Weekly Roundup!

So it’s been a bit of a busy week. As there was no snow I even managed to get in a couple of bike rides.

This is also a little bit of what made the recaps a bit slower because after a workout I was very tired, so apologies if you were waiting on Psych Hunter episode 21 recap but it’s published on the site now.

My first cycle had a ton of detours as there was some construction going on, so that meant I had to do a bit of exploring. I also made a detour to avoid about 40 kids on what appeared to be some kind of trip, there was no social distancing and no masks that I could see, so I obviously found another way to cycle to avoid that COVID looking mess.

I love where I live now because there are hills and even mountain views although the mountains never show up very well on my iPhone XR. They do look fantastic in real life though.

So clearly I still have a long way to go today to make my fitness goals this week complete but you can see that I’ve been a good deal more active.

In fact I’ve had my Apple Watch long enough that it will start giving me trends data. This is extremely useful to me so that I can see if I’m improving or need a bit more of a boost to keep healthy. Trends only activate when you have and used your Apple Watch for 180 days though.

Yes my cycle path takes me right by the river. There was a lot of people out and about that day so I had to find a decent spot to be socially distant while still getting a picture. I also have to hold my recumbent bike up because unlike mountain bikes the kickstands are essentially useless.

The water is clear enough that you can see right through to the bottom which is pretty neat I think. I was also playing Ingress during the week and managed to upgrade a medal.

Unfortunately it’s going to snow tomorrow so I won’t be able to cycle and probably won’t go for a walk outdoors. I just don’t want to go out in icky weather. So I’ll probably run a few errands like buying more milk to make my lovely matcha lattes in.

I hope everyone stays healthy and if the weather is nice there will be more pictures to look forward to!