Weekly Roundup! Is Late..

So sorry everyone I know that this weekly round up is late. I got a little distracted by the Facebook page and shenanigans that were going on. Also the weather was absolutely horrible most of the week with snow and rain.

There was one nice day, Wednesday where I managed to get a nice walk by the river. I even ate my lunch at one of the park benches and listened to the river.

So yes I did lower my fitness goals during that week because I just didn’t have the energy for it. Although I did try with some walking around the house, but I had a full winter with that and it gets boring really quickly.

That one outdoor cycle was an oops as I was actually walking at the time and didn’t realize that I had hit the wrong workout until partway through. I stopped it, started the outdoor walk the rest of the way to park bench then stopped that workout for lunch.

I know that the pandemic makes it hard to exercise and stay fit. So do what you can, when you can’t adjust your goals and carry on.