Monthly Roundup -July 2021

Apologies I just realized that I forgot to make a post for the end of July! There was a bit of cycling a lot of swimming but overall only 13 workouts for the month which is less than I would like.

So it wasn’t my most healthiest month this year. Even my move goals weren’t hit consistently in July. I was out of energy and very stressed by life stuff so of course that reflects in my activity levels.

I have been eating a lot of baked goods recently so it was no surprise to find that I gained 2lbs in July. However I’m still down 2.3lbs within 6 months so I just have to focus on the overall downward trend and not be discouraged by the added weight. (There’s also been a heat wave and bad air quality due to smoke from the fires)

Obviously environmental factors will always play a part in physical activity and overall health. However some things are temporary and will pass so if I just stick with it, then I can continue the downward trend to a healthier weight (for me). I’ll get there eventually!

Stay healthy and safe everyone! For those affected by the forest fires I hope you and your loved ones are safe. I also remind people that wildlife may invade their space because their world is on fire so be considerate and don’t hurt them.