Harsh Truths & Cold Reality

Identity is made up of a multiple parts. It’s like one of those multi sided gaming dice or a multifaceted gem. It’s complex and deeply personal. You can’t love a person without loving them for all that they are. You also have to realize that if you have never left your own country, it limits your perspective, the lens with which you view things.

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If you go into autistic advocate spaces the first thing you usually hear about is that Autism is a part of their identity. They ask you to respect that by saying Autistic instead of saying a person with Autism. You will also be told that you can’t separate autism from them because it’s as much a part of them as an arm or a leg.

Now having established that Neuro types are a part of a person’s identity let’s move on to culture. If you go into a an Indigenous Autistic space or Asian, or Black, etc.. they will tell you that they can’t separate their culture or roots from themselves anymore than one can separate their neuro type from their identity.

So now if you’ve been following along we have established that identity can include both neuro type, culture and skin pigmentation. These are just in the order I wrote them out and not the order people may use when describing their identity. So let’s move on.

If you happen to go into an Autistic LGTQ+ space, they will tell you that it’s a part of their identity and that it’s not a choice what gender or sexual orientation they are. So now we have neuro types, culture, skin pigmentation, sexual orientation and gender as parts that make up a person’s identity.

If you go into a religious, spiritual or atheist Autistic space, they will tell you that you can’t separate their religion/spirituality/atheism from their identity either. You may even find that some people have switched beliefs because they one they were born into didn’t feel right to them.

Now we’re going to veer off a little but I promise this is connected.

In an Autistic space you are often told to listen to the life experiences of Autistics. That if you aren’t autistic then you have no right to speak on Autistic matters. Are you still following along? Because here’s the part many people don’t like…

Being Military or a veteran is very much a part of a person’s identity too. If you want people to respect your identity well then the street goes both ways people. You can’t deny people their identity just because you don’t like it. You also can’t cherry pick which parts of a person’s identity you accept. You don’t have to like it but you can’t love someone without loving all that they are. If you want people to validate your life experience then you can’t invalidate theirs.

You see how that works? Do you see the double standard? I’ve been called a warmonger and told that I celebrate death.. why? Because I stood up for the poppy and veterans. I’m a daughter and granddaughter of veterans. I have life experience of working on a military base myself. Yet people get to tell me my life experience doesn’t matter.

Even worse are the people that claim Canada is at war.. Sorry dear readers but no, it’s not. That’s pretty disrespectful to Refugees. Remember all those Syrians? The fact is Canada has conflicts but it’s not at war. No one is bombing your school because women go there. No one is setting up land mines in your city. No one is driving tanks down the streets. Remember that feeling when the two towers fell? Yeah.. people at war feel that ALL the time even in their sleep.

Doctor: So, let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you’ve killed all the bad guys, and when it’s all perfect and just and fair, when you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, what are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one?

CLARA-Z: We’ll win.

DOCTOR: Oh, will you? Well, maybe, maybe you will win! But nobody wins for long. The wheel just keeps turning.

The Zygon Invasion
Photo taken by me outside of a Canadian Legion branch

Here’s another thing.. people want to defund the police but they have no plan for what comes next. The thing is that you don’t have to come up with the solution yourself. You can form a committee, a Go Fund Me page, a petition whatever. You only get to do these things because military people fight those that would take that very freedom from you. But hey then you would have to admit your very freedom was bought with their sacrifices and that doesn’t fit your narrative. You also have to admit that without enforcement laws are just words on paper that people would ignore. So what’s your plan? Think beyond the surface and slogan because whatever you put into place can be corrupted and end up being no better.

The people that don’t get to celebrate Christmas or birthdays with their family because they are defending the country. The people that put the Country’s needs ahead of their own… yeah why acknowledge any of that when you can just “bad military!, bad!”.

Syrian Refuge UN Donations

Now people want everyone to switch to electric cars but here’ the thing. In Canada I can’t even find a gas station or bathroom on a lot of highways. When we’re not in an pandemic lots of people travel in a vehicle car/truck/van to get to work, go on vacation, etc..

So if you don’t have charging stations for the electric cars placed around the country.. well then someone ends up stranded on the side of the road at +30C or -30C (86F – -20F) trying not to overheat/freeze when the next town is over 50 km ( 31 miles) away and there’s no cell signal. Maybe it’s also late at night or the road doesn’t get much traffic. Yeah that sounds very uncomfortable. Why do I bring this up? Because it’s a good example of how you need a new infrastructure in place to support a new system before tossing the old ones aside.

Many people don’t want to think that far ahead though. They want the military/police/gas cars gone but have no idea what comes after that. They have no plan.. and from the conversations I have had… well it doesn’t sound like they are interested in making one either. Not when they can just paint someone as the “bad guy” and themselves as the “hero”.

If you are interested in peace you can support/join The United Nations, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders or other such organizations. The best way to step out of your perspective is to go visit other countries. To date I have visited the US (multiple states), Italy, Austria, and Mexico.

If you’ve never been anywhere but your home country, that isn’t your fault but you DO have to realize that it limits your perspective and the lens in which you view things.

Autistic Goblin