Weekly and Monthly Roundup!

So this month has been a little.. well let’s say frustrating. It was Autism Awareness Month which brought up a whole other can of worms with it. As people that have been following along on the blog, or the Facebook page will have noticed that I was threatened, and bullied quite a bit.

That was a lot to handle but I pushed on, stood up for myself and will continue to do so. Now let’s do the more fun stuff like looking at where I’m at fitness wise!

We’ll start with the monthly view. You can see where I didn’t meet my goals at the end of the month and didn’t even bother to lower them because I had my period.

When we switch to the last week we can see that I managed to get one day of intense exercise before my period hit.

You can see that I didn’t make the April Challenge badge either, but dang I was close! Ah well.. At least I managed to get the Dance Challenge badge which was really nice.

As you can see the weight trend is still going down to a more healthy weight. It’s a slow process but I’m working on it, the important part is to stay healthy.

I also managed to finish Episode 23 of Psych Hunter and finish off Episode 6 of A Tale of a Thousand Stars recaps.

So between recaps, fitness and a dash of advocacy, it’s been a pretty busy month. Stay healthy and safe while we ride out this pandemic.