Monthly Roundup! -April 2022

April is finally ending! The weather has warmed up enough so that I could go cycling outside.

My record for cycling this year stands at 38.77 km but I hope to be able to cycle farther in May. It’s always a bit rough when you start cycling outside again because while indoor trainers are nice they don’t have wind resistance or traffic. However since I got the indoor bike, I was able to cycle farther when I did get to go outside then previous years where I spent half the spring trying to build my muscles up again after winter. This has changed my weight as I have gone down 2.2lbs this month.

I do love seeing the activities on the Garmin Connect website where I can see the totals of activities and distances from my workouts. This is my second full week of owning my Garmin Fenix 6s Pro. I love being able to cycle with it as I have my Spotify playlist on the watch and pair it with my earbuds. The playlist is offline so I don’t have to worry about using data or anything.

I haven’t done much recapping lately thanks to the nice weather but I have managed to finish recapping The Lovely Writer and The Shipper this month.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice so that I can cycle some more but if it rains or hails, I can at least cycle indoors now! Remember to take care of yourselves and don’t over do it now that the weather is nice.