Under The Power: Episode 10

Jin Xia looks like she’s having fun singing Chinese Opera when she finishes it’s Lu Yi’s turn but he doesn’t sing anything. Jin Xia prompts him saying that it’s his turn but Lu Yi doesn’t look interested in at all. Jin Xia tells Chang Sheng that her brother’s memory isn’t very good, so he forgets his lines, then offers to sing her parts again. (Are you sure he’s just not recovering after listening to you?) Jin Xia ends up doing both parts while Lu Yi just watches bored. Jin Xia even tries to prod Lu Yi into participating by pulling on his sleeve but Lu Yi will not be moved. Chang Sheng says enough then asks what play was Jin Xia performing. Jin Xia tells him that she was performing “The Legend of the White Snake”. Chang Sheng is confused because he doesn’t remember those lyrics being in that play.

Jin Xia admits that she made up the lyrics. Chang Sheng warns her to be careful because although he liked the improv, the Master of the troupe is very serious about singing the correct lyrics. Jin Xia then asks what kind of plays does the troupe normally perform? Chang Sheng then shows her the playbook that the troupe performs but also mentions that the master often makes up new plays so that the troupe can try new things. Jin Xia looks over the book but then wonders why “The Best Perfume” isn’t listed since it’s the most well known play performed by the Chunxi Troupe. Chang Sheng hurriedly takes the book back and demands to know how Jin Xia knows about that play since for years no one has ever mentioned it. Lu Yi quickly says that they heard others talking about it.

Lu Yi asks if “The Best Perfume” isn’t Chunxi’s Troupe most famous play, before Chang Sheng can respond the troupe master overhears and calls out to him. Chang Sheng tells the master that he’s going to go check out the costumes and runs off. The master tells Jin Xia and Lu Yi that youngsters shouldn’t be so curious and ask questions that shouldn’t be asked in his troupe. He tells them that they must be very careful about what they say and do. Jin Xia says that she understands. The master then tells them that what they need to do now is to practice the basic techniques really well. Once they lay a good foundation, then they will have the opportunity to perform onstage. Jin Xia thanks the master and says that they will train hard. He tells them to keep practicing and leaves. Lu Yi watches the master until he goes into his room.

Later that night, the master of the troupe leaves his room with a plant looking very sneaky. Jin Xia happens to notice him sneaking about so she decides to follow him. The master sneaks into Lang Garden with Jin Xia hot on his trail. Jin Xia hangs back a bit when the master puts down the plant and sets up two candles, a little fire and lights some incense. The master says that he hasn’t visited the person in all these years (very similar to how a person talks to a gravestone in the cemetery) The master asks the person if they are angry with him, or blame him for what happened in the past. Jin Xia leans closer to listen in on the conversation. The master says that without Yun Zheyue, there is no Wu Yinhua.

Jin Xia can’t place the name Yun Zheyue or Wu Yinhua, so she wonders who they might be. She leans closer, accidentally stepping on a branch as she does. The master hears the branch snap and demands to know who is there. Luckily for Jin Xia there’s a stray cat that happens to be walking around the area. The master leaves the area, Jin Xia peeks around the corner, turns back and screams.

The next day Yang Yue is petting that darn cat when he asks Jin Xia if it’s the last person that she saw. She tells him not to belittle the cat, he eats well, scratches hard and is very good at following people. Jin Xia wonders why the cat keeps following her everywhere and says that it scared her to death. Yang Yue mutters that he thinks that it was the cat that was probably scared. Jin Xia feels a bit bad so she asks the cat if it was scared while reaching out to it. Lu Yi was in his chair listening, but now he tells them that it’s time to get to business. Jin Xia picks up the cat to pet it while Lu Yi asks her about seeing the troupe master going into an abandoned building in order to pay respect to the dead. Jin Xia confirms that what she saw then she tells him that the troupe master also muttered something about Yun Zheyue and Wu Yinhua and also brought the plant.

It looks like Jin Xia brought the plant back with her. Lu Yi confirms the location that she saw the troupe master as Lang Garden. Yang Yue reports that he when reviewed the files, there were some issues. Yang Yue says that normally when the magistrate’s office records cases, they write down all the details, the motive for the murder, the reasons for the death in a very clear manner. However in this case none of that information was written down. Yang Yue says that it just briefly mentioned the deceased, as they were the previous troupe master and that they died by hanging. The previous troupe master left a letter written in blood confessing to the murder of Yun Zheyue. Jin Xia says that back then the Chunxi Troupe broke up after that, but that the new troupe master bought the troupe and their productions. Then the troupe toured around but never came back to Yangzhou (until now..)

Lu Yi says that “The Best Perfume” was the opera that made the Chunxi Troupe famous back then. However after the troupe was bought, the play was never performed. Lu Yi points out that businessmen wouldn’t make a transaction that wasn’t profitable. Jin Xia says that Zhou Xianyi was killed just after the troupe returned, not that long ago. Yang Yue asks if it could really be the work of a ghost. Jin Xia asks him why if there are ghosts, would they want Zhou Xianyi? Lu Yi orders Jin Xia to come with him to Lang Garden. Jin Xia quickly passes the cat to Yang Yue and hurries after Lu Yi.

The two enter Lang Garden and Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if they really need to go in there. Lu Yi wonders if she’s already frightened. Jin Xia scoffs but says that she didn’t know before that after the Chunxi troupe got into trouble, the place had been abandoned. Jin Xia also tells Lu Yi that she heard that many people that entered that courtyard would see supernatural things and couldn’t get out. Jin Xia continues to say that when those people were found, even if they didn’t die, they were traumatized forever. Lu Yi smiles as he listens to the ghost story. Jin Xia says that later no one would buy the place, so it became the haunted land of Yangzhou. Lu Yi points out that Jin Xia came out safely, but she says it’s best not risk it twice.

Lu Yi says that after Yun Zheyue died he wasn’t buried in a cemetery but buried here hastily. In order for them to know the connection between him and Zhou Xianyi, an autopsy is essential. Lu Yi walks into the courtyard, Jin Xia grumbles that following a madman is not a good thing, then follows Lu Yi. As they walk inside the courtyard, Jin Xia points out the spot where the troupe master was paying tribute. Lu Yi looks around and decides to enter the building closest to the spot. Once inside they both look around. Lu Yi notices a box, opening it, he finds a doll. He says that after so many years, it’s been well preserved. Jin Xia sees the doll and panics saying that it’s Yan Zheyue’s puppet. Lu Yi curiously asks why she is so startled about it. Jin Xia says that she heard a rumour about Yun Zheyue before. She had dimissed it as a joke but now that she sees the puppet, she remembers it.

Before Yun Zheyue sang “The Best Perfume” although he was a pillar of the troupe, he was never famous. It wasn’t until he sang “The Best Perfume” that his singing voice improved dramatically, to the surprise of all. (I’m sensing Phantom of the Opera vibes…) Lu Yi wonders what that has to do with the puppet though. Jin Xia says that the rumours say that Yun Zheyue nurtured a little demon (aww that would be cute!) Lu Yi scoffs at such a rumour. Jin Xia tells him that he shouldn’t dismiss it as she heard that shamans in Siam *Thailand* look for the dead bodies of young boys and girls to refine them into corpse oil which they put into prepared containers. The shamans then use an incantation for empowerment, and then sell them. There are of course various types of objects but the puppet is one of them.

Jin Xia also whispers that it’s said that raising little demons can help change one’s fate. However you can be hurt by the little demons if you are careless (*cough* Gremlins *cough*) Lu Yi snorts saying that it’s all nonsense and he doesn’t believe in demons or ghosts. Jin Xia demands to know how he would explain Yun Zheyue’s voice improving tremendously in such a short amount of time? Surely the puppet is the best answer. Lu Yi looks around and says that the stage must be behind the house, ignoring what Jin Xia just said. Jin Xia tells him that she’s not a coward, then grumbles that the stage was the murder scene back then so if they go there, there’s no telling what creepy things they might encounter. Lu Yi walks off and Jin Xia curses at her luck being stuck with someone that is a sceptic.

As they continue walking around, Jin Xia tells Lu Yi that they should stop because it’s so creepy. The wind picks up, which makes the bells chime. Soon there is the sound of Chinese Opera filling the air and a transparent looking singer briefly appears. The wind picks up and soon the whole room shimmers into its former glory. The two are surrounded by an audience and a singers is now performing the opera. Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if he can see it too. Lu Yi tells her to be quiet and watch the opera. Jin Xia notices the singer doing similar moves Xie Xiao did when he was attempting to perform “The Best Perfume” for Jin Xia when they were together watching the opera. Jin Xia realizes that singer must be Yun Zheyue performing “The Best Perfume”.

Jin Xia also remembers that the troupe master when he was paying tribute said that if there was no Yun Zheyue then there was no Wu Yinhua. Lu Yi on the other hand remembers Yang Yue saying that it might be the work of a ghost and Jin Xia telling him not to dismiss such things. The singer on the stage collapses and Jin Xia runs up to check his vitals. She gets blood on her hands, then reports to Lu Yi that Yun Zheyue is dead. Lu Yi quickly points out that if that singer was truly Yun Zheyue then he’s already been dead for 10 years. Jin Xia says that the man just died though. Jin Xia points out that there’s blood on her hands but when she lifts up her hands to show Lu Yi, the blood has disappeared. The former glory of the stage disappears with the audience. The stage is once more looking like an abandoned building.

Jin Xia cries to Lu Yi that they have really encountered ghosts, Lu Yi grabs her hand saying that it’s not safe there, then leads her from the room. They are hurriedly walking away.. when they walk into an area full of snow with lone tree. (Narnia.. is that you?) Jin Xia starts to panic, wondering where they are. They both look back in the direction that they came from, to see their footsteps hurriedly covered by snow. Jin Xia is convinced that they are doomed as she shivers in the cold. She tells Lu Yi that for a blizzard to happen in June, someone must’ve suffered a major injustice.

They keep walking but Jin Xia stumbles and grabs onto Lu Yi. She apologizes but he scolds her saying that she can’t even walk properly, how incompetent. He does keep holding her hand though. Jin Xia says that he must admit now that they have encountered a ghost but Lu Yi says that there are no ghosts in this world, people just scare themselves. Jin Xia asks him if he doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits then what does he believe in? Lu Yi says that he believes in himself. Jin Xia confesses that she doesn’t have that much confidence. She says that she’s not that sure about Yun Zheyue right now. They continue to walk together through the snow.

Elsewhere, Yang Yue brings his father his medication. Yang Yue tells his father that he spoke with Dr. Shen. The doctor said that Yang Chengwan’s leg has joined well and that if they have time, they should visit the doctor so he can check on the leg. Yang Chengwan wonders aloud how a little head constable like him managed to get such good treatment. Yang Yue says that it’s because of the arrangements that Lu Yi provided that his father was able to get such care. Yang Chengwan warns his son to be careful and that they must be disciplined in both words and actions, so that others may not grasp their weakness.

Yang Yue tells his father he doesn’t believe that Lu Yi had an ulterior motive for helping him as Lu Yi was genuinely happy to be able to help heal Yang Chengwan’s leg. Yang Chengwan says that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards don’t do anything for free. Yang Chengwan then asks where Jin Xia is. Yang Yue says that she went with Lu Yi to exhume the corpse. His father is confused as it’s been a day and they haven’t returned yet. Yang Yue agrees that they should have been back by now.. but then Shangguan Xi enters the room. She brings in some food and says that Master Xie has invited Yang Chengwan to join them at their place so he can be more comfortable and recover. Yang Chengwan politely declines the invitation. Shangguan Xi tells him not to answer in haste, then sets the table with the food she brought. Yang Chengwan tries some of the soup and of course it tastes yummy. Shangguan Xi says that she won’t disturb Yang Chengwan now, and goes to leave. Yang Yue immediately volunteers to walk her out (such cute puppy love!)

Yang Yue walks Shangguan Xi out and she tells him that she hopes his father reconsiders their offer to stay with the gang. Shangguan Xi tells Yang Yue that she can continue the rest of the way on her own and takes back the empty lunchbox. Yang Yue blurts out that the authorities suspect her and the gang of stealing the money. Yang Yue says that he doesn’t know why they did it, but they should repent because the civilians are innocent. Shangguan Xi looks at him sadly pointing out that he isn’t just suspecting her of committing the crime, but accusing her of it. She tells him that it doesn’t matter if he believes her or not, but she didn’t steal the money, she also tells him that she didn’t kill Zhou Xianyi. Shangguan Xi walks off completely pissed at Yang Yue. Yang Yue hits himself on the head cursing at his own stupidity.

Back in the snow, Jin Xia realizes that they are back at the lonely tree and wonders if a ghost is guiding them. Jin Xia says that she can’t walk anymore, so she suggests that they take a rest. Lu Yi notices the chimes in the tree. Jin Xia complains that it’s so cold (you can’t even see your breath..) so she sits down an hugs Lu Yi’s legs. Jin Xia is convinced that they will die, she tells Lu Y that if she dies, he should remember to send Jin Xia’s allowance to her mother. Jin Xia says that person near death will utter true words close to their heart. She then goes on to call Lu Yi a horrible arrogant person with a bad temper and cold personality. Jin Xia says that if he doesn’t change, then no girl will Ike him in the future. Jin Xia then says that despite Lu Yi being the way he is, she’s enjoyed working with him.

Jin Xia says that when she worked the Six Doors Department, whenever something happened, she was the first one to rush out, but now with Lu Yi by her side, she feels that he will always protect her. Lu Yi snaps back that Jin Xia must mean that when he’s around, it’s easier for her to be lazy. Jin Xia says that even though he orders her around all the time, she’s happy to have worked with him. Jin Xia then faints, Lu Yi tries to wake her up, but he just gets a semi conscious reply from her saying that she’s cold. Lu Yi wonders why their clothes are still dry since it’s been snowing for so long. He reaches out his hand to touch a snowflake but it’s like the blood earlier.. it just disappears. Lu Yi remembers seeing/hearing chimes everywhere they went and a thought occurs to him. He shakes Jin Xia to wake her up and tells her to cover her ears and block out the sound. Jin Xia is too weak to do it, so he covers her ears with his own hands for her.

When they stop listening to the chimes, the snow disappears and they are in the abandoned building once more. Jin Xia wonders how they got back to the building when they were in the middle of a blizzard. Lu Yi tells her that they actually never left the building. Lu Yi believes it’s because of the wind chimes and that they make people have hallucinations (reminds me of The Lost Tomb series..) Lu Yi says that when a person enters, the wind chimes go off, but they are so quiet that it goes undetected. The chimes do cause people to subconsciously hallucinate. Lu Yi says it’s the first time that he’s seen a hypnotism mechanism that was so sophisticated, the person that set up must be very skillful. Jin Xia insists that they leave and grabs Lu Yi by the arm. They leave the building and stop by the tribute area.

Lu Yi tells Jin Xia that they can’t leave just yet as there is still something that they must do. Jin Xia complains that she almost died in the building and refuses to go anywhere. Lu Yi however just walks off, while Jin Xia threatens to leave without him. Jin Xia can’t leave him alone though, so she ends up following Lu Yi. They unbury the body but it’s really just a skeleton now. Jin Xia finds a long needle which confirms that it’s the same murderer. When Jin Xia goes to report to Lu Yi though, he’s gone. Jin Xia calls out to him but there’s no answer. Jin Xia then sees a small child run by, and she screams about ghosts. Lu Yi finds her and asks what she’s doing. She tells him about the ghost but Lu Yi tells her to stop believing in that stuff. Jin Xia asks where he went, so Lu Yi holds up one of the wind chimes saying that he went go get evidence, whre else would he go?

Jin Xia grabs Lu Yi by his sleeve which is when his memory flashes back to what Jin Xia said back in the imaginary blizzard. Similar thoughts flash through Jin Xia’s mind as she drops his sleeve but is still clearly very upset. Lu Yi offers her his arm to hold since he knows it will make her feel better. The two leave the area and Lu Yi tells her to find someone to bury the body later. Jin Xia insists that she’s never coming back though. The two then bicker about it.

Over at Yan Manor, Yan Shi Fan is having fun drinking, being fed grapes and such. The head minister of works comes to him asking him what to do as the Emperor has given an ultimatum that they the find the missing money within the deadline or the minister will be beheaded. Shi Fan wonders why he’s so anxious, since Shi Fan got him the job, the minister should trust that Shi Fan can keep him safe and sound this time. Yan Shi Fan reminds the minister that he’s also in the Ministry of Works, so why would he put himself in danger? The minister is worried that the Emperor will blame them and it will affect Shi Fan. Yan Shi Fan tells him to just be patient and wait, there will be a turnaround in the river case. The minister leaves the room but doesn’t look very satisfied with the response he was given.

Lu Yi looks over the wind chimes while Jin Xia paces. Jin Xia wonders at who could have been hypnotist that utilized the wind chimes to make people hallucinate and why would they do it? She also states that the long needle proves that the person that killed Yun Zheyue and Zhou Xianyi is the same person. However, she can’t figure out how the two are related and why they were killed. Lu Yi is looking at the needle and puppet when he finds paper in the doll’s clothes. Lu Yi unrolls the paper to read it. It reads: this is the last time I’ll perform “The Best Perfume” in your stead.

Lu Yi says that perhaps that piece of paper is the answer to Yun Zheyue’s death. Lu Yi then reminds Jin Xia how she thought a ghost was responsible for the change in Yun Zheyue’s singing, but in reality he was just using a substitute singer. This makes Jin Xia wonder about the ghost she saw in the garden, when Lu Yi asks what ghost, Jin Xia tells him that it’s nothing. When Jin Xia asks if Lu Yi thinks the murderer is the same person that she’s thinking of, Lu Yi orders her to go investigate.

Jin Xia heads back to the Chunxi Troupe to investigate the master’s room. She finds a letter addressed to Brother Chang, grabs it and leaves. However the master of the troupe sees her leaving his room.

Elsewhere, Zhai Lanye gets a letter from her maid. The letter informs her that the sender will be in Yangzhou in three days, this makes her smile.

Jin Xia brings the letter back to Lu Yi but after he compares it to the note found in the puppet.. the handwriting doesn’t match. Jin Xia can’t believe it because if it wasn’t the master of the troupe, then who is the murderer? Lu Yi points out that handwriting can change over time so it doesn’t eliminate the troupe master from suspicion. Lu Yi says that they have no choice but to use their own methods. Lu Yi tells Jin Xia that tonight the master of the troupe has arranged for everyone to go to a hot bath. Jin Xia lights up at the thought of going to a hot bath.

Later that night Shangguan Xi and Xie Xiao are having drinks with Sha Xiuzhu. Sha Xiuzhu thanks them for the rescue otherwise by now he would be the Embroidered Uniformed Guards and he wouldn’t have had much chance of staying alive. Xie Xiao tells his Big Brother Sha that there’s no need for thanks as they are sworn brothers. Xie Xiao then tells Shangguan Xi that there was no need to give Lu Yi the two birthday trunks.

Shangguan Xi says that it’s their master’s rules. The first rule is to always keep your promise as it’s the most important principle of how to behave and manage the gang. Xie Xiao complains that his senior sister and his father seem to talk out of the same mouth and he can never win an argument against them. Xie Xiao asks Sha Xiuzhu if he must really leave so soon as his leg hasn’t fully recovered. Sha Xiuzhu says that he must go, if he stays and the authorities find out that the gang is hiding him, it will be big trouble for them. He also heard about the Zhou Xianyi case and how the gang is already a suspect, if he gets found there it will be harder for the gang to clear their name, so he must leave.

Xie Xiao remembers their old travels together and offers to come along with Sha Xiuzhu. Sha Xiuzhu declines saying that Master Xie is already old and Xie Xiao can’t let Shangguan Xi manage everything on her own. Xie Xiao then agrees that he should be there to manage things with the gang but dismisses the fact that Shangguan Xi does just fine without a man. Shangguan Xi handle it well though saying that it would make his father happy to see Xie Xiao to take a more active role in the gang.

Jin Xia goes to the hot bath (looks like a hot spring to me). Jin Xia sits in the water and has a chat with God. She asks that he bless her, so that they can find the killer soon. Jin Xia also wishes for enough money to help her find her birth parents. Lu Yi is on the other side of the rock wall and can hear her. Lu Yi speaks up saying that instead of praying, Jin Xia should focus on how to find the substitute singer. Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if he heard everything that she just said. Lu Yi freely admits that he did. Jin Xia thinks to herself that it’s a good thing that she didn’t say anything bad. Lu Yi asks her if she’s an orphan.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 10!