Ingredients: Episode 16 Closer

The episode starts off with Tops already cooking, it looks like he is preparing for a Halloween party. Marwin comes over while Tops is putting some stuff in a box. Marwin notices that the coffin sandwiches look a lot like the ring he’s wearing. Marwin asks if Tops did it on purpose and if so, how did he know that Marwin owned that ring. Tops insists that it’s just coincidence.

Tops asks if the box is too heavy for him but Marwin goes on to brag about how he works out everyday and his muscles so of course it’s no problem for him. Tops tells him to put the box over there then. Marwin comes back to play around with some of the decorations teasing Tops by saying he’s dead and he’s got a worm coming out of his nose. Tops just tells him to put the stuff back.

Marwin says that he’s just playing around and wonders why Tops is rushing. Tops gives Marwin a cockroach, asking if he is afraid of them. Marwin isn’t afraid of them and then uses it to try and tease Tops. Marwin offers to help but ends up knocking one of the decorations over. Tops says he’s more likely to make a mess then help.

Marwin says that if he can’t help set up then he will go get more stuff. He leaves and Tops puts the little pumpkin decoration back.

The host of the event shows up to ask if everything is going well. Tops says that everything is fine. The host looks at all the yummy food and asks if he can eat some. Tops assures him that it’s okay but no sooner does he grab a coffin sandwich then he puts it back down. Tops wonders if the food doesn’t look good. The host says it’s not that but the fact that the event is about to start and the singer he’s hired isn’t going to make it.

The host asks Tops if he can help him, when Tops asks him how the host says that Tops should sing. Luckily Marwin comes back and the host recognizes him so he changes his focus. He asks Marwin to help out by singing for the event since he sang at the last event. Marwin is unsure as he hasn’t prepared anything but the host says that he can play anything he wants. Marwin then wonders who will help Tops with the food, which is when Dome shows up to offer his help.

Dome asks what he can do to help and Tops says that he can start by putting on the apron and gloves. Dome is being flirty asking if Tops can put the apron him but Tops just tells him to put it on himself. That doesn’t stop Dome from trying to get Tops to tie the apron for him though as he says that he can’t reach. Tops helps with that then jokingly asks if he needs help putting on his gloves. Dome is quick to latch onto the idea but Tops says he can put on his own gloves.

Sometime later Marwin is up on stage introducing himself and explaining why he’s there instead of the original singer. He says that he didn’t have time to prepare so while some may have heard this song before it’s one that he wrote himself and he hopes they like it. The song is called Moment.(English Version Thai Version) While he’s singing he notices that Tops and Dome are getting along really well together.

In fact just before Marwin finishes his song, he sees Dome wipe something off Tops’s mouth. So as soon as he gets off the stage he drags Dome to a more private space to ask what he’s doing. Dome says that he didn’t do anything though. Marwin wonders if he will hit on Tops. Dome admits that he likes him. Marwin asks Dome to leave Tops alone as he’s someone close to him.

Dome says that he really likes Tops and it’s not as if they are a couple so yes, he will hit on Tops. That’s when a person comes up to Marwin saying that he would like Marwin to do a global audition as he thinks it would be great for Marwin.

Marwin has to get back on stage though but the guy says he will get in touch about the audition and Marwin did take a picture of the audition information off the guy’s phone before heading back to the stage. He sings another song, and Tops is listening raptly now that he’s not busy. Dome asks Tops if he wants to eat anything but Tops says that he’s fine.

Dome asks Tops for his Instagram account but Tops didn’t hear him as he’s listening to Marwin. So Dome speaks a little louder and asks if he was helpful today and if he can become Tops’s assistant. Tops says that Dome was very helpful today and thanks him for his assistance. Dome says that Tops will have to buy him dinner to thank him but Tops isn’t listening to him anymore because all of his attention is on Marwin.

So Dome essentially yells his name in his Tops’s ears making Tops turn to face him but because Dome is so close it’s basically like Dome kissed him.

Marwin saw the whole thing of course so he’s super jealous even if he doesn’t realize that’s what he is feeling right now. Tops moves closer to the stage and it’s pretty clear that he was uncomfortable with what just happened. After the performance the friends are playing a drinking game, but Marwin just drinks. Dome offers to take them both home but Marwin says that they can get home by themselves.

Tops wonders who will be driving then but Marwin says that Tops can drive. They get to the car a little later and Tops ends up pushed against the car.. there’s a moment where you totally believe they will kiss but Tops just ends up asking if Marwin is okay then helps him get in the car.

Marwin sits in the car looking a bit cranky so after Tops gets in the driver’s seat, Marwin leans over to give him a kiss on the cheek (SMOOCHES!) Then Marwin sits back in his seat asking a stunned Tops if he’s going to start the engine. Dome comes and knocks on the window asking if Tops is okay (He’s been kissed by two people today, he’s still stunned).

Tops says he’s fine though then Dome asks if Tops would like him to take Tops home. Tops says he’s fine so Dome tells him to buckle his seatbelt as he’s worried about him. Marwin leans over rolls the window back up. As Tops does up his seatbelt though we can see his small smile as he drives away leaving Dome in the parking lot.

That’s the end of Episode 16!