Autism Care And Share and Their Comparison of Parent Stress to that of a Combat Soldier – is BS

So I’m the Autistic Daughter of two Canadian Military Veterans. They will be the first to tell you that this is utter Bullshit. My Dad has served in multiple war zone in his life. He’s even worked with the UN to hunt down human traffickers. My Mom was a bit more safe when she served but she brought home a lot of the Canadian dead soldiers.

Now they have blocked my Autistic Goblin twitter account because they didn’t like the fact that I called them out on their comparison of the two. So let’s dive deeper into how fucked up that comparison truly is.

A parent of an Autistic Child isn’t going to die from being a parent. They may get stuff thrown at them during a meltdown, but they aren’t bombs, they aren’t going to watch their friends being blown to bits and then have to clean it up afterwards. You also have access to clean water, and food without fear of disease.

Some of the comments claimed that while dodging things thrown at them, it’s like a war zone. No! You can easily remove yourself from the situation just by leaving the room. A war zone has children starving to death that peel bark of trees to eat. A war zone is littered with bodies of the dead, where you might not see the trap (bomb, ambush, etc,) that’s going to kill you.

Posts and comments like this mock the very real trauma that people in the military go through. It’s disgusting behaviour from entitled civilians that have no clue what they’re talking about. So to them I say shut up you morons.

Also I’ve read the actual Study and this little screenshot is taken from the last few pages.