Weekly Roundup!

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve run out of energy a lot so even doing something simple (relatively speaking) as a recap for an Asian drama has been difficult to do. I did manage to get some swimming in though and broke my record with 74 laps!

It’s because I did so many laps that I had to rest in the days between in order to recover so that I don’t hurt my body. My legs were extremely sore after the 74 laps so I didn’t want to move after that.

I’ll try not to overdo it this week so that I can have a more even everyday pace but I can’t promise that because once I’m in the pool, I don’t want to get out. (I’m part fish so I’m practically a mermaid). The smoke is really bad from the forest fires so that limits my exercise as well. I took a picture of the lake.

Stay healthy everyone and don’t feel ashamed if you need to take a break to recover from things.