Monthly Roundup!

Yes it’s that time again for another fitness check of how I’m doing this month. I did miss a weekly roundup or maybe two? Oh well that’s life for you.

That was my longest cycle to date and I’m really quite proud of myself for it. I also managed to avoid sunburn this time which is even better.

So if you look at the graph you can see that there were multiple times that I wasn’t very active. This is normal in life, you can’t be active everyday some days you just need to rest.

So this month’s weight doesn’t look like much when you look at it during the month, however in the graph below you will see how it compares to the year.

As you can see in the year graph the weight trend is going down even if it doesn’t look like it some days. So why do I post the weight stuff? Because a lot of people struggle with being healthy and if I’m honest with it, maybe it will help someone else realize that it takes time and hard work to be healthy. There are no magic pills here.

I also managed to see some really cool wildlife on my bike rides such a Great Blue Heron. I had to ask the bird watchers with the giant cameras what kind of bird it was.. I didn’t know. I thanked them profusely for letting me know so I could share it.

All in all not a bad month but not a great one either. Hopefully I can do better June! Stay healthy everyone!