Monthly Roundup!- March 2022

Wow another month has come and gone.. where did March go? The weather has been pretty nice, so I managed to get in a few good walks this month. I even managed to walk down and up a huge hill.

I did that walk two days in a row.. and my body said no to a third day, as I was limping pretty badly so I rested instead. My weight’s been pretty consistent.

I tend to focus more on what I actually do more than my weight. So I’ve been training according to my heart rate zones. I find it’s a much better way to work out than if I just push myself. I only train by heart rate zones when using my exercise bike and such, out in the wild.. I just enjoy the activity.

The ice is melting on the river which is pretty cool to watch.

I do prefer to see sun sparkles on the water though.

As long as the weather is nice though (and I don’t have my period), I’ll continue to enjoy being outside. I also take the cat with me as she loves the attention that she gets when she’s in her bubble on the trail. She loves to say hi. Sometimes we even stop so people can take pictures of her as people on the trail often have never seen a cat in a bubble.

Well that’s it for March! See you for the next monthly roundup at the end of April!