2022- Roundup!

Wow it’s almost January! Where does the time go?? I got a new e-bike this year that was a lot of fun to ride around town but since I got it near the end of the summer.. I didn’t get out as much as I will be able to come spring this year.

New bikes

I wasn’t exercising for a bit there but I started swimming again. I can now do 70 laps of the 25m pool. It doesn’t change my weight at all, but it makes me happy as I love swimming.

New Bike Personal Record

The cat has now been with us for a full year and she loved her Christmas presents. A new little blue bow tie collar and some toys. She’s even caught a few mice this year. She did catch a bird in the yard but we made her let it go… the bird wasn’t hurt and flew away after he realized he was safe. Most birds don’t go in the backyard.. but this little one was silly.

This year I also found out about Digimon Vital Bracelet series so I got myself a Vital Hero… just around the time they announced the new Vital Bracelet BE would be coming out. After loving the English version Vital Hero.. I did order myself a BE and I will be using that in the new year.


I’ve also found myself enjoying the Tamagotchi Smart although that’s purely in Japanese which I don’t understand but it’s pretty easy to play so it’s not a barrier.

Tamagotchi Smart Anniversary Edition

I’ve also been playing a lot on my Nintendo Switch, mostly Digimon games. Digimon Survive came out earlier this year. It’s such a good story but an unusual format for many people since it’s mostly a visual novel. I loved the story though so I didn’t mind but it bothered others.

I do love the battle mechanics of Digimon Cyber Sleuth more though. It’s also a really good story and can be purchased from the Nintendo Switch e-shop.

I have also played Pokemon Scarlet a little bit but I prefer my Digimon games so.. I haven’t played much Pokemon. I do like the changes they made to the Pokemon series though.

Pokemon Scarlet Selfie

This year has been interesting for social media. I joined Mastodon which has been a different experience. I do like it the best out of all my social media though. I was able to verify my account on Mastodon which isn’t something I’ve even attempted on Twitter or Facebook.

Digimon released a new app for the Vital Bracelets around the time the new BE bracelet came out. It’s called VB Arena. I had to start over with my Codex which on the old app was called the Digidex. I’ve been working on it though and have completed 4 dims so far in the Vital Hero section of the app.

As for recapping I’ve finished recapping The Shipper and The Lovely Writer. I have started recapping Under The Power (up to episode 13), He’s Coming To Me (up episode 3 Part 4) and Kamen Rider (up to episode 3). I meant to be further along by the end of the year but I didn’t quite manage it. (Sorry!)

So that’s been the year of 2022 for me. It’s been full of new things and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. I wish you all a Happy New Year!!