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The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 4~Finale!

Gene continues down memory lane until he comes near the old hiding spot. He hears Nubsib’s voice as Nubsib scolds him for going over to another person’s house. All of a sudden a hand taps Gene on the shoulder saying “tag you’re it!” The hand belonged to adult Nubsib but when Gene turns around, younger Nubsib tells Gene to close

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The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 4 (Finale!)

Pan is now back in her original body and some time has passed as they are now attending P’Kim’s funeral. Khett gives the eulogy At least he was supposed to, but Khett notices that P’Way standing back near the tree, so he goes over to him. Khett tells P’Way that he doesn’t think that he should be the one to

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A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 10 Part 4 Finale!

Tian is at the airport with his family when Tul comes to see him off. Tul asks why Tian looks so disappointed to see him, Tian tells him not to be ass. He also tells Tul not to get on his nerves for once as he’s about to leave. Tul says that at least this time he gets to see

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