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Under The Power: Episode 4

Jin Xia snacks on the pastry that Yang Yue brought her. Yang Yue wonders why she was so late, and Jin Xia tells him that she was running behind because her Mother kept trying to set her up on a blind date. Yang Yue laughs, so she tells him to stop laughing. Yang Yue claims that he wasn’t laughing before

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Under The Power: Episode 1

During the years of Emperor Jia Jing, Yan Song framed Grand Secretary Xia Ran. Xia Ran was beheaded under false charges. After that Yan Song removed Qiu Cheng, Shen Liang, Yang Qi Zheng and other political enemies. Since then Yan Song and his son have held enormous power in the court. In the 37th year of Emperor Jia Jing the

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