A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 10 Part 4 Finale!

Tian is at the airport with his family when Tul comes to see him off. Tul asks why Tian looks so disappointed to see him, Tian tells him not to be ass. He also tells Tul not to get on his nerves for once as he’s about to leave. Tul says that at least this time he gets to see Tian off.

Tul hugs Tian and whispers that he should cut himself some slack as he’s sure there are plenty of hot guys to choose from over there. This gets Tul pushed away from the hug. Tian then goes to hug his mom as she wishes him well. Dad is the last one to get hugged.

Tian does still keeping looking around to see if another person will show up. When he still can’t see his person, he tells the others that he will go inside now. Tian is walking away when his phone rings.

It’s Phupha of course, and just by saying Tian’s name he’s brining him close to tears. Phupha then wishes him good luck and Tian asks him if that’s all that he’s going to say to him. So Phupha also tells Tian that he misses him. Tian hangs up the phone and when he turns around there’s Phupha.

Phupha says that he wanted to see Tian off. Tian asks Phupha why he’s so hard to please. Tian says that if Phupha does this, then how will he ever be able to forget about him?

Phupha asks Tian if he honestly thought that Phupha could forget about him. Then Phupha asks him to forget what he told him to forget earlier. Tian asks Phupha just exactly what does he want? He wonders if Phupha will change his mind later. Phupha says that he won’t. Then there’s Tul reminding Tian that he’s about to miss his flight. (TUL YOU KILLED THE MOOD!)

Tian then asks Phupha if he can wait for him. Phupha says that it’s a request from his commander’s son, how could he refuse? Phupha tells Tian that he will wait for him, no matter how long, he will wait. Tian hugs Phupha in the best of hug the series!

Tian goes for another hug because he doesn’t want to let his man go. Then there’s Tian’s mom who is completely clueless and wondering how Phupha is and why her son is hugging him desperately.

Tian’s father says it’s the man who took care of their son in the village. Tian then gives Phupha a picture that he has to look after. Before Tian can go though, Phupha gives him a kiss on the forehead.

It was in front of everyone so Tian’s mom is quite shocked, dad not so much. Then there’s Tul saying that it’s his first time seeing Phupha too but isn’t he handsome?

We now skip ahead two years…

Phupha and the forest rangers are teaching at the school. Phupha is telling the story of a puppet that was granted a magical wish by an Angel to become alive. Phupha tells the kids that the angel gave the puppet a mission to change the mean green giant into a kind giant.

Phupha asks the kids how they would go about changing the giant. Inta says that she would give the giant snacks. The kids also suggest playing together and sharing fun talk. Phupha says that the puppet used all these methods and managed to change the mean giant into a kind one.

Meanwhile Longtae is back from college and teaching the farmers how to do things better for the environment and to make things more efficient.

Phupha tells the kids that angel having seen what the puppet did, changed him into a human. Phupha says that the puppet then travelled around the world to change mean people into nice ones.

Meejoo asks Phupha where the puppet is now, but Phupha says that he doesn’t know. Inta says that the puppet is probably in the US and the other kids quickly agree with her. The boys are quick to point out that the puppet is Tian and the giant is Phupha. (HAHAHA!)

Ayi leans over and says that it’s a metaphor story since Phupha doesn’t want to say it directly. Phupha demands to know who said that and Ayi as well as the other kids say that Yod told them.

Yod knows he’s in trouble now, Phupha asks him when the new teacher arrives. Yod says that he doesn’t know. Yod says that Phupha should ask Rang. So of course he does, Rang says that he has to go ask the foundation.

Yod says that he thinks the green giant is mad now. Then they all run away leaving Phupha alone in the school.

Phupha looks at the pictures the kids have drawn when he gets a radio call about a red security threat on Pha Pun Dao Cliff. Phupha radioes back to check on the situation but there’s no response.

Phupha goes up to the cliff only to find that the “threat” is actually Tian.

Tian says the first time Phupha threw water on him, now he’s pointing a gun at him? Phupha says that Tian can get severe penalties for trespassing on national forests. Tian is in the process of burying Torfun’s notebook on the cliff. He thanks Torfun for giving him new life.

Tian has his own journal for keeping his memories of the village. Phupha asks if that means.. Tian reintroduces himself to Phupha as the new volunteer teacher. Tian reminds Phupha that he said that he would wait for him. Phupha says yes but he didn’t mean for Tian to become a teacher there.

Tian reminds Phupha that he told him to follow his heart. Tian says that he wants to live there, does Phupha not want to be with him?

Phupha says that Tian shouldn’t throw away his future here. Tian says that he isn’t throwing away his future but building it instead. Tian tells him that he’s living his own life and doing what his heart desires. Tian then asks if Phupha has done the same.

Tian asks him to answer honestly if he wants Phupha wants him to stay there with him. Phupha finally says just that. Tian pretends that he can’t hear and has Phupha repeat it.

Tian says that when your purpose in life is to help others, then good things will happen in return. Phupha asks if Tian means him, of course Tian agrees.

Phupha reminds Tian that when he counted the stars he missed one. Phupha says that he found it.

Phupha says that the last star is Tian. Phupha says that Tian is the star that fell for him. Tian asks what Phupha has done that he knows how to sweet talk now. Phupha tells him now that he has all 1,000 stars he should make his wish again.

Tian says that he wishes that they never have to part again. Phupha promises that they never have to part again. Then we finally get SMOOCHES!


Tian is in the forest rangers base saying that the Chief is so stingy considering the base has water and electricity. So Tian is in the middle of putting on lotion when the power goes out. Tian can’t believe his bad luck when Phupha comes up from behind him.

Tian asks Phupha how he found him. Phupha takes a big sniff then says that with Tian smelling so good how could he not find him?

Tian says that now that the power is back on, he’s going to bed. Phupha says that Tian can have the bed but he has to walk on Phupha’s back to give him a massage. Tian just steps on Phupha to get into the bed.

Phupha complains about the pain but Tian says that he got exactly what he asked for.

Phupha complains that with the strength Tian used, he’s going to get a backache. Tian makes Phupha beg to sleep on the bed with him. Tian says that he can only sleep though. Tian says that Phupha must have missed him a lot to keep the tea sachet Tian gave him.

Phupha tells him that the tea sachet is very precious to him. Tian asks Phupha when he realized that he liked him.

Phupha says that he knew the first time they met. Tian says that he’s wrong because Tian didn’t like him yet. The two then start to snuggle under the covers but they make so much noise that Yod thinks something is up.

Phupha puts his finger in front of his lips to shush him. Eventually Yod leaves and they go back to having fun.