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Ingredients: Episode 16 Closer

The episode starts off with Tops already cooking, it looks like he is preparing for a Halloween party. Marwin comes over while Tops is putting some stuff in a box. Marwin notices that the coffin sandwiches look a lot like the ring he’s wearing. Marwin asks if Tops did it on purpose and if so, how did he know that

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Psych Hunter: Episode 16

The episode starts with Jiang Shuo shackled to a chair. He tells Liu Zhi that he’s mad, fate should be determined by themselves. Liu Zhi says that when Jiang Shuo was his disciple, he knew Jiang Shuo was a hypocrite. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is a sinner, he thinks he’s saving people when he’s actually harming them. Liu

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