Psych Hunter: Episode 16

The episode starts with Jiang Shuo shackled to a chair. He tells Liu Zhi that he’s mad, fate should be determined by themselves. Liu Zhi says that when Jiang Shuo was his disciple, he knew Jiang Shuo was a hypocrite. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is a sinner, he thinks he’s saving people when he’s actually harming them.

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is only making people more miserable. Then all the people from the cases Jiang Shuo has worked on line up behind Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo laughs and tells Liu Zhi that he can’t fool Jiang Shuo.

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We go back to where we left off in the previous episode where Jiang Shuo is eating the icky looking bread and telling the guards that he’s willing to confess.

Jiang Shuo is taken to the infirmary where Jiang Shuo tells the man in white that he thinks he remembers something. The man in white says that’s great, and asks Jiang Shuo to tell him, if something is clear the man in white can tell Jiang Shuo what it is.

Jiang Shuo calls the man in white Dr. Sun (finally a name!) Jiang Shuo says that he promises he’s a responsible person. He says he thinks he really remembers something but come to think of it, he can’t remember it. (Lolz) Jiang Shuo says that he’s troubled because he wants to sign the confession paper but can’t since he can’t remember it.

Dr. Sun tells Jiang Shuo to stop fooling around. Jiang Shuo claims that he dare not. Jiang Shuo says that he thinks that’s he been staying here for too long. Jiang Shuo says that he gets a headache when he starts to think.

Jiang Shuo says that he probably needs a walk. Jiang Shuo also says that since he has arms and legs why can’t he do some manual labour. Maybe then he says he will remember and sign the confession paper. He asks Dr. Sun what he thinks about that. Dr. Sun agrees since Jiang Shuo can’t do anything anyway.

The guards take Jiang Shuo to laundry room for his manual labor. Once there Jiang Shuo begins asking the other patients if they know where the archive room is. While Jiang Shuo is there, he hears Yi Heng whispering his name again. Jiang Shuo looks around but Yi Heng isn’t there.

A nurse walking by hands Jiang Shuo a note. The note tells Jiang Shuo to run. Jiang Shuo drops the note in laundry water and watches it go backwards up the water stream. Jiang Shuo calls out for Qin’er and goes to leave the laundry room when the guards stop him. The patients doing their best zombie impression surround him just before he faints.

The warden wonders why Jiang Shuo has fainted again. Dr. Sun says it’s because he had food poisoning and worked too hard so he needs rest. We see that Jiang Shuo has been moved to a bed instead of his hay cell.

Dr. Sun says that Jiang Shuo has pleaded guilty and he will make sure that Jiang Shuo signs the confession papers. Dr. Sun is talking to the warden when he says this. The warden says that he hopes Dr. Sun won’t disappoint him. Then the warden leaves the room.

Once Dr. Sun also leaves the room, Jiang Shuo gets out of the bed and takes a peek out the door. Seeing only one guard, he calls out that his stomach hurts, the guard comes inside but Jiang Shuo is behind the door. Jiang Shuo takes out the guard then leaves the room closing the door behind him.

Jiang Shuo heads to the archive room to investigate. On a wall he sees a map of the Yin River and in the corner of the map is the mark of Liu Zhi. After studying the map, Jiang Shuo goes back to his original purpose of trying to find the records to see if Yi Heng is there too.

Jiang Shuo looks in the files labeled Qin but doesn’t find Yi Heng’s name there so he continues his search. On a ledge all by itself labeling the room where Jiang Shuo heard the voice earlier that helped him as Liu Zhi.

Jiang Shuo hurriedly opens the file but nothing is in it. The alarm goes off alerting everyone to the fact the prisoner is not in his cell.

Jiang Shuo is back in his cell when the voice from the other room asks him if he found what he was looking for. Jiang Shuo says that he is waiting for the voice, then calls the voice Liu Zhi.

Liu Zhi asks if Jiang Shuo really knows who he is. Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo really knows who he is, he should open the door. Keys to his collar get thrown through the little slot in his door. Jiang Shuo holds the keys but hesitates. Sensing his hesitation Liu Zhi goads him by asking if he doesn’t really want to know who Liu Zhi is. After all, the truth is just before him.

Jiang Shuo makes his decision and quickly unlocks the collar. Then he proceeds to unlock his cell door. Once that’s done he unlocks the door to the room supposedly holding Liu Zhi. Only to find Yi Heng there instead. Jiang Shuo remembers when the masked man took off his mask and it was Yi Heng.

Jiang Shuo surprised starts to back away and drops the keys to the floor. Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er why it’s him. Jiang Shuo begs Qin’er to talk to him, why is he in there when his name isn’t recorded in the archives?

Jiang Shuo then asks Yi Heng if he knew that the room he was in, is supposed to belong to Liu Zhi. Before Yi Heng can answer a single question though the alarms go off. Yi Heng says that they should escape first.

Yi Heng leads the way waiting for Jiang Shuo to follow him. Yi Heng leads Jiang Shuo back to the laundry room and tells him it’s this way, they can exit through the duct. As they crawl through the duct, Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er if he’s playing tricks on him again. If so, Jiang Shuo says he’ll school Yi Heng.

Before Yi Heng can say anything they hear the guards saying that they are in the ducts. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo that they better hurry up or the guards will catch them. We can see Dr. Sun and the guards waiting in the laundry room.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng continue crawling through the ducts for quite some time before coming to a grate. Yi Heng pulls out a knife and uses it on the grate before kicking it open. On the other side of the opening we can see the villa from the island. Just as Jiang Shuo is about to leave, Yi Heng stabs him.

Yi Heng then hops out to the other side and tells Jiang Shuo that he should plead guilty. Yi Heng also says that someone like Jiang Shuo should be locked in there forever. At the moment Jiang Shuo remembers his coins, and frantically looks for them. Yi Heng grabs him and pulls him head first out of the duct.

Jiang Shuo wakes up back in the infirmary with Dr. Sun and the warden. Dr. Sun asks if Jiang Shuo remembers his now. Jiang Shuo asks what sin only to have the warden tell him that he murdered someone. The warden then asks if Jiang Shuo will admit it now.

Jiang Shuo stares at them for a while before laughing and saying there is no prison or Dr. Sun either. Jiang Shuo says the warden is fake too because this isn’t reality it’s his Psych.

The Warden asks what Jiang Shuo means so he starts to explain. He says that things were weird from the beginning. Jiang Shuo notes that the clock never changes and all the patients are weird. The reappearance of Qin’er and his brother, the back flowing water and the upside down word (must be the note the nurse gave him).

Jiang Shuo says that everything that’s happened to him here is fake. A trap that they set up to make him plead guilty. Once he does, he’ll have to accept the reality of being locked up in this prison. If he does that then he won’t wake up in reality. He asks the warden if he’s right then calls the warden Liu Zhi.

The warden folds his hands on the table revealing six fingers on each hand. Liu Zhi admits that Jiang Shuo is right about the situation. In the next moment Dr. Sun flickers out of existence.

In a moment Liu Zhi and Jiang Shuo are an empty room with Jiang Shuo still restrained in the chair. Liu Zhi says that in drams people lose the ability of critical thinking. Liu Zhi says that no matter how abnormal the dream is, it will be ignored unless the ideomotor phenomenon is applied on something, will Jiang Shuo realize it’s a dream. Liu Zhi holds up Jiang Shuo’s coins as the thing that will make it him realize it’s a dream.

Jiang Shuo says that’s why Liu Zhi made sure to take away his coins. Jiang Shuo then asks Liu Zhi what his goal is. Liu Zhi calls him kid and tells Jiang Shuo that he is Jiang Shuo’s master, shouldn’t he know what Liu Zhi’s goal is?

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo must know that they are both the same kind of person. Jiang Shuo vehemently denies that they are the same kind of person because he would never harm so many innocent people the way Liu Zhi did.

Liu Zhi says that they were all sinners and deserved what they got. Liu Zhi asks Jiang Shuo if he noticed that while he was on the island the people all acted willfully because they were rich and famous. Liu Zhi says that none of them were innocent and that he actually didn’t do anything, it was all their own choice.

Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi is mad. Jiang Shuo admits that maybe the people were wrong, but it’s none of Liu Zhi’s business. Fate should be determined by themselves. Liu Zhi says that when Jiang Shuo was his disciple he knew Jiang Shuo was a hypocrite. Liu Zhi says the confession is just a procedure, Jiang Shuo is a sinner.

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo thought he was saving people when actually he was harming them. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is just making people more miserable. The people from Jiang Shuo’s cases slowly line up behind Liu Zhi.

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo should be locked up there. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo should be locked up in the Psych forever and never wake up again. As Jiang Shuo looks at the people from the past cases the memories of each one hits him.

Jiang Shuo sheds a tea than scoffs at Liu Zhi for thinking that he could fool Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo says that it’s his Psych and he can do whatever he wants. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is no match for him. Then Liu Zhi uses Darth Vader like force to move Jiang Shuo’s bloody hand to force the signing of the confession paper.

Before he succeeds though Yi Heng’s voice calls out Jiang Shuo’s name telling him he’s mad. This briefly interrupts things but Liu Zhi goes back to forcing Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo tells Liu Zhi that he can’t control him.

Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo to stop fighting back and just stay here in the Psych forever. Jiang Shuo points out that Liu Zhi said he would die on October 15th, yet he’s still alive. Yi Heng isn’t dead either so Liu Zhi has lost.

Liu Zhi says he didn’t lose, what he wanted wasn’t Jiang Shuo’s life. Jiang Shuo yells that he doesn’t care, he bets that he can take Liu Zhi down. Liu Zhi says that’s fine, this time he wants Jiang Shuo to lose everything.

The scenery changes to a weird design. Liu Zhi welcomes to Jiang Shuo to the rubix cube space. Liu Zhi says that this space belongs to Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi. Just then Jiang Shuo hears Yi Heng call out his name and tell him that he’s still here. Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo solves all the questions, he will find Liu Zhi.

In the rubix cube space Jiang Shuo will receive a clue for every game. Again Yi Heng’s voice calls out Jiang Shuo’s name followed by the words “I’m here”. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo must solve all the questions to find him. Jiang Shuo hears Yi Heng call his name again and this time Yi Heng says that “I’m up here”. Liu Zhi says that he will wait for Jiang Shuo at the Yin River. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo to remember the Yin River.

Yi Heng’s voice calls out to Jiang Shuo again. Liu Zhi says that he believes he will be the ultimate winner. Liu Zhi says that he’s sure he will get what he wants. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo to look at the rubix cube, to pay attention to it.

Jiang Shuo wakes up finally back in reality in his own room with Bu Yan and Yi Heng there. Bu Yan says that Yi Heng has been watching over him for three days. Jiang Shuo says that he knows.

Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo what he knows then tells Jiang Shuo that he will perform a body check on him later to make sure he’s okay. Jiang Shuo says there’s no need since he got up so it’s not a big deal. But Yi Heng just gives him a look.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to quit looking at him like that. Bu Yan tells Jiang Shuo to just listen to Yi Heng and get a check-up. Jiang Shuo tells Bu Yan that he’s been sleeping for days and now he’s starving. Bu Yan feels a bit better knowing that Jiang Shuo is hungry so he hurries to get him something to eat.

After the food is served at the table, Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that remembers something. Jiang Shuo says that a year ago he remembers seeing Yi Heng’s father, Master Bu Yan’s daughter Zhao Ling.

Yi Heng says that it looks like his plan worked then. Jiang Shuo asks if Yi Heng planned to get his memory back. Yi Heng reminds Jiang Shuo that he already told him didn’t he? Then performs Jiang Shuo’s habit.

A flash of memory when Yi Heng accused him of murdering Ren Qiang and performing the same habit. Yi Heng says that he found his father’s diary in his room. The diary records what happened to him after he landed on the island.

Apparently Liu Zhi forced them to kill each other on the island. However his father and Zhao Ling didn’t want to, so they hid somewhere. Until they met a masked man who called himself Jiang Shuo. Apparently Jiang Shuo didn’t want to listen to Liu Zhi and was helping others, even though he didn’t manage to stop the tragedy.

Jiang Shuo points out that he was Liu Zhi’s disciple. Yi Heng says that’s why he was on the island. Yi Heng says that it appears Jiang Shuo didn’t like what Liu Zhi was doing. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng what happened after, is Mu Qing okay? Yi Heng says not to worry Mu Qing is fine.

Yi Heng goes back to the story saying that Jiang Shuo began helping his father and they escaped with Zhao Ling. However the diary stops there. Yi Heng says that on the island he realized that Jiang Shuo was remembering a lot, so he found the mask according to its description in the diary.

Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi wanted Jiang Shuo to hate him, so he accused Jiang Shuo of murder and put on Jiang Shuo’s mask to stimulate Jiang Shuo’s memories. He then pretended to go missing so he could protect Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing in secret. That was when he buried his clothes under the tree.

It was Feng Miao Xuan that let Jiang Shuo out of the storage room to attack him with Takeuchi. We see Yi Heng watching as Takeuchi attackers Jiang Shuo but before he can go to help, Mr. Feng kills Takeuchi with a rock.

Yi Heng was in the forest when he saw the glow of the fire from the villa and rushed to find Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng was wearing the mask while he searched for them. When he enters the room, he sees that Jiang Shuo is trapped on the floor by debris and that Mu Qing is hand cuffed to the bed.

When he goes to help he has to tell Mu Qing that it’s him. He has to dislocate her thumb to get her hand out of the cuffs. Together they lift the debris off of Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng quickly checks to make sure he’s alive and tells Mu Qing that Jiang Shuo will be fine. However with the fire blazing they can’t go back the way Yi Heng came in.

Luckily Yi Heng found a secret passage for them to escape the raging fire. Jiang Shuo asks incredulously that Yi Heng managed to find a hidden passage. Yi Heng says that he had no choices when he remembered seeing a smudge mark in the room earlier. Since there was a fire there a year ago and his father escaped there must be a secret passage in the room.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that he now remembers his father being locked in that room, and that he opened a door but he doesn’t remember anything else. Jiang Shuo says that if he remembers anything he will tell Qin’er.

Yi Heng says that he’s not sure he can trust Jiang Shuo because he found traces of survivors in the passage. We go back to Yi Heng’s memory of him carrying Jiang Shuo through the passage when Mu Qing asks for a break. Mu Qing helps Yi Heng lower Jiang Shuo down to the ground carefully. After a moment, Mu Qing notices bloody handprints on the wall.

Yi Heng says the blood isn’t fresh though, it means that someone came through there a year ago. Yi Heng notices that the palm prints belong to three separate people. Mu Qing asks if that means people escaped through there. Yi Heng says that’s not bad news. After asking if Mu Qing has rested enough, they continue their walk.

It was when Mu Qing was getting up that Yi Heng noticed one of the palm prints belonged to Jiang Shuo, but he didn’t tell Mu Qing. They continue their walk and come to the strange mirror room. Yi Heng puts Jiang Shuo down and Mu Qing rests his head on her lap. She also gives him a kiss on the forehead.

We jump to later with Jiang Shuo still unconscious being carried out of a tunnel, the entrance is just under the creepy wooden doll hanging tree. Yi Heng and Mu Qing are now accompanied by a bunch of soldiers. Sergeant Bai says that the hanging dolls represent the participants of the island, some alive, some dead.

Sergeant Bai then asks about those that were on the island a year ago. Yi Heng says that some of them must have escaped the way that they did. Yi Heng says that he trusts that his father is alive, Sergeant Bai says that he must be, trying to comfort Yi Heng.

Back in the present Jiang Shuo says that based on Yi Heng’s speculation that some people escaped at least two of them are his father and Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo points out that both people are still missing. Yi Heng says that something must have happened after the tunnel. Jiang Shuo says that Yi Heng said there were three prints in the tunnel, whose was the third? That’s when Yi Heng tells him that the third palm print is his.

Yi Heng says that he checked while Jiang Shuo was unconscious and the prints were practically the same. Jiang Shuo looks at his hand for a moment before telling Yi Heng that he remembers waking up in a room full or mirrors and seeing him.

We get a flashback of Jiang Shuo looking at the Masked Yi Heng and Yi Heng asking if he remembers now while taking off the mask. We also get a rehash of the conversation about how the masked man a year ago was Jiang Shuo but now it’s Yi Heng.

Then Liu Zhi’s voice comes from nowhere telling Yi Heng that he’s right. The one in front of him is the last survivor on the island from last year.

Liu Zhi says that it was Jiang Shuo that harmed everyone there. We can now see the voice is coming from a gramophone. (Really old way to listen to music) including Yi Heng’s father. Liu Zhi urges Yi Heng to kill Jiang Shuo to avenge his father, then Yi Heng can leave the island.

Yi Heng asks if the others hear what the voice said. Only one out of three of them can leave the island alive. A tear falls down Jiang Shuo’s cheek.

. Mu Qing tries to reason with Yi Heng saying that if he fights with Jiang Shuo he’s just falling into Liu Zhi’s trap. That’s when Yi Heng kicks her, she falls to the ground with a sickening crack and doesn’t get back up.

Jiang Yells at Yi Heng that’s he terrible and attacks him. Yi Heng pulls out the dagger and the two continue to fight. Yi Heng gets the upper hand and manages to wrap his arm around Jiang Shuo’s throat. He tells Jiang Shuo to act accordingly. Jiang Shuo manages to break free from Yi Heng and get a few more punches in.

More fighting ensues. Eventually Jiang Shuo manages to grab hold of the dagger, but it’s Yi Heng that gabs Jiang Shuo’s arm to plunge the dagger into his own chest.

Yi Heng still manages to kick Jiang Shuo away before falling down. Only after all three are down does a man in a suit enter the room. It’s the newspaper guy that was supposed to be dead and hanging from the rafters. The man approaches Jiang Shuo and claps.

Jiang Shuo says that the newspaper guy pretended to be dead. The man says that indeed Jiang Shuo lives up to Liu Zhi’s expectations. Jiang Shuo is struggling for breath but he manages to say that the man isn’t Liu Zhi where is he?

The man says how could they meet Liu Zhi so easily? He goes on to say that Jiang Shuo is very lucky. Jiang Shuo tells the newspaper guy that he was used by Liu Zhi. The newspaper guy says that used is a horrible word, Jiang Shuo should watch his mouth.

The newspaper guy then says that Jiang Shuo was chosen by Liu Zhi, does he need help finishing off Yi Heng? Since he knows only one can survive this game. Yi Heng says that the newspaper guy set all this up, just so Jiang Shuo would kill everyone.

Yi Heng wants to know why. The newspaper guys says it’s because he’s evil and it’s fate. The man asks young master Yi Heng not to blame him for being mean. Today Yi Heng will die here, for Jiang Shuo.

Yi Heng asks “really?” Then miraculously stands up, Mu Qing is quick to follow, then Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng says that he tried so hard to capture Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that if the man tells them where Liu Zhi is, they will let him leave.

Mu Qing follows this up with the threat that if the man doesn’t want to get hurt he had better tell them now. The man says that it looks like the three of them ticked him on purpose. He wants to see how they good they are then. A fight scene ensues.

The man is pretty tough and for the second time on the island Jiang Shuo ends up being strangled. When Jiang Shuo looks into the man’s eyes, they are all squiggly. A moment later and Sergeant Bai arrives to shoot the man in the head.

However Jiang Shuo doesn’t move as he has been thrown into the Psych or as Yi Heng describes it, he’s been unconscious until he woke up in his bed just now.

Jiang Shuo comments that even up until now, Liu Zhi hasn’t shown his face. Yi Heng says that’s fine since the island helped him to understand something. Jiang Shuo asks what Yi Heng means. Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi is a complete mad man. He’d do anything and is very cruel.

Jiang Shuo says that he dreamed of Liu Zhi. Yi Heng questions him about it and Jiang Shuo clarifies that Liu Zhi was in his Psych. He says that’s why he was unconscious for two days.

Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi is his mater and used the mind reading technique on him. Liu Zhi then entered his Psych tell him one thing, a new game has started. Find Yin River and you’ll find Liu Zhi.

Outside the compound a bunch of police officers line up with Sergeant Bai. The General has ordered for them to find Jiang Shuo today. They will seal the compound and no one is allowed to leave. Xiao Quan bumped into them while bringing in groceries, and tries to yell to warn the others but Sergeant Bai covers his mouth. Sergeant Bai is sure Xiao Quan wasn’t trying to warn anyone as that would be a serious crime.

The man in charge says that if anyone gets in the way of their search they will be shot.

Jiang Shuo says it’s a shame he lost his coins. Yi Heng says that he has them and hands them back to Jiang Shuo. Apparently the newspaper guy stole them from Jiang Shuo after he was unconscious before going to the island. Jiang Shuo thanks Yi Heng then Bu Yan runs into the room with the bad news.

Outside the compound the other members of the makeshift family claim Jiang Shuo is not there. They claim that after he went missing no one has seen him. This doesn’t stop the officers from their search though. Tie Zhu even tries to block on of the doors, but the soldiers just drag him away.

The officers burst into the room but only Yi Heng and Bu Yan are there. Bu Yan asks Captain Yang why he’s so angry, did something happen? Apparently they are after Jiang Shuo because Mu Qing got hurt on the island and Jiang Shuo was part of the incident. (Guilt by association) so General Yuan has ordered for his arrest.

Captain Yang says that Yi Heng is here what a coincidence. Yi Heng says that the captain might not know this, but Dr. Qin runs his clinic in the courtyard. Now that he some time off, he’s having tea with Bu Yan it’s not a coincidence.

Captain Yang searches the rooms himself and goes to opens a wardrobe in the bedroom…

Roll the end credits!