The Military Family Services Has Fallen To Autism Speaks

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that Military Family Services (MFRC) has fallen to Autism Speaks. They have partnered with Autism Speaks to make a free downloadable toolkit.

There have been some comments left by those that know how evil Autism Speaks is but the MFRC refused to listen. Instead they doubled down.

I guarantee they did not in fact consult with Autistic serving members of the military or even autistic adults that are children of veterans. They trampled over Autistic voices in favour of a hate group. I have not downloaded the link from the newsletter I received or from their Facebook post because I just can’t bring myself to click on something that connects to ABA Therapy, and the abuse of Autistic children. I’m pretty confident though that they didn’t mention any of the resources available from the Government of Canada and the provinces/territories because Autism Speaks never does.

For those that need them here’s the link to exactly that Financial Links for Autistic/Disabled people.

I’ll also include TED Talks About Autism, Autistics United Canada, and A4A Ontario because hopefully someone in the MFRC will see it and learn something. I know it’s a vain hope given their current stance on the matter but I can always hope.