that they should pay King Lu of hell a visit. Yang Yue tries to talk her out of it but she tells him that if he’s afraid then she’ll just go by herself and she saunter off after Lu Yi. Alone on the deck, Yang Yue gets a feeling that something bad is about to happen. In the distance on the deck we see the hilt of a sword as Yang Yue says this.

Jin Xia runs behind Lu Yi calling out to him, so he stops and turns around which leads Jin Xia to run into him head first into his shoulder. Jin Xia then complains that Lu Yi didn’t say something before suddenly stopping and turning around. After realizing that she might have injured her superior officer.. she asks if he’s okay. Lu Yi says that besides being stubborn and unruly, he wonders if Yang Chengwan knows that she’s also a stalker and troublemaker.

Lu Yi goes to leave but Jin Xia runs in front of him. She says that although it was bad of her to overhear his conversation by accident, she did hear that Master Lu values her teacher’s talent and wants him to rejoin the Uniformed Embroidered Guards only to have her teacher reject the offer. Jin Xia tries to flatter Lu Yi by saying that she agrees with him that Yang Chengwan’s talent is being wasted in the Six Doors Department and that if he really wants her teacher, then she would be happy to persuade him to rejoin.

Lu Yi isn’t falling for her act though saying that she just wants to claim credit. Jin Xia says that it isn’t about credit though, she just wants to make sure her teacher’s talent isn’t going to waste. Lu Yi tells her that if that’s the case then she should just go and persuade him, why is she talking to Lu Yi then? Jin Xia says that she has to know why her teacher left the Uniformed Embroidered Guards in the past in order to convince her teacher to rejoin now.

Lu Yi says that she can ask Yang Chengwan about it then, she doesn’t need him. Jin Xia says that Lu Yi doesn’t know about her teacher’s personality. Yang Chengwan is likely to punish her by making her get off the ship and swim to Yangzhou. She tries to get him to pity her, but Lu Yi refuses to see how any of that has something to do with him. Jin Xia says that other than her intention to help him, she has a problem. She says that once her curiosity has been activated, if she doesn’t understand what’s going on, then she will be uncomfortable.

Jin Xia says that since she’s his assistant, if she feels uncomfortable then it could negatively affect his investigation which wouldn’t be very good. Lu Yi leans in close to tell her something, so Jin Xia cups her hand to ear and leans closer to listen. Lu Yi tells her to be careful with her curiosity since it may kill a wild cat like her. He then walks away to his room closing the door in Jin Xia’s face as she argues that he has to tell her.

Jin Xia stands outside the door and finally says that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to tell her, she will be right outside his door if he needs anything. She then sits right outside his door while grumpily saying that she’s not a wild cat, she’s Master Xia!

Elsewhere a Master has a servant announce that Sir Liao Wenhua has arrived. Liao Wenhua greets the master as his godfather and knowing how his godfather likes jade, brought a special one with him today. The old man won’t be fooled by pretty jade and wonders what his godson wants from him. The godson tells his godfather not to think like that.. although he does have a small problem. He’s worried about his hometown suffering under the sea pirates and wants to do something for them.

He tells his Godfather that he’s heard about Huang Yu having been assigned as the governor of Jiliao. That means that his position as the Inspector of the Southeast region will be vacant then. The godson wonders if his godfather has someone in mind for the post. The Godfather says that he’s considering it, which makes the Godson very grateful. He tells his Godfather that his ability to return to his hometown with glory will depend entirely on his Godfather’s support.

Back on the ship Jin Xia is still sitting outside Lu Yi’s room. A servant comes by about to deliver food to Lu Yi but Jin Xia manages to bribe him to hand the food over to her instead. She then calls out to Lu Yi saying that she has tea and snacks, if he wants some.. he just has to say something. Jin Xia starts to munch down on the snacks going on about how good they are, she then asks Lu Yi if he’s sure that he’s not hungry. Only silence answers her from the other side of the door.

When she goes on about the tea and how fragrant it is, that’s when the door opens just long enough for Lu Yi to take the tea from her, then the door closes once more. Jin Xia can’t believe he just took the tea without saying anything, so now she’s unsure if he’s agreed or not. Jin Xia wonders what else she can do to make nice with Lu Yi. She calls out to him asking if he just had his lunch break, would he like her to fill a basin so that he can wash his face?

She says it’s okay if he doesn’t want to wash his face, how about a warm bowl of water to warm his feet then? Jin Xia says that it’s very humid in the cabin and warm feet are good for his health. Still only silence, so she asks if he wants roasted watermelon seeds…again only silence. Finally Jin Xia gets so frustrated that she yells the question “what exactly do you want then?!”

Of course that’s when the door opens and she immediately changes her tune to something less grumpy and submissive asking what orders he may have for her. Lu Yi tells her that there is cockroach in the room and orders her to catch it for him. He then leaves while Jin Xia promises to inform him when she has caught it.

Some time later, Jin Xia gets called into Yang Chengwan’s room. It doesn’t look good since Yang Yue is standing beside his father. Yang Chengwan asks Jin Xia if she knows what she has done wrong. Jin Xia meekly says that she doesn’t know what she’s done wrong. Yang Chengwan angrily says that she is guilty of insubordination and disrespect to her seniors. Yang Chengwan scolds her saying that she is just a little constable from the Six Doors Department, how dare she ask Commander Lu about her teacher’s past!

Her teacher says that she has no sense of decorum. Jin Xia is shocked by this but quickly apologizes to Yang Chengwan. She then tries to defend herself but her teacher calls her unruly. Her teacher scolds her again asking if Lu Yi’s full name is something that she can just holler. He tells her that clearly he has pampered her too much, so that she has no respect for seniors. He orders her to kneel there for the night to reflect on herself. Yang Yue comes to her defence asking his father if that punishment might be too harsh. Yang Chengwan insists that only in this way will Jin Xia realize her mistake.

Yang Yue says that he was also wrong because he didn’t keep a proper eye on Jin Xia. He also says that the ship is damp and cold, if Jin Xia were to kneel there all night, she might get sick. Yang Yue says that if someone must be punished then it should be him. Jin Xia gently tugs his sleeve without saying anything. Yang Chengwan softens saying that she can write a letter of repentance instead but it must be turned in to him in the morning. Jin Xia thinks that it’s too much and tries to argue, Yang Yue tells her to shut up because they got off pretty lucky. Yang Chengwan just leaves the room.

Sure enough Jin Xia fails to recognize her own actions are responsible for this and instead blames Lu Yi. She sits at the table still blaming Lu Yi and saying that one day she will trample over him. Yang Yue warns her to lower her voice. He says that she should be content since Embroidered Uniformed Guards are well known to be ruthless. He also says with how disrespectful she was being, anyone else would have been executed.

Yang Yue says that all things considered Sir Lu is actually being pretty generous. Jin Xia yells at him for being on Lu Yi’s side but Yang Yue corrects her saying that of course he’s on her side after all, if he hadn’t interceded on her behalf she would still be on her knees. Jin Xia grumbles that she would rather be on her knees than writing a repentance letter! Yang Yue laughs saying he knew that writing would be her greatest punishment. Jin Xia confirms that she can fight very well but if you ask her to write a letter than you might as well kill her with a knife.

Yang Yue being a great friend tells her to cheer up because he’s already worked it out for her. He gets a quill and some paper, telling her to write while he reads. Jin Xia is surprised that he knew she would get punished (that’s a joke right?). While Yang Yue starts to recite the letter we get flashbacks of the encounters between Jin Xia and Lu Yi as Jin Xia gets lost in memory. Yang Yue has to get her attention because she wasn’t writing what she was supposed to. Jin Xia crumples up the paper saying that she will start over.

Jin Xia starts over writing it, but then a flash of memory of her looking for a cockroach in a very spotless room comes back to her. It did take her awhile to realize that the cockroach didn’t exist and Lu Yi was just messing with her, the memory causes her to make a mistake while writing her repentance letter. Jin Xia is beyond frustrated and starts to raise her voice as she complains that Lu Yi treated her like a slave all day and still didn’t tell her about Yang Chengwan’s past.

Yang Yue reminds her to lower her voice. Jin Xia then blames Lu Yi for badmouthing her to Yang Chengwan which is why she has to write the stupid letter. She says that Lu Yi is the worst of the worst. Jin Xia swears that if she doesn’t take revenge on Lu Yi then she isn’t Yuan Jin Xia! Yang Yue begs her again to lower her voice.

Lu Yi is in his room when he calls in Cen Fu. Cen Fu hurries in asking what he can do for him. Lu Yi points to the two dead cockroaches that Jin Xia had left behind and tells Cen Fu to get rid of them. Cen Fu says that it’s his fault and hurries to get those corpses out of there but Lu Yi tells him to wait, just so that he can order him to clean the table 10 times after he disposes of the cockroaches. After Cen Fu leaves, Lu Yi curses Yuan Jin Xia in his mind.

Later in the dark of the night a person in black clothing makes his way to the cargo hold. The guards are already out, and the cargo hold itself is empty. The would be burglar is confused but has also been spotted by the guards. The guards split up with some chasing the burglar while others go to the the cargo hold.

The guards that went to the cargo hold discover the same thing that the burglar did.. it’s empty! The guards continue to look for the man in black. The man in black pulls down his mask to reveal himself to be Lu Yi. Lu Yi thinks something is weird and wonders where “he” is.

The guards intrude on Yang Yue and Jin Xia with the head guard telling the others to search the room. Jin Xia demands that they stop and explain themselves. The head guard says that the General’s birthday gifts have disappeared. The head guard also points out that there aren’t that many outsiders like them on the ship. The head guard flat out tells them that he suspects that they had something to do with the theft.

Jin Xia demands to know what proof they have. The head guard admits that he has nothing to back up his allegation. Jin Xia tells him that he should blabbing about it if he doesn’t have any proof. She wonders under what authority does he have to search her room? The head guard says that it’s instinct then orders his men to search the room. Yang Yue yells at them to stop. He reminds them all that on an official ship they are all public servants.

Yang Yue argues that they should be able to talk things out so that they don’t disrupt the harmony of things. Jin Xia notices that Yang Yue did make a fist once he had lowered his arms. Jin Xia tells everyone that she heard that the Major General of Protecting Nation is a great commander of the troops. She also says that he and General Yang Mo split the duty of protecting the border. Jin Xia continues saying that after killing five Mongolians, he had dared to report to His Majesty for credit. She says that it’s no wonder people say “ a lousy soldier makes a single lousy man, a lousy General makes a thousand lousy men”.

The head guard wonder who she is to talk about the Major General of Protecting Nation that way. The head guard is so offended that he orders his men to take them both away. However when the guards go to grab them, Yang Yue and Jin Xia defend themselves. They manage to knock their would be captors to the ground while Jin Xia would keep beating on the head guard.. Yang Yue manages to convince her to run instead.

They manage to leave the room but are soon surrounded on the upper deck of the ship. The head guard reports to the Colonel that Jin Xia refused to let them search her room. He also reports that she disrespected the General as well as fighting with the guards, wounding two of them. The head guard says that he believes that the two of them stole the birthday gifts. Jin Xia says that it’s ridiculous to think that they stole the gifts just because the head guard says so. She says that just because you say something is true, doesn’t make it so.

Jin Xia turns the tables by asking what would happen if she said that the head guard embezzled the birthday gifts? The Colonel orders the two constables taken away. Yang Yue and Jin Xia fight the guards whiile the head guard suspiciously slinks away. Turns out that the head guard slunk away to get a bow and arrow. He fires the arrow at Jin Xia but luckily for her, Lu Yi catches it just before it hits her.

Lu Yi joins the fight just long enough to hold the arrow he caught against the throat of the Colonel. The Colonel demands to know who he is, this man that thinks he can threaten the life of a government official. Lu Yi scoffs at the man calling himself a government official. Lu Yi says that there is actually a lot of government official’s blood on his hands. The Colonel demands again to know who he is. Lu Yi introduces himself as Field Commander of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards, Lu Yi.

The Colonel looks scared now and asks if he’s the son of Lu Ting, the Commander of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards. Lu Yi says that it looks like the identity of being Lu Ting’s son isn’t completely useless because he can scare people like the Colonel a little. The Colonel orders his men to sheathe their swords. The Colonel then tells Lu Yi how the two constables refused to have their rooms searched and injured two of the guards.

The Colonel says that he just wanted to catch the thief and nothing more. Jin Xia says that he can’t try to pin this on them since the guards came into their room to search without a reason. Jin Xia tells everyone that the two aren’t near the rascals that the guards are. Lu Yi points out that there were quite a lot of birthday gifts, just where exactly in her small cabin could Jin Xia possibly hide them all? The guards say that’s the question that they should ask her.

Jin Xia wants to know why on earth they would think that she stole the birthday gifts. The head guard says that the two constables were skulking around even before they set sail. The head guard says that when she first saw the birthday gift, her eyes got really wide, if she didn’t steal them then who did? Jin Xia says that ridiculous since she doesn’t even know what was in those trunks. The head guard claims that’s just her side of the story. Yang Yue angrily says that they can’t accuse them without real evidence.

Lu Yi tells the Colonel that he has no evidence to convict the constables then asks if that’s how Colonel Wang convicts people. Lu Yi is of course still holding the arrow to Colonel Wang’s throat so the Colonel apologizes saying that his men didn’t know any better and that he will discipline them in the future. The Colonel asks if Lu Yi can put the arrow down now, so Lu Yi takes it away from his throat, only to toss it into the railing post of the stairs.

Lu Yi tells Colonel Wang that the Colonel doesn’t know him that well but when it comes to his people, if he wants to beat them, he’ll beat them. If Lu Yi wants to kill his people, he’ll kill his people but if someone else lays a finger on his people then he’d have a hard time not crossing the line. Jin Xia can’t believe that Lu Yi considers them to be his people. She also notices that Lu Yi has injured his hand when he caught the arrow aimed at her.

Colonel Wang says that it’s all a misunderstanding and that it’s his fault for not properly disciplining his men. He asks for forgiveness if his men had disturbed Lu Yi’s rest, then he begs for forgiveness. Lu Yi asks when did they lose the birthday gifts? Colonel Wang says that it was about 03:30 hrs as they traded shifts around then and the gifts were still there. Lu Yi orders the Colonel to take him to the crime scene and off they go. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue to inform their teacher of what happened as she is going to follow Lu Yi to the crime scene.

The guards that were supposed to be guarding the room are still unconscious but not dead outside in the hallway. Jin Xia checks on them and confirms that it’s not life threatening but she wonders what they ate while they were on shift. Colonel Wang says that everyone on the ship eats the same meals and that the guards didn’t eat anything else while on shift. Lu Yi asks how many trunks of birthday gifts were there in total? Colonel Wang promptly responds saying that there were eight trunks.

Jin Xia says that they were 60cm in length, 53cm in Width and 67cm in height. Colonel Wang demands to know how she knows the dimensions of the trunks. Jin Xia points out that she saw them when she first boarded the ship. She also tells the Colonel that even if she hadn’t, she could infer it with even the slightest trace. Jin Xia says that there is so much wax on the floor that it would be impossible for her not to know. Lu Yi asks about all the wax, what was the purpose of it?

Colonel Wang says that he was worried about the paintings because of the humidity on the ship so his delivery man suggested sealing the openings of the trunks with wax. Colonel Wang says that the paintings are very valuable and it would be terrible if they got mould spots on them. Jin Xia takes out her magnifying glass and examines the area. She says that it’s surprising that the Colonel paid so much attention to detail. She continues to examine the room, finding boot prints.

Jin Xia seems to be pretty smug but pride cometh before the fall as they say. Jin Xia manages to slip in some wax and fall on her face mucking up some of the boot prints in the process. Lu Yi winces as he watches her fall. Jin Xia gets up after an embarrassed smile saying that the wax on the floor makes it very slippery. She asks Colonel Wang to call all the guards to assemble so that they can be interrogated. Colonel Wang orders the now semiconscious guards brought to his cabin.

Once they leave, Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if she can tell him what she has deduced from the clues. Jin Xia start with the scratches on the doorway saying that moving the trunks would have been quite loud which means that the thieves had nothing to fear. Lu Yi asks her how she knows that the scratches were made by the thieves and not the guards when they were moving the trunks.

Jin Xia tells Lu Yi that different directions cause different scratches then invites him to use her magnifying glass to see for himself. Lu Yi takes the glass, and agrees with her assessment. Jin Xia then says that all the guards were stable and that there were no signs of fighting inside the cargo room. Jin Xia then points out that the footprints she saw all came from the guards, of course Lu Yi can’t confirm this, since her fall messed up the prints.

Jin Xia says that no outsiders came in or out of the room so the logical conclusion is that whoever stole the birthday gifts is familiar with the guards. Jin Xia says that if the person didn’t know the guards then they wouldn’t have taken the precaution of drugging them. She asks Lu Yi if he suspects Wang Fangxing (the Colonel) of wanting to keep the birthday gifts to himself. She wonders if he cried thief at her so that people wouldn’t suspect him. It appears as if Lu Yi is considering it.

Back at Yan Shi Fan’s place a servant unravels the painting saying that Sir Huang has come to deliver the painting. The servant asks the Young Chancellor to examine the painting. Yan Shi Fan says that it’s nice to see the painting in person, he also tells Sir Huang that he’s done a good job. The servant goes on to say that everyone has heard about Shi Fan acquiring the painting and that many wish to see it. Shi Fan agrees that admiring the painting by himself isn’t as much fun as admiring it with others. He tells the servant that they should invite people over to view it.

We return to the ship where Commander Wang announces to Lu Yi that all his guards are gathered on the deck. Lu Yi looks at the assembled guards but Jin Xia says that she will do it. Jin Xia walks down the rows of guards thinking that the guards working for the Major General of Protecting Nation look tough but it’s only on the surface. She notices that they all have weak footsteps with a fatty body build.

While Jin Xia is walking down the rows though, Lu Yi has already noticed wax on one of the guards shoes. It takes Jin Xia a few moments before she notices the guard’s shoes, she does notice his build is better than the other guards first. Apparently it’s the perfect time for an incoming storm as their is lightning and thunder. The guards hurry over to lower the sail as the ship starts to rock. Yang Chengwan loses his balance and Jin Xia tells Yang Yue to take their teacher back to a cabin.

The crew goes about the storm duties when one of the crewmen notices a ghost ship behind them (what’s a storm without a ghost ship?) So the crew try to put as much distance between them and the ghost ship. One of the crewmen tells Lu Yi that there’s a ghost ship only for him to ask “what ghost ship?”

Apparently 700 years ago, this water region was Bianzhou’s, a fief of the later Liang Dynasty. That year, Zhu Yougui was assassinated on the ship by one of his men, Feng Ting’e. Zhu Yougui’s eternal resentment has lingered in this water region. It reappears every few years and any ship that encounters it, will be cursed.

Lu Yi uses his lightness skill to fly up to the upper part of the deck to get a closer look at the ghost ship, Cen Fu follows right behind him. The crewmen that told them the ghost story, yells at Lu Yi to hurry away from the ghost ship as the ghost ship will devour the living and make them slaves to ghost crew forever (so Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman’s Chest then).

Well either the storm got worse or Jin Xia’s martial arts skills just aren’t up to snuff when compared to Lu Yi and Cen Fu because she can’t just fly to the upper deck, she has to walk while struggling to maintain her balance. Lu Yi sees her struggling so he goes down to help her stay upright while ordering Cen Fu to drop the anchor so that the ship stays in place.

The guys trying to man the wheel tell the guards that show up that the rudder isn’t working, so the guards are forced to help out. The Colonel checks his compass then asks the crew what’s wrong. A crew member responds that the rudder suddenly changed on its own and even with them all working together they can’t seem to get the rudder under control.

Above deck the anchor had been dropped but one crew member states that the anchor has been possessed because it seems to want to draw them closer to the ghost ship. Jin Xia panics a bit asking Lu Yi what they will do now. Lu Yi very calmly tells her that he’s going to go over to the ghost ship to take a look around. Jin Xia of course insists on following him. Lu Yi makes a DIY harpoon with a rope out of a trident and tosses it to the ghost ship. Jin Xia asks if he’s really going over to the ghost ship.

Lu Yi asks her if she’s scared but Jin Xia says that she is an officer of the court and was trained to have awe-inspiring righteousness. She says that even if it’s a ghost or demon.. she gets cut off as Lu Yi pulls her close so that they can board the ghost ship. They kind of swing over with the rope like Tarzan and Jane.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 4!