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The Military Family Services Has Fallen To Autism Speaks

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that Military Family Services (MFRC) has fallen to Autism Speaks. They have partnered with Autism Speaks to make a free downloadable toolkit. There have been some comments left by those that know how evil Autism Speaks is but the MFRC refused to listen. Instead they doubled down. I guarantee

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Harsh Truths & Cold Reality

Identity is made up of a multiple parts. It’s like one of those multi sided gaming dice or a multifaceted gem. It’s complex and deeply personal. You can’t love a person without loving them for all that they are. You also have to realize that if you have never left your own country, it limits your perspective, the lens with

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Autism Care And Share and Their Comparison of Parent Stress to that of a Combat Soldier – is BS

So I’m the Autistic Daughter of two Canadian Military Veterans. They will be the first to tell you that this is utter Bullshit. My Dad has served in multiple war zone in his life. He’s even worked with the UN to hunt down human traffickers. My Mom was a bit more safe when she served but she brought home a

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