The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 4 (Finale!)

Pan is now back in her original body and some time has passed as they are now attending P’Kim’s funeral. Khett gives the eulogy

At least he was supposed to, but Khett notices that P’Way standing back near the tree, so he goes over to him. Khett tells P’Way that he doesn’t think that he should be the one to read the eulogy. Khett tells P’Way that to his brother, P’Way was his family. Khett hands over the eulogy saying that P’Way is the perfect person to say the last farewell.

P’Way reminds Khett that P’Kim saw his younger brother as family too, so he suggests that Khett read the first half the eulogy while he’ll read the other half. Khett agrees starts to cry.

The two walk back to the rest of the group. Khett tells everyone that P’Kim hated the phrase “no matter what happens today, it will always be tomorrow”. Khett says that they never understood why P’Kim hated that quote, until now. Khett says that P’Kim taught them there isn’t always a tomorrow. Khett then hands the paper over to P’Way. P’Way says that P’Kim was more than son, brother, friend, and student. He says that P’Kim never received a “good today” from anyone but that he taught them just how important today is. P’Way says that they all gather there now to tell P’Kim that they thanks him for everything.

They thank P’Kim for being such an important part of their lives, ending the eulogy. In her head Pan thanks P’Kim for everything in his life that helped her to grow. Pan continues in the voiceover to say that she learned many things from P’Kim. As a shipper she had often wondered what love was and P’Kim taught her that. She says that love isn’t staying together side by side, but staying in each other’s hearts.

Everyone else leaves so it’s just Pan and P’Way left. They share a brief smile at each other before Pan leaves P’Way alone at the grave.

Pan continues her voiceover saying that they have all been through hard times or spent sweet moments together. She says that someday everyone will find their place. In a cafe, a guy sends Phingphing a drink, but her friends tell her that she can do better. Teacher Angkana falls in love with someone much more age appropriate and that actually loves her back.

Pan says in a voiceover that they reach a place where they don’t make the same mistake. We see the Angel of Death interrogating a soul to make sure she doesn’t mess up. The soul begs her to stop asking him questions and just take him already.

Pan continues the voiceover as she says they reach the place that will remind them that even though they aren’t together, they will always love each other. Pan herself is watching as her Uncle packs the car and tells her Dad’s new girlfriend to hurry up and have a kid as he wants to be called Daddy (he’s not Pan’s biological dad, so she always calls him Uncle as she doesn’t want to replace her Dad.)

Pan hugs him and thanks him for everything, she loves him a lot. He tells her that he loves her too and they both cry. Her Uncle asks again if she will okay by herself but she assures him that he can go. After the tearful goodbye, he drives off with his girlfriend.

Khett’s family has an memorial altar set up for P’Kim. Pan’s voiceover says that no matter how far apart they are, the memories of him will stay with them forever.

Pan says that the one thing they can do as Shippers is to keep P’Kim alive in fan fiction for P’Way. We see Pan and Soda creating new chapters and P’Way getting alerts on his phone when they are uploaded. Pan says that even though P’Kim is only alive in fan fiction, it’s the one place that P’Way knows that they will never be apart. P’Way cries while reading it but thanks the authors for keeping P’Kim alive for him.

Pan says that other than writing fan fiction, they will do as P’Kim advised them and live their own lives, and find their own love. Soda goes to check out a book and bumps into a guy.. sparks fly!

Pan visits Khett at work, but when he asks how he can help the customer, she says that she just needed a place to write her fiction.

Pan says her in voiceover that her own love life isn’t easy though. Pan starts to write her fiction and just like before everything happened, Khett messes with it. She asks him when he will stop messing with her fiction. Khett tells her that she came to the barbershop but doesn’t talk to the barber so now the barber is sulking. Pan asks him what she needs to do then, so Khett tells her that she needs to get her hair done of course.

Khett reminds Pan that she said she didn’t like her hair, so he can take care of it for her. Pan says she doesn’t need to anymore because the only reason she wanted to straighten hair was because she wanted to be pretty to fall in love like everyone else. She says she doesn’t need to fix her hair anymore though (because she’s found love). Khett says that nothing else can make her prettier anyway because she’s already so cute.

Pan spies a gay couple outside the barbershop door (Off and Gun cameo!) so she starts writing fan fiction about them. Khett says this is what happens when he has a girlfriend that likes Yaoi.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Shipper. For a series that started out with a lot of comedy they really managed to pack those emotional punches at the end of the series. I loved it though!