February Monthly Round Up!

So as February ends it’s time to do a monthly round up post.

I managed to get my February medal from my Apple Watch which was quite nice. That makes two months in a row where I have met Apple’s challenge to me.

I also managed to lose quite a bit of weight. This is thanks to the help of the Apple Watch, healthy eating and drinking a lot more water. I can’t stand to drink plain water so I always throw a generous dash of lemon juice into it.

I’ve managed to keep the move streak going for 83 days so far. Gradually increasing the calorie amount each week. There are some times though when I have to lower it because I just don’t feel up to it or I need a day of rest.

I haven’t used my Gym bag since December when lockdown closed all the gyms and everything else including restaurant dining. While restaurant dining is back, gyms are still not allowed except on a 1 on 1 basis. This means no pool for me.

Honestly it’s the lack of pool that hits the hardest because it was a lot easier to hit my fitness goals when I could swim! It gets pretty boring doing laps around the basement everyday. Warmer weather is coming so soon I’ll be able to walk outdoors comfortably again.

I’m also feeling pretty productive having managed to recap almost 1/3rd of Psych Hunter. I also managed to get a start on recapping a Tale of a Thousand Stars which I think is pretty impressive since it’s a one Autistic Goblin show.