Weekly Roundup!

So it’s been another dreary week of barely any workouts so I decided to try the Apple Fitenss+. I decided to start with the dance workouts because they were good cardio and my Vo2 max needs to improve.

I decided to try the Dance with Ben which is set to Space Jam because clearly I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I took a picture of my weekly activity before I went for a walk today so you can see that I have met my move goal all this week which is nice.

It was really hot but and there was a risk of a severe thunderstorm but I did it anyway. Luckily I did not get rained on and we’ll see if there is an actual thunderstorm today. The bird feeder I put up in the front yard has attracted not only birds but one golden bunny and one black bunny with white on nose. It also attracted a cat as well that is very people friendly. I have 10-20 birds that get cranky if I don’t fill up the feeder.