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Under The Power: Episode 16

Jin Xia and Lu Yi wake up from being drugged, and are tied to a post in the middle of the town square. Lu Yi says that it will be 6 to 10 hours before the drug wears off. Jin Xia wonders if Xie Xiao will be okay but Lu Yi tells her that she should worry about her own

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Under The Power: Episode 15

After receiving the medication from Yang Yue, Shangguan Xi asks him to leave. Being a good boy, he does so after wishing her a good night. After shutting the door, Yang Yue pauses a moment before leaving the area. Shangguan Xi looks down at the medication deep in thought (please tell me you’re regretting liking Xie Xiao, and want Yang

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Under The Power: Episode 14

Jin Xia answers Lu Yi’s question about Yang Chengwan by saying that she doesn’t know why he stayed so long in Fujian. She then offers Lu Yi some more food but he declines saying that he’ll try some other veggies that are on the table instead. However Lu Yi hesitates for awhile not choosing anything which leads Jin Xia to

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