Weekly Round Up!

So it’s that time again for another weekly roundup! This week was definitely a lot better than the last one for fitness. For starters I had a lovely walk by the river on Wednesday and managed to see a nice arrangement of stones.

I of course had to take a few pictures.

I even managed to get a cycle in yesterday although it was pretty cold to be wearing shorts.

It’s supposed to have scattered showers throughout today though so I definitely was going to get in another bike ride which is a shame. It’s so nice to do something other than walking around the basement for a change.

I didn’t quite hit the move goal on Sunday or even the stand goal, which is annoying but it was the end of the week and since last week was pretty horrible fitness wise I don’t feel too bad about it. I think I just burned out a little and needed some time to recover to get back at it.

I did manage to get up Episode 20 in Psych Hunter recapped though and I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also working on finishing Episode 5 of A Tale of a Thousand Stars recap, I just have part 4 to do there.

Hopefully the weather stays nice for this week so that I can keep going outside. I’m so glad that I have received my first dose of the Covid vaccine as it’s one less worry on my mind. My parents also got their dose (a few days after me) so we’re all pretty happy about that.

I hope everyone stays healthy, especially as things are locked down again…