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November 2021 Monthly Roundup!

It’s that time again, just before the winter holidays and all the good food.. so time to do a roundup and see how I’m doing. There will also be some sad news in this one so be warned! I’ve been pretty active this month, but it’s getting back in the habit of working out that’s hard. My weight has stayed

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Monthly Roundup!- October 2021

So I missed doing a monthly roundup for August and September because I just wasn’t that active. It’s hard to admit but, it’s true and because of that I gained a good amount of weight.. sigh. My weight weight went up like 10 pounds in those two months.. so I’m back to logging my food and being more active. I

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Weekly and Monthly Roundup!

So this month has been a little.. well let’s say frustrating. It was Autism Awareness Month which brought up a whole other can of worms with it. As people that have been following along on the blog, or the Facebook page will have noticed that I was threatened, and bullied quite a bit. That was a lot to handle but

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